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The first date is over, and it seems you like each other, so you have agreed for the second meeting. It is believed that the second date is more difficult than the first one because you have to keep a good impression about yourself. You should look good and keep the attraction burning: tidy clothes, beaming eyes, and good mood. It is quite possible that on the second date, you will want to surprise your partner and come up with an interesting place or activity for this meeting. And to help you in this, of course, our 2nd date ideas will come in handy.

Because if a girl came on a second date with you, then it means the first one was a success, and you did everything right. The second date is a more fundamental stage than the first. There you should already start building a mental connection, get close to a girl and show your confidence. If on the first date you were just looking at each other and making conclusions, what to talk about on a second date is already more serious. But we will try to shed light on this topic today.

best second date ideas

Signs You Will Surely Have a Second Date with Her

First dates are a beta-version of your relationships, you just meet and get to know each other without a special spark and mutual interest. Sometimes when you say goodbye to a girl, you know you're not going to meet anymore. But if a guy is interested in long-term relationships, and not just in another sexual victory, he should make the second move and ask the girl out again. To do this, he has to read the signs the girl gave him correctly.

A study conducted in March 2015 with the participation of 5.500 Americans showed that 74% of those who are committed to strong relationships gave their partners a second chance even if the first date was not the best. And more than half believe that if the first date went well, the second would be much better. This happens because, at the first meeting, you know little about each other, even if you communicated online a lot. One awkward phrase and you might think that you do not match each other. But if the girl shows some of the next signs, she is interested in you, these hints will tell you when to act and how to ask for a second date.

She was thankful after the first date. How to understand that a girl is interested? So, you did everything according to the instructions. But how to figure out if your behavior works? This can be estimated by the response of the young lady.

  • she constantly non-verbally participated in communication with you during the date;
  • she asked questions being interested in you;
  • she laughed at your jokes;
  • she allowed you to touch her.

But most importantly, she gave you the verbal prove she is thankful. Not only her openness and flirting during the first meeting played an important role, if the girl said that she enjoyed your company, then she wants the second date.

You maintain regular communication after your first date. You were talking a lot during the date. Of course, you tried to build this verbal connection. You were telling her funny stories since you are sure a lively dialogue is a sign of a high-quality romantic date. 

second date questions

However, what matters is that you do not stay silent when you turn back home after the lovely evening in the restaurant or a park stroll. If you continued texting or calling each other and see that you both invest equally in this communication, be sure to ask this girl out again.

She is flirting with you over text. After the meeting, the man can assess how actively the woman responds to his attempts to contact her or initiates them. If she gently says, “I had a great time” after the meeting, then perhaps this is just a standard phrase that is only a tribute to politeness. If a woman sends a text message and asks, “Would you like to meet next week?” it means that the date really brought her pleasure, and therefore, she is up for further continuation.

When, after a date, a man tries to contact a woman but does not receive a response after three attempts, it is better not to disturb this lady anymore. Probably, you were not interesting for her, so there is no need to spend time on such a relationship, you should think about how to meet a girl now.

When and How to Ask for a Second Date

If your first date went well, and you liked your potential partner, then you should ask her out on a second date. But how to do it? Even if you enjoyed the first date, it’s not a fact that your date liked it too. When these thoughts creep in your soul, you become anxious that you will invite a girl for a second date, but she will not agree. Of course, this can also happen, but if you do not even try because of your embarrassment, you lose all chances because it is better to make an attempt and know for sure than stay indifferent and do nothing at all.

Give her time but don't make her wait

After a successful first meeting, both of you wait for the next stage. It is not worth making the next move too fast, do not be intrusive, wait a few days. Let the girl's emotions weaken a little, making her think about you and miss the emotions you gave her. The main thing is not to take too long, as the girl might think that you are no longer interested, or you found her a replacement on a single woman dating site. After you decide to invite a girl for a second date, agree on the place and time, and the time from 5 to 10 pm is the best for it. One of the great second date tips on how to invite a girl is using simple but nice phrases.

  • I would like to see you more often;
  • I will be pleased to see you again;
  • I want to meet with you; I missed our time spent together.

Tell her how much fun you had together

Invitation to the second date is the prerogative of the man. If you doubt when to make the next step, you can, of course, just say, “I was very pleased to communicate with you. I would be glad to see you again.” But for the second meeting to take place, the first date should please the two of you. When it happens, there will be no problems for you with inviting a girl. Just text her, make a call, or meet in real life for a few minutes so that you explain how much fun you had together, and you want this person to spend more time with you. Show genuine interest and talk about the pleasant-after-taste you had upon you came back from your first date.

Ask for it nicely

Be polite and nice, respect the girl's personal space even if she says she is busy the next few days. You never know when the love comes into your life, we live and make plans, so, if a girl rejects the suggested time or place it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to meet. In some cases, it is really about having plans and obligations she cannot leave or refuse. Show patience and ask a girl whether she is free or when she can cut out some time to spend it together, after all, she doesn’t owe you anything yet, be calm and behave like a gentleman to meet again and receive a wonderful second date kiss later.

20 Best Second Date Ideas

The first date is a very exciting event if you have met on a dating site and are worried about whether or not a person will turn out to be the same as they have described themselves on the Internet. This is like a job interview. So, the first meeting took place, and the second is just around the corner, and you worry about what to do on a second date. Do not lose your nerve, it will go well. For this, we will give you some good second date ideas so you can get inspired and make a move. Do not hesitate to choose a more crowded and exciting place for the second date, and let it be more flirting. Here are a few second date ideas.

  1. Cooking together. Instead of a dinner in a restaurant, prepare a meal for the two of you. If on the first date you drank wine by candlelight in your favorite place, then on the second date, you can show your culinary skills and test those of a chosen one.
  2. Go to the amusement park. This second date is guaranteed to be very fun. Extreme roller coaster rides or romantic merry-go-round – wind down and feel yourselves those carefree 10-year old again.
good second date ideas
  1. Rent bikes. A walk through the beautiful countryside will set you on a romantic wave. With such good second date ideas, you will spend time with benefits both for your health and relationships.
  2. Play paintball. When you seek something creative and risky, experts advise to give up a noisy bar or the open area of the club for playing paintball in a remote specially arranged territory, this will spice up your feelings. If you are afraid of bruises, switch paintball for a less traumatic laser tag.
  3. Try horse riding. If you and your partner do not like banalities, then you will definitely like this second date. This adventure will definitely be remembered as one of the most romantic second date ideas.
  4. Go to the opening of the exhibition. You can test your partner for her knowledge of art or just have a casual conversation on intellectual topics close for both of you.
  5. Visit a concert. The second date is a great time to get to know each other better and learn about each other’s interests, especially musical tastes. If you listen to the same bands, then the idea of a concert will speak to both of you.
  6. Have a picnic. Majestic riverside or forest scenery, light snacks, and wine. Doesn't that sound attractive and romantic? Who said you should wait for a few dates before you pull the main aces out of the hole, surprise her now!
  7. Dine at the place with a beautiful view. Rooftop restaurants still make one of the best second date ideas. Such a pastime inflames your feelings, and, therefore, the third date will be just around the corner.
  8. Choose a city tour. Even if you were born and raised in the same city, there are places where you have never been before and attractions histories about which you have not heard. Add a slight cultural touch to your meeting and this day will be remembered for long.
  9. Pool or a pool bar. Here you can get physically closer to each other, and nicely chat being close to each other.
  10. Jazz club. Jazz inspires a sexy dance, and it's nice to sit and listen to good music without having to talk all the time. And while the jazz band will go on a break, you can joke or flirt with each other.
  11. A modern underground bar. Drinking alcohol on a first date is not a good idea, as nerves are often on their peak, and sometimes a person ends up drinking more than they intended. On the second date, you will no longer be so nervous, and you will be able to relax without getting drunk. You will be able to quietly communicate and gain courage for a farewell kiss. So, seek new interesting places that have opened in your city and book a table.
  12. Go gift shopping together. If your date happened in winter, then at this time of the year it would be a great idea to go shopping for New Year's presents. Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone. Not only get objective help in choosing presents but explore your partner's tastes and interests.
  13. Plan a weekend getaway. Spend a weekend at the beach, hold hands and kiss, looking at the sunset. If you set a fairly high pace, you can go to the big city on the weekend. Try to organize a dinner on the highest building to enjoy the skyline. Whatever you do, be sure to consider the weather conditions, and you will have a wonderful date.
  14. Run in the pouring rain. Agree to go outside during the next downpour to run through the puddles. Have fun, like children splashing and laughing. After that, you can have a shower together and warm each other with a mulled wine, tea or kisses.
  15. Museum day. Visit any museum, or gallery together. Find a good guide and even the most “boring” museum will be exciting and fascinating. As an option, you can consider a city tour for two, especially thematic: mysticism, romance, even any horror. Believe us, this is mega romantic! Especially if you are both intellectuals and love your city. Isn't it interesting to discover something new, exciting, unknown in it and broaden one’s horizons at the same time?
  16. Watching the sky. It can be both done in the day so that you discuss the puzzling forms the clouds take up and form chimeric shapes. Or you can lay a blanket at the remote place in the park or outside the city at night and enjoy the starts or full moon in the cloudless sky. Just make sure the weather is good, and you do not get cold.
  17. Intellectual evening. Continuing the intellectual theme, now there exist a lot of “creative spaces” and specialized institutions, including smart cafes, where you can not only drink a cocktail, listen to good music and eat, but also play board games. Play chess, poker or any other game that you find interesting. It can be about the two of you or a company of your friends, playing games in an interesting entourage which will cause a light, easy-going conversation and contributes to the continuation of the evening.
  18. Tea ceremony. For the lovers of everything exotic, oriental culture and just delicious tea, Chinese or Japanese tea ceremony can become a really interesting option! It will be more than an hour of one of the most refined ceremonies, fascinating stories, and philosophy from the master. If the oriental traditions do not interest you, visit a wine, cheese, or whiskey tasting. Enjoying the taste of the drink and communication will be especially pleasant in this setting.

Questions to Ask on a Second Date

second date kiss

What to say on a date is the problem of the first meeting. It is often recommended to tell something about yourself, do not chat on superficial topics, etc. But for the next time you see each other, you should already come up with some second date questions. When you open up to a person, you make it clear that you trust them and are ready for something more! This list of the questions to ask on a second date will help you make conclusions concerning long-time relationships and make your communication easy and natural.

  1. Unforgettable moments from personal life. Each of us has them, right? This is a very wide and suitable topic for communication! You can ask something like, "What was the happiest day of your life?" or "Do you miss your school years?"
  2. Travel. You can find out in which cities/countries they were or would like to be and share your impressions, "What does your perfect vacation look like?" and "Do you dream of conquering Everest one day?"
  3. Goals in life. Learn what are her plans and what she dreams of. Do not be shy and share your ideas. "Can you imagine yourself being a parent in a few years?", "What is more important for you: family or career?"
  4. Unforgettable Birthday. Regardless of your age, you probably had a birthday celebration story, which you want to tell. Ask how she celebrates her birthdays to know what to present her in the future. And additional trick! This will tell you the date of birth, and if you believe in horoscopes, you can later read about her sign and temperament.
  5. Any abstract topic. Here, anything will suit, the main thing is to start, and then the sky is the limit for your imagination.

The second meeting and all the further ones are great because you feel more confident, at least because you know that the person likes you as they accepted your offer, and you had a wonderful time together. On the second date, you will not need any extra tricks to win a person if you have already made a great first impression. The main thing is not to miss the chance of taking the initiative due to some doubts and prejudices, the main thing is that you like the girl and you want to see her again.

The second date, as a rule, will allow both of you to understand whether you want to continue your relationship. Even during the second meeting, you can feel as if you have met the love of your life, so do not worry, it will go as it should. You can prepare, think about questions to ask and calculate the right moment to ask the girl out again. But using all these tips and tricks, you still have to stay yourself and understand – the hardest part is already over. Now you can start the romantic stage of your relationship when you still do not argue or have to work on keeping the balance in your couple.

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Jan 10,  2020,  7:44 AM

My boyfriend once arranged a date that became unforgettable and the most romantic in my life! He made a romantic candlelight dinner by the sea! A warm blanket, a bottle of wine, various treats, and we two hugging each other! It was so impressive!



Jan 10,  2020,  7:46 AM

I would like to share another good way to have fun with a girl. Go bowling! This is a great way to spend the second date actively. My girlfriend and I love bowling greatly much and always do it together.



Jan 10,  2020,  7:48 AM

Thanks for the great tips! I'm going to arrange a second date with a girl I really like! Thanks to your advice, I don’t worry about doing something wrong. Now, I’m more than sure that I will make a wonderful date and win the heart of this girl!

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