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Any man has the desire to seduce a girl. Many men are confident in their own irresistibility and act ahead. And they are doing it very well. Others lack the inner “I” to gain courage. How to convince a girl to have sex if there are always fear and doubt? These simple tips can help you learn this, but it is important to understand that the theory should always be fueled by practice: it is not enough just to read the recommendations. Women love actions! Therefore, having read the following, you should immediately start real actions.

how to convince a girl to have sex

Reasons why women don't want to have sex sometimes 

  • Limiting moral beliefs, imposed by society and parents, is one of the most important reasons why women have decreased libido.
  • Girls are often very afraid of getting pregnant. The fact that in the modern world there are a lot of high-quality contraceptives and ways to protect yourself from this does not help much.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth strongly affect the libido of partners — in the direction of decrease, especially if they occurred just during the period of falling in love or a little later, when the couple had not yet managed to build strong "oxytocin" relationships. This hormone is not enough for a long-term relationship.
  • Of course, stress greatly affects sexual desire. Stress hormones activate the body's resources necessary for survival, "turning off" many other systems.

How to convince someone to have sex with you

The first goal of many young people after getting acquainted with girls is to convince them to have sex. Yes, there is a type of single girls who themselves will drag anyone to bed. But agree that it is much nicer (in terms of increasing your self-esteem) to convince a girl to have sex by yourself. You want to try, but don’t know where to start? We will tell you five effective ways how to convince someone to have sex with you in the shortest possible time.

Method #one: play with a girl the “predator-prey” game

Behave as confidently and courageously as possible, don’t take your eyes off a girl, and radiate desire with your whole body. For this method, solitude is especially effective, since only thus you can flood a girl with compliments and go to unobtrusive touches, which have to turn into meaningful ones.

Method #two: start a conversation about sex

The correct set of phrases, filed in an unobtrusive form, will help push a girl to thoughts about intimacy. And this is how to convince a girl for sex. It is much easier to get sex if you manage to fill her head with thoughts of physical rapprochement. For example, you can invite her home and watch a film with intimate scenes, during which you can start a conversation on the topic of sex without revealing your intentions.

Method #three: persuasion

The next way of how to convince a woman to have sex is to convince her that sex is good for her health. With the right effect on a girl, you can convince her that sex is an important part of life, which she needs so much. Start talking about sex, and let this conversation be filled with metaphors, beautiful epithets, and comparisons. In this method, the most important thing is sincerity and self-confidence, as well as eye contact with a girl and the ability to talk beautifully.

Method #four: take advantage of the moment

If you are able to be attractive and manifest yourself as a real sex symbol, then you will easily be able to convince a girl to have sex on a first date. In order to use this method, it is necessary to be as attractive as possible to the girls in all aspects: starting from your position in society and ending with a neat appearance and clothing.

How to convince your girlfriend to have sex with you

how to convince someone to have sex with you

Do you want to know how to convince your girlfriend to have sex? Well, it will not be so difficult if only you know those excellent tips for flirting, which we want to offer you. So, let’s start and find out how to make a woman want you.

You need to be more energetic and confident than she is

Remember that you need to take the leading role in your relationship with your woman. Tease her more often, cause her smile and laughter. But trying to make her laugh, don’t seek to look like a clown. Just use your humor. The bad experience of many men shows that the traits inherent in “good guys” don’t help make women want them. So, don’t be afraid to tease and test her.

Do everything to make her feel attractive and desirable

How to convince your girlfriend to have sex? It’s no secret that women love with their ears. Compliment a girl and tell her how beautiful she is. However, you will make a huge mistake if you start praising her and talking about how adorable she is without stopping. Girls can recognize falsity and you can easily frighten her away with this behavior. In addition, your girl will be very pleased if you mention the color of her eyes. She will immediately notice the fact that you are very attentive. When you look at her, lightly smile. By this behavior, you let her know that you admire her beauty. In case she asks: “Why are you smiling?” answer that you can’t believe you have such a beautiful girl.

Be confident

Girls are fond of confident guys. Realizing that you look good, you will be more confident. When communicating with a girl, don’t forget that you are communicating with a GIRL! There are inappropriate dirty jokes, rude expressions, and other habits that you might use when talking with your friends. Observe good manners.

Create sexual tension

This is the next step of how to convince your girlfriend to have sex. To do this, you need to understand the methods of sexual touch, allowing you to touch a woman properly and create sexual excitement in her mind. Learn the methods that experts use if you really want to succeed. The main of these methods is to start touching sexually. Once you and your girlfriend get used to these types of touch, you should start touching sexually. You must make sure that she wants your touches. These methods are a little difficult to understand, so you should practice them more often. Nevertheless, act as carefully as possible.

Whisper her a few words in the ear (ears are an erogenous zone both in women and men). Touch her face or you can unobtrusively remove the strand of her hair from her cheek. If your eyes meet at the same time, then you are on the right way. Touch her nape and gently swipe your fingers along her hair. If everything goes according to your plan and a girl clearly doesn’t resist, put your hand on her buttocks gently stroking them, and then start touching sensitive parts.


After pleasant words and touches, it’s time to move on to the kiss. Your breath should be fresh and your lips should be soft. First, gently move your tongue. Try to make the movements quick and easy. Put your hand on her neck, waist or face. Be very attentive to the reaction of your girlfriend to all your actions. If suddenly you notice that she is clearly uncomfortable, slow down. If everything goes smoothly, be sure that now you can start the main action. And that is all! This is how to convince your girlfriend to have sex with you.

How to convince your girlfriend to have anal sex

Most young people like anal sex. For them, these are new and acuter sensations. But before trying to convince a girl to have anal sex, it’s important not to rush, and make sure that she is ready for the traditional version of love – vaginal sex. While many girls absolutely don’t mind having anal sex, there are also such young ladies whom it is difficult to convince. But here are tips how to convince someone to have anal sex for the first time:

Praise her

So, how to convince your wife or a girlfriend to have anal sex? All girls like to be praised. When you’re in bed, tell her compliments. Tell how you like her body. Just make sure that she likes her body as well and want to try something new in bed. Caress her. Yes, it is also needed in anal sex. During foreplay, the part of her body that interests you should be touched, kissed, and so on. This will help a girl feel more comfortable and less worried about whether she will get pleasure from anal sex.

You need to talk before you start

You need an honest and, moreover, sexual conversation so that she trusts you and doesn’t think that you are pressing her. And you can try to start watching an erotic movie or even porn. It is necessary to approach the matter easily. If you show that you are confident, strong, and ready to meet her wishes, she will react to your idea positively. For example, champagne can create a good atmosphere. In addition, if you can convince her that you know what you do, she will be less worried about what may go wrong. If she worries, the muscles are strained and this is a huge obstacle to anal sex.

how to convince a girl for sex

Visit a sex shop

There are a lot of different toys, so buy something. As for lubricants, it is better to use them. A good choice is silicone lubricant. Lubricants based on water are not so nice because they quickly dry out and don’t slip down well. Silicone lubricants perfectly slip and don’t dry out.

Start with foreplay

You need to prepare her emotionally. You have to start with oral sex and vaginal sex. Most girls don’t like to immediately start with anal sex and these desires should be respected. First, you need to turn her on in order for her whole body to relax and open to you. This is how to convince your girlfriend to have anal sex easily. And then you’ll take yours.

Start with something small

For example, start anal sex with a finger (and it is better to lubricate it) and ask if she likes it. Confidence, comfort, and relaxation – this is what you need. She feels insecure and she needs to be cheered up all the time. Then use more than one finger. This will relax her and help her get used to the idea that there may be something larger than your fingers. Kiss her and now you can use the toy. Kiss her on the neck and slowly begin to penetrate. Perhaps she will want to control the process so let her control it. The main thing is that you should never move too fast and repeat the tricks that you saw in porn. Guess why? There are professionals that have years of anal practice. Most likely, you both are not among them. Do it carefully, slowly, gradually. Look and listen how much it is comfortable and pleasant for her.

And again, say compliments

Tell her how you like the process, whisper it in her ear. If necessary, add more lubricants and keep moving at a moderate speed. Remember that not everyone gets pleasure from the first time. Someone needs to take a few steps to go this way. Even porn stars started with something.

Show your love to a girlfriend

Every girl needs to feel that she is appreciated. It may seem strange, but compliments, flowers, chocolates, oral sex, champagne, lingerie – all these things are welcome. There is no need to say: “Thank you for anal sex” and give her a chocolate bar. That’s ridiculous. She just should be pampered after sex. She will understand everything herself, don’t say a word. She must understand how much you appreciate her courage and openness. And by the way, don’t forget to use condoms!

How to make sexual acts enjoyable?
All that is required of a man is to show passion, desire, and playfulness with a woman. Before sex, you can flirt with her, excite with kisses, make a short relaxing massage of the shoulders or legs. Get creative. Play a little with the girl! Let her know that you want her, but don’t offer sex. This is so exciting! In a word, tease your girlfriend.
Do girls like sudden and quick sex?
Men are sure that intimate caresses should last for hours and whole nights. But in fact, this idea seems boring not only for men but also for women themselves, who, at the end of the whole process, curse men in their minds because they want long bed scenes. Actually, women need no more than 30 minutes! Of course, we are not always talking about orgasm here. Sometimes passion, a surge of emotions, and dizziness during sex are much more enchanting than the orgasm itself.
How to make sex with a new girlfriend unforgettable?
Well, you worry, but in fact, a woman also worries. And she thinks about how to do everything excellently. Try to turn off your head and allow yourself to enjoy your emotions. Focus on the other person, not yourself, and think about the pleasure you can bring to your partner. Your passion, positive emotions, and self-confidence will surely be passed on to your partner, and you will forget about everything except pleasure. Don’t think about what will happen next, just focus on the present moment.

Comments (3)

Kreig Germey

Kreig Germey

Jul 22,  2020,  10:13 AM

I also think that relationships based on sex drive are only suitable for conceiving children, since dopamine awakens in us the animal instinct of procreation.



Nov 4,  2020,  7:30 PM

Unfortunately, I didn't have a very successful first sexual experience. The thing is that I could not completely trust my boyfriend and relax during our first sexual intercourse. So in my opinion, the best way to convince a girl to have sex with you is to arouse her passion and a sincere desire to make love. Yes, women don't get aroused as quickly as men, but it's not so that hard to get a woman want you. After all, nowadays, the Internet is full of useful information on how to turn a girl on. You can even watch tutorial videos. Trust me, your girlfriend will definitely appreciate your attention and care!



Nov 4,  2020,  7:30 PM

I would like to add that another good way to convince your girlfriend to have sex with you is to give her an erotic massage. It's even better if you arrange a romantic candlelit dinner and cook your girlfriend her favorite dishes. The main thing is not to cook anything too fatty and caloric, the meal should be slight, since no one wants to have sex on a full stomach. I know one neat trick to take into account: prepare some aphrodisiacs for your date (you can google which aphrodisiacs work best for women). After a light and delicious dinner, give your girlfriend a gentle erotic massage, and she will definitely want sex with you!

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