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What to do in winter? Wrap up in positive emotions and go on a date! To keep warm in cold weather, you can, of course, hide in a cozy blanket and not leave your house, or you can dress warmly, come up with a cute meeting concept with our winter date tips!

Snow and cold outside are not excuses to stay at home forever or pretend you are a bear during the sleeping season. There are various outdoor date ideas winter is the best season for. You can try to implement some of them into your couple’s daily life and not only surprise your partner but add new emotions to the dull and long cold season evenings. Or they can serve a perfect occasion to show your creativity when you meet single girls for the first time. Any lady would be amazed at how original you are if you invite her on a first date to an unusual place. They will see that the winter is not the limit to your inventiveness!

ideas for winter date night

Why Winter Dates Strengthen Feelings

Women love romance, and to keep emotions on the same level and relationship interesting, you have to invest time into surprising your soulmate and come up with date ideas for winter. Romance is not necessarily about unrealistic feats and sacrifices for the sake of the lady. It’s just honest and pleasant deeds, attention and a little admiration, preferably sincere.

When single women go on a date, they always hope for a miracle. They are waiting for surprises, unusual gifts, beautiful flowers, and want everything to be fine. At least they hope. Because the first months of dating and crazy actions that you do for your partners are memories that will live in your hearts forever, they warm your souls, fill you with love and tenderness, and even give strength and wisdom to forgive insults and betrayals.

Do not underestimate the first dates in winter. After all, there are so many cute winter date ideas that will leave a fabulous impression on the person you like. A date in winter, like a date at any other time of the year, may well be romantic and unforgettable. And even the most avid skeptics, years later, will recall these moments as the most exciting in life. The same is for couples in long-term relationships. They lack romance no less, and if you prove your attentiveness even in the period when it is quite harder to arrange a comfortable meeting, your partner will appreciate it.

Winter is the festive season of Christmas holidays, the flicker of lights in the street, hugs and hot cocoa – what can be a better combination to warm up your feelings and add new life to relationships?

10 Outdoor Date Ideas for Winter

When a snowstorm howls outside, and the temperature drops much lower than zero, we want to hug our beloved stronger and wait for spring together. But, even though all nature is sleeping under a snow cover, we can’t skip the most wonderful time of the year. Let's plan the best winter date together! We bring to your attention 10 interesting ideas on how to spend your leisure time with a partner during the cold season. The motto of this winter is "You can get cold but not your heart."

1. A trip in the snow on a sleigh with bells

Modern cities offer a host of other options for how to spend time with good use, breathing fresh frosty air. For example, consider the following:

  • romantic sledding driven by horses;
  • joint ride on a snowmobile;
  • a short sleigh ride, when real sled dogs are harnessed;
  • horse riding accompanied by an experienced instructor.

Secondly, do not forget about the important details:

  • The equipment that is used must be in a good working state, and the instructor must have all the necessary certificates — make sure you are safe.
  • Take care of a warm drink, if the walk gets longer than expected, take a thermos with hot coffee or tea. Such a drink will help cheer up a friend when you get to the middle of the route together, and your partner will be sincerely grateful to you. A small supply of food, for example, delicious cookies with spices, is a good idea.
  • Pay attention to choosing a winter date outfit, it must be really warm, in this case, your health and comfort play a bigger role than the appearance.
what are good date ideas during winter

2. The ice rink

Winter date ideas for teenage couples like this are perfect for active young people. In the evenings, this beautiful place shines with lights, and New Year's motives can be noticed in any detail. If you want something unusual, then you can go ice-skating together. You can continue the date in a quiet cafe, warming up together with aromatic tea or a stronger drink.

3. Attend cultural events

Art is a passion of many people. Make sure you ask the partner what they would like to attend and invite them to an exhibition or event by presenting tickets. Or you can decide on the choice together and go see what modern art is about. Cool ideas to get culturally richer:

  • a concert of a favorite band is especially good if this is the favorite artist of both of you, otherwise, some of you will have to compromise for the sake of the beloved;
  • an exhibition of modern painting or another original art object;
  • literary readings or poetry evening of the poet you like;
  • festivals of any subject and orientation (cinema and animation, the culture of various regions of the planet, etc.);
  • theatrical performance from the field of classical or experimental drama.

4. Immersion in space aka a visit to the planetarium

A joint trip to the planetarium, which is in every big city, can give incredibly rich impressions, immerse you in the universe and tear out of the vicious circle of everyday life. The vast theme of the films presented in planetariums allows you to discover something unforgettable and helps reveal the unknown secrets of the endless space above your head. Many such establishments offer a separate romantic program. One of the ideas for a winter date night that will impress even partners who have been dating for years and, it seems, have experienced everything together.

5. Christmas markets

Popular entertainment in America now appears in all countries of the world. In winter, in almost any city you can find a Christmas market full of toys, pleasant delicious things, and souvenirs. By the way, there you can find a surprise for your loved one. Or you can buy sweets or treat yourself to hot mulled wine together.

6. Photoshoot

And even if there are severe frost and wind outside, joint winter photos will evoke only warm memories of the cold months spent together. Such a date can be a pleasant gift for Valentine's Day or just any other day. For this, you need a phone with good memory capacity and to warn your partner to put on something special for the date.

7. Take a New Year's trip

Thankful to the New Year holidays, you can relax, enjoy the holidays and have a little retreat from the working days. Nothing brings together and provides common memories and emotions like a joint rest! You can leave for 10 days in any place to change the atmosphere and arrange a mini-trip. New Year holidays are an integral part of the Christmas reality, so you can plan your vacation, and such a time-spending will be remembered for long.

8. Go to parties

Winter is a great season to enjoy clubs and underground partying spots, after all, what can be a better excuse to spend a cozy day in bed than recovering after a long night of dancing? So, explore clubs and bars of your city, and you will realize that the Christmas season is not only about cocoa and cute ginger cookies.

cute winter date ideas

9. Meet friends

Anywhere and anytime, invite your closest people to join you in a café, art space or active time spending. Winter date ideas for groups include playing snowballs and arranging a whole battle out of it, making a snowman and having a photoshoot near it, going to explore the winter nature to the mountains or the nearest frozen lake and finally finishing the evening with a mug of something hot and tasty near a fireplace.

10. Go skiing

Or snowboarding – this is a matter of choice and skills. But one thing cannot be doubted – winter is the best season to enjoy sliding down the hills and mastering new sports activities. Arrange yourself a weekend of an extreme rest and go to a ski resort. What are good date ideas during winter? Just turn in one of those rosy-cheeked tourists who come from all corners of the country and drink hot coffee or mulled wine in a ski lift on the way to the top of the hill.

10 Cute Winter Date Ideas for Really Cold Nights Inside

Winter is a magical time when just being alone at home is extremely pleasant. What are some winter date ideas you should try with your beloved during the cold season? Read below, we have prepared another 10 ideas that are worth your consideration.

1. So, the leader of winter joint pastime is series!

Of course, if you love watching films and series, you can suffer for a long time searching for a new one worth watching. But when you find the one that is neither too long nor too old and has a lot of episodes with an exciting plot – you can store up your fridge with food supplies and disappear in your bed binge, watching the discovery for an unknown period together.

2. Spend a lot of time together at home

Winter is a great chance to devote more time to a loved one. Take care of your partner, prepare a delicious dinner or breakfast, communicate more. This calm time is great for making new joints plans, enjoying food in bed and hugging. By the way, nothing pleases in the morning like breakfast, prepared by a loved one. And winter morning is no exception. Get up early and surprise your partner with something tasty – it is the easiest yet tried and true way to make them happy. It can be about fried eggs with bacon, fresh orange, French waffles or pancakes with sour cream, honey, jam or various toppings – choose what your partner loves.

3. Cookies, cocoa, and muffins

Baking something pleasantly smelling and delicious together is also another great way to spend a cozy evening. Search for the old authentic recipe on the Internet or rediscover the dishes you love by adding a twist to them. Apple pie, chocolate muffins, crunchy meringues, caramelized apples with nuts, homemade ice cream… You can turn to the old grandma’s book of recipes or invent your own, but something chocolatey, hot cocoa and a warm blanket are a must.

4. Coffee and puzzles

Starting a puzzle (lovely village houses, castles, winter views, and other picturesque images) is a perfect way to forget about everything for a few hours and focus on one thing. Making aromatic coffee drinks and sitting over puzzles is an activity for lovers and assiduous. This will make you come home with pleasure, looking forward to several hours of warm intimate communication, involved in a common activity. Or this cozy quiet concept can be one of the first date ideas for winter when you do not know the person well but want to show her how you live, what you enjoy and treat them to a delicious coffee drink.

5. Cooking together and having dinner with friends

Who says cooking is a women's duty? Many men love to cook and do it very well. Especially if the process captivates them, and the dish is something unusual, and not just pasta. Not only baking something sweet but preparing a whole dinner and inviting your closest people is a great idea too.

6. Home camping

Why don't you two go back to childhood for a day? Remember how you built “houses” from blankets, mattresses, and pillows, and created your own indoor camp? Arrange a festive illumination using Christmas lights and add details. When the “fortress” is ready, you can climb inside with cocoa or hot mulled wine and watch your favorite movie.

7. Board games

Winter is ideal for playing all those board games that gather dust in cabinets. If there are no games in the house, then now is the time to buy a few. Specialized online stores sell a lot of exciting board strategy games that can be played both alone with your partner and by a large company. Such entertainment will come in handy if guests come over.

what are some winter date ideas

8. Put away the stereotypes

Stop inviting girls to cafes and restaurants. Come up with something interesting. Even if the wallet does not allow you to demonstrate the full width of your soul, just show your imagination. A wonderful atmosphere always reigns where animals and children are.

9. Dancing!

Pair dances are very uniting and will bring you together! Since regular discos have been already mentioned, now we mean dance classes just for the two of you and maybe a few more couples so that you get the maximum attention from the instructor and learn new movements. You can go to a pair dance lesson, for example, tango. Have fun and get to know each other better!!

10. Cinema or theater

They are albeit a bit banal, but always win-win options! Only the choice of repertoire must be taken very carefully. Because a bad film can ruin the impression and leave an unpleasant residue from the whole date!

How to Make Each Winter Date Warm and Comfortable

Sometimes a little creativity and a correct approach can make any evening special, and the cold outside is not an obstacle. Invest in practical and reliable winter clothes. Especially if you live in the regions where the temperature in winter drops below zero, but you still want to spend time outside, you have to get a long warm jacket to protect you from wind, a hat, and gloves.

Besides, they can become a great Christmas gift. Combine outdoor and indoor activities. If you are tired of laying in bed or spending weeks at home, of course, add a few outdoor activities to your routine. But remember that staying outside for long is dangerous, and you should switch to a warm place as soon as you start feeling cold.

Hug more. Listen to the wishes of your partner. If after a long walk through the winter city you see that your beloved is frozen, do not drag them to see another attraction. Sometimes the best time spending is just sipping hot drinks and hugging or falling asleep in each other’s embraces.

What Should Happen on a Second Date?

Having a first date in winter is a risky and complicated affair, but this should not prevent you from searching for your love during the snowy season. In general, if during the first meeting you have asked each other what you prefer, you will understand where to invite them for the next time. So, second date ideas winter is suitable for everyone. You can spend the evening anyhow, starting with baking cookies and fishing in a frozen lake – but consider the wishes of the partner.

Many people think that winter is not the best time for dating and chatting with girls, because it’s cold, and when it gets slightly warmer, the snow melts and becomes a dirty mess. However, the weather is not a reason to refuse dating and romantic meetings.

If you have at least some imagination, show it when choosing a suitable place for a date, and you will succeed. Think about the place where you live. Find out what unusual and interesting spots are in your area, for example, with beautiful views. Or just offer a girl to have a cute evening of watching old films and hugging.

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