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To be a soulmate of a creative person is always romantic. Many people dream about relationships with a musician, and no one would refuse to go through such an experience. There is a new world filled with music, parties, concerts, and many other inspiring things.

So, what can and can’t be done in a relationship with a musician? Check out the rules for dating a musician.

dating a female musician

Why are musicians so attractive?

Musicians differed from ordinary people in some kind of charm at all times. Musicians are creative people. And as we know, it is never boring with such personalities. They have a rich inner world and a good imagination. They compose touching music and lyrics, worship love, and have a special approach to many things, feelings, and, of course, love. Among the obvious advantages of relationships with people who are passionate about music is the passion and sensuality that they transfer from their creativity to real life and relationships themselves. Visiting women seeking men sites and then starting a relationship with musicians, you can find out that some songs are dedicated to you. Of course, it is very pleasant and cute. Moreover, such people are constantly in need of a muse, inspiration, drama, and passion. And you can become the person who will give them all this. 

“Don’t date a musician”- many people say. Why? Well, considering how difficult it is for such people to turn their dreams into reality and achieve their goals, we can conclude that musicians are very strong personalities. Not everyone can handle it. Still, one of the most positive aspects that a relationship with a musician can bring is that you will learn to empathize with other people and love with all your heart.

To be a musician’s soulmate means to have a living example to follow every day. Such people will definitely want to tell you about their victories and achievements. In addition to their impressive character, a musician is distinguished by a great talent and hard work. Having a relationship with a musician is not only pleasant in terms of emotions and experiences but also practical since such people (if they develop their talents) will definitely have a concert that you can attend not only as a listener but also as a special guest. And it is quite an interesting experience.

Main don’ts of dating a musician

Every person who dreams of building a relationship with a musician has to understand that there are unacceptable things. But it is worth it, and you just need to make an effort to understand how to act correctly in a given situation and not to break up because of a misunderstanding. After all, musicians are not ordinary people.

1. Don’t try to get all their attention

So, how to date a musician? Well, first of all, being a gentleman, keep in mind that you will not be their one and only. At best, musicians give a relationship second place in their life. In their life, there are many more important things, that is, music – rehearsals, concerts, rehearsals again, meetings with musician friends often ending in the morning, and so on. Of course, not everyone is ready to put up with this situation, which is why there are so many eternal loners among musicians. Therefore, just accept it, and don’t be offended because of this.

2. Don’t go to rehearsals

Being engaged in musician dating, you surely want to support your partner in everything, but rehearsals are not the best place to do this. Other group members may feel stressed because they need to work on mistakes rather than trying to impress you. If you haven’t been invited to it, then it is best not to go to rehearsal. In addition, rehearsals are not always interesting for the audience.

3. Don’t blame them for their complex temperament

how to date a musician

The temperament of musicians, like all representatives of the creative professions, is often insanely complex. They are people of the mood. They are ready to do anything for their loved ones when inspiration comes to them. But if they are in a bad mood, then don’t even try to get some romance from them. Breakdowns, quarrels, withdrawal, resentment, and accusations will not keep you waiting. Only true love can help you get along with such a person.

4. Don’t depend on them

Your partner will often be absent due to concerts and rehearsals, so develop your interests and hobbies. This is useful in any relationship. Dating a classical musician, find hobbies and friends outside your partner’s social circle. Make an effort to make your own life better, otherwise, you will be unhappy in the relationship as music will take a lot of time from your partner. If you’re unhappy, the relationship is doomed.

5. Don’t be jealous of them

If musicians are more or less famous, they are public people, which means that their significant others will have to endure constant interference in their personal life, annoying photographers, and journalists. Some musicians even visit a musician dating site to diversify their love life. Take everything calmly. This is a difficult but inevitable part of a musician’s life. Therefore, if you want to save a relationship, then you will need to learn how to cope with this aspect.

6. Don’t wake them up early

Sleep is the key to health and a good mood. If your partner chooses an alternative lifestyle, sometimes there is no time for healthy sleep. A night’s rest is very important for harmonious relationships as it helps keep yourself in control – without this, relationships are impossible. In addition, sleep promotes a joyful mood, which has a positive effect on relationships. So, let your musician have enough sleep. Understand that not everyone is ready to get up at 7 am and start working.

7. Don’t make them live on schedule

You should get used to the fact that your musician will never have a clear schedule, only an abstract one. You will also have to forget about the regime. Such people will never wake up for an alarm, only in the most extreme cases. Dating a female musician, learn to love her just like that. Ignore the full trash can, unwashed dishes, greasy stains on the shirt in which they come from a banquet, and so on. Just accept your loved ones as they are.

Tips for dating a musician

Movies, television, and books paint beautiful and romantic relationships with musicians in our minds. But actually, everything is much more prosaic. But if your dream has come true and you found that very musician from your dreams and fell in love with all your heart, then you should remember and learn a few features when having a relationship with such a person.

1. Support them

This is very important! Musicians are prone to excessive self-awareness. When they tell you that they are not talented, then you have to give them thousands of arguments proving that they are amazingly talented. Creative people can be sure that lyrics or music they write will never achieve resounding success, although deep down, they will hope that they work not in vain. And such doubts will haunt them constantly, and your task is to constantly convince them of the opposite. Otherwise, you can drive them into a real depression.

2. You have to become an “antidepressant” for them

Musicians just have to suffer. This is one of the main components of their work. They take everything personally. Your significant other will be able to cope with global problems at work on their own, but as for everything else, then they will need support. If it rains outside, it’s a tragedy for them. And they take everything this way. Creative people love to complain, but the absence of complaints is a real alarm. If you don’t want them to close into themselves, then your task is to cheer up your loved one.

3. Find common interests

This is one of the most important tips for dating a musician. If you learn to see the world at least partly the same way as your musician, it will be easier for you to understand each other. When your loved one has free time, learn and understand their creativity. Let them show you the process of writing a song. Ask if they can teach you their creativity. Maybe by combining creative interest, they will be able to help reveal your talent, and you will even succeed in it.

4. Give them emotions

dating a musician

Creative people live for the sake of emotions: if someone perceives a kiss as a beautiful romantic move, then a person who feels this world at their fingertips is looking for different states in the kiss. A kiss can symbolize love and fidelity, a sign of intimacy or possession, betrayal or a breakup. Variety is perfect in everything: in food, traveling, in plans, in kisses, in bed, and even in looking at each other.

5. Accept the fact that they are selfish

It’s no secret that creative people can be offended by anyone. Musicians are very vulnerable creatures, so it is important for them to be the best, if not in everything, then at least in what they do day after day. Dating a musician, they have to feel like the most successful people in the world. Therefore, you shouldn’t share your small victories with them. It may seem strange, but musicians may get into depression if they learn that you are better than them in something.

6. You will have to solve household issues yourself

Be prepared for the fact that all the problems of living together will completely fall on your shoulders. For a real creative person, the ability to solve everyday issues is just bad form. Why waste your life taking out the trash, washing clothes, and taking a dog for a walk if they can create something brilliant during this time? For example, write a song. Take it for granted. But you fell in love with them not because they are ready to solve such problems, but for love and emotions that are not given to everyone.

7. Don’t expect the impossible from them

From the outside, it seems that famous people have a life charge – they have 220 things a day and you will never get bored with them. Nothing like this. As a rule, in life, these are people who love silence, even if lightning flashes around them while working. We often expect fireworks of emotions from relationships, but musicians put all these emotions into their projects. Therefore, when you date a musician, learn to separate the image from the person. And if you are not afraid to accept it, welcome to the world of harmonious relationships.

And the last thing for you to know is the fact that personal space plays an important role for any musician. You know that such people often live alone or with those who fully adapt to their habits, without interfering with the daily routine, without requiring neatness, without disturbing, just providing food and clean things. In this sense, dealing with talented people is like taking care of children.

But, of course, there are many benefits of such relationships too. You will always learn something new and your life will be filled with unusual events and, in general, will not be boring.

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