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Even though it is a widely known fact that romantic relationships are the greatest source of happiness in our lives, there is another side that may literary kill all happiness. Cheating in a relationship may appear almost at any moment, especially nowadays, when we see people who believe that texting is not cheating. Today, various online dating platforms not only allow us to meet mature single ladies but also serve as a source of temptation to find someone better to live with. Yes, people in happy relationships, should never be afraid of cheating because happiness is the best protection against cheating. But what about those who, in one way or another, feel that their partners are way less happy than they are. Should those people afraid that one day their partners will cheat on them?

Well, yes and no. You see, there are many different types of cheating in a relationship, and everyone approaches cheating differently. For example, you may believe that sexting with other people is cheating, while your potential partner may believe that it is absolutely fine, or even refreshing. As you can see from this example, to know whether you should or shouldn't be afraid of cheating, you, first of all, need to know the answer to the question, "What is cheating in a relationship?" Generally, cheating is a multilayer process that involves various actions and desires.

cheating in a relationship meaning

What Is Cheating in a Relationship?

Here is our cheating in a relationship definition: every form of cheating in by hook or by crook involves betrayal. As you may know, it is useless to try to build a healthy romantic relationship with someone whom you don't trust. Trust is essential for healthy relationships. If two people trust each other, they can share everything, and this is crucial for fixing problems that often appear in romantic relationships. Oh yes, you hear us right, happy relationships are not about the problem-free co-existence of two or more people, they are about the ability to cooperate with your partner to deal with those problems together.

Thus, the answer to the question, "What is cheating in a relationship?" will be personal for everyone. For example, while most of us believe that cheating is also about having sex with someone apart from our partners, some couples often switch partners and believe that cheating has no physical form but only emotional. But there are way more couples and partners who believe that if a man often visits some women seeking men sites, then he is cheating on his partner. Therefore, cheating while in a relationship mostly appears because two people neither understand each other nor pay efforts even to try.

Consequently, its completely up to you and your partner to work on what you both consider to be forms of cheating in a relationship. By doing this, you will draw a clear border of what may be offensive and painful for both of you. For example, for me and my partner cheating in a relationship meaning every kind of action that, in one way or another, involves emotional or physical attraction to someone else apart from us. I believe that every couple should have a conversation about kinds of cheating in a relationship. Remember, your partner is the closest person in your life, and who if not he or she, should understand every aspect of your views on this life.

Forms of Cheating in a Relationship

As we have pointed out above, there are many ways of cheating in a relationship. Sometimes people take the fear of cheating too close to their hearts and even begin to manipulate and control their partners. Of course, no way, this is a healthy approach to life or romantic relationships. In this case, they even create potential reasons for cheating in their relationships with their own hands. To help you avoid this situation, we are going to share with you our list of top 5 the most popular forms of cheating. If you and your partner avoid them, in 99% cases, it means that none of you is cheating on the other one.

1. Physical cheating

In very simple words, physical cheating is about the sexual act with someone other than your romantic partner. Also, this is one of the most well-known forms of cheating. Some people believe that men more often cheat physically, but there are no studies that prove this point. Both men and women may physically cheat on their partners.

2. Emotional cheating

This form of cheating often also includes physical contact. Often it begins with friendship, but sooner or later, especially if there are some problems in a relationship, one partner may find themselves having a very close emotional contact with their friend. They may share the same dreams, thoughts. This form of cheating is way more severe than the physical one and often means the end of the relationship.

kinds of cheating in relationship

3. Cyber cheating

The Internet has become very popular these days, but, because of that, many couples have faced cyber cheating. Most often, this form of cheating includes pornography, sexting, online dating, and flirting. It is very hard to detect cyber cheating because you will need to have passwords and access to your partner's gadgets.

4. Cheating via text messages

This form of cheating includes various SMS messages that two people may send to each other because of their desire to have physical contact. Sometimes, people may also use real posts and letters. Also, this form of cheating includes sending nude pictures. Besides, cheating is very popular among celebrities.

5. Accidental cheating

This is another very popular form of cheating. Most often, people cheat "accidentally" after some substance abuse. For example, two drunk people in a bar may suddenly want to have sex. In this case, their desire for physical contact appeared because they were no longer in control of their bodies due to alcohol. Usually, after getting sober, people feel guilty about their actions.

Can Texting Be Considered Cheating?

We have already mentioned five major forms of cheating and pointed out that texting may not only be a part of cyber cheating but also is a separate form of cheating by itself. Most of those forms of cheating come from emotional or physical cheating, and here is why. For example, you want to try something new in bed, but your partner is too shy to do this with you. Due to this fact, you start searching for someone with whom, during your one-night stand, you will try this new thing. In your search, you may use the Internet and texting to find the most suitable partner, but this is still the physical cheating.

Let's take another example, your partner, due to some problems in the relationship with you, begins to spend more and more time chatting with his or her friend. But even worse, they have already had common plans and vies, plus, your partner tries to hide this connection from you. In this case, even though there was no physical contact between them, and they were texting in cyberspace, this is a clear example of emotional cheating. Thus, cheating is about feeling the necessity to have some intimate contact with someone other than your current dating partner.

Still, Is Texting Cheating in a Relationship?

Everything depends on your feelings and goals when you are texting with someone. If you often randomly text with your friends about your hobbies, interests, news, and so on, then no, this is not cheating. But if you text with someone due to the necessity to substitute your partner because, for example, you don't feel emotionally comfortable with him or her anymore, or maybe you want to try something new in bed, then yes, this is cheating. Generally, everything can be used both for bad or for good. For example, you may use your laptop to write a beautiful poem about love or use it as a weapon to kill your partner. Here, we are saying that if your partner regularly texts with other people online, it doesn't necessarily mean that he or she cheats on you.

How to Prevent Cheating?

In my opinion, this is the most interesting part of this article because, as you already know, cheating may take different forms, and it is very painful to learn that your partner is cheating on you. All those forms of cheating often appear due to one single reason, dissatisfaction in the relationship. Yes, everything is very simple. Thus, if you and your partner feel happy and satisfied with your romantic relationship, none of you will cheat on the other one, simply because none of you has any reason to cheat.

1. Be attentive to your partner

One of the greatest mistakes that partners in romantic relationships make is that, with time, they begin to take each other for granted. No matter how long you have been dating, it is very important to be attentive to your partner, or he or she may start spending more time with someone more attentive than you are.

2. Pleasantly surprise your partner

Boredom is another enemy of happy relationships. Often, both partners find the cure for boredom in cheating. This is why you should try to pleasantly surprise your partner as often as you can. This will also make your partner want to do something pleasant for you in return.

what is cheating in a relationship means

3. Go on vacation

Vacation is another great way to refresh your love and romantic relationships. Pack your bags, take your partner and go somewhere warm during winter or somewhere cold during summer. The stream of new emotions will reawaken your feelings. Just make sure that during your trip, you will always be together.

4. Don’t isolate yourselves

Even though, when you fear that your partner is cheating on you, isolation seems like a good idea, it is not. By isolating yourself from the rest of this world, you will only make your problems sharper because isolation will make your relationships feel like a prison, and people hate being there.

5. Start a difficult conversation

If you suspect your partner is cheating, then it is always great to start a hard conversation. During this conversation, you must calmly discuss your problems and try to find ways of fixing them. You both will have to reevaluate your views on your relationships and decide whether you want to be together or not.

How to Cope with Cheating?

Yes, finding out that your partner has been cheating on you can be very hard and painful. This situation always leads to a crisis that may even destroy your relationship. However, you should never fear to know the truth because, in the case of cheating, the longer you wait, the more problems you will have. Generally, there are too many forms of cheating, and every case is too unique to be able to say whether you should forgive your partner or not. Nevertheless, there are some ways of dealing with this crisis, no matter what has caused it.

Don't blame yourself

Blaming someone is the least productive thing that a person can do in case of a cheating partner, especially if you are blaming yourself. Don't waste energy on this because you will never fix this problem by blaming someone. Thus, pay attention to more productive things and forget about blames.

Talk to your partner

As we have said before, you should start a difficult conversation with your partner as soon as possible. The longer you wait to talk to your partner, the harder your future conversation will be. In turn, this means that you will have fewer chances to save your relationship.

Find a new hobby

It is important to find some new interesting things to do after the breakup. New hobbies can help you deal with a cheating partner much faster. Plus, you may find new friends and skills. Our hobbies affect our lives in many positive ways and fill us with energy and joy.

Don't take revenge

We all hate to be betrayed, and, naturally, we want to avenge our pain by punishing traitors. Yes, your partner has cheated on you, but by taking revenge, you will never get free from this situation. In the case of cheating, you should either leave this person or completely forgive him or her.

Decide on how to live on

As we have said, now, you have only two options. There is no point in being with someone if you can't completely forgive him or her for this situation. Thus, if you know that this wound will never be healed, it is better to leave your partner once and for all. Cheating is a very hard and problematic aspect of human romantic relationships, but it doesn't mean that you should fear facing it. Don't turn yourself into a paranoid. Remember, romantic relationships are about respect and trust. After all, if you don't trust your partner, then maybe you are dating the wrong person, and it is better to change something until it is too late?

Comments (2)

Freaky Franky

Freaky Franky

Nov 4,  2020,  9:29 PM

to me cyber cheating and text message cheating are forms of emotional cheating with some physical aspect to it. I’ve never sent dickpics to random girls and I’m not going to. It takes a certain emotional connection that could make you think ‘that’s the gal/guy I’m gonna send my nudes to.’ I dunno cyber cheating sseems even dirtier than actual cheating to me. It’s just so dumb, childish and naive. And there’s an almost 100% chance the person you’re sending the pics to will save them and sooner or later they’ll end up online or even worse – in your love ones’ DMs. Sending nudes is unsafe in general even if you’re sharing pics with your partner



Nov 4,  2020,  9:29 PM

Why would I want to have a conversation with a girl that cheated on me? She’d be the last thing I’d want to see at that moment. What’s the point of listening to their cringy apologies or (which is even worse) accusations. Yeah some chicks love playing a victim blaming you for the lack of attention and stuff. Sometimes it might be true but most of the times it’s such a load of BS the only point of which is to make you feel even more miserable than you’re not. Agree with the revenge part. There’s no need to waste your precious time on the person who already cause so much pain. The best revenge is to become a better version of yourself

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