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If you notice that girls don’t agree to spend a second date with you or refuse to meet at all, it’s time to reconsider your communication manners and behavior with the ladies. Even if you consider yourself a brutal male, you need to be able to find common ground with women.

Nowadays men just learn flirting techniques. But still, nice manners haven’t gone out of fashion. They are still appreciated by women. However, many women complain that it is not easy to find a man who would behave like a real gentleman. So, how to be a gentleman and a dream of girls?

how to be a gentleman

What does it mean to be a gentleman?

To be a gentleman, you don’t have to be an English aristocrat nowadays. Actually, a gentleman is an educated, well-mannered man with impeccable demeanor, as well as polite and courteous with women. If a woman meets a gentleman, he will forever remain in her heart.

Unfortunately, modern ways of thinking are aimed at becoming more progressive, advanced in terms of technology but the true values ​​are somehow forgotten. There is nothing wrong with living with today’s concepts and keeping up with the times. But it will not be superfluous for anyone to know and remember some fundamental principles of a behavioral nature even visiting a website to meet girls.

So, what is the definition of a gentleman? First of all, being a gentleman means to be a good and well-mannered person. Women prefer men with a stable and strong character because it is a sign of stability and serious intentions. Perhaps, for some, these things may seem old-fashioned and irrelevant, for others, they can cause a smile, and yet, they make a lot of sense. The ability to be a gentleman is in reality the ability to be delicate and observant in any situation. Proper knowledge in matters of etiquette ​​greatly adds to a man’s attractiveness and charm. Etiquette has to be learned, and at the very least, it can help men please ladies.

Characteristics of a gentleman

Immaculate appearance, decent manners, respect to others, and attention of women – when a man grows up, he understands that being a gentleman is so great. So, what are the characteristics of a gentleman?

1. He is polite

Gentlemen are always very polite to people. This is expressed in different ways. But one of the key things is that they not only speak eloquently but also listen to other people and what they tell them. They listen, empathize, give advice if necessary, and even try to understand the problem of their interlocutors. It is always interesting to communicate with gentlemen, and it is very pleasant to listen to them because they don’t use abusive words. A gentleman will never allow himself to interrupt a person even if he has a different point of view or doesn’t agree with something.

2. A gentleman strives to be the best

Knights never thought they had reached the peak of their sword skills – they practiced a lot to defeat their enemies. So, a modern gentleman doesn’t stop there too. He understands what he wants to achieve in life, and his words don’t diverge from his deeds. The gentleman looks for the truth in everything, realistically evaluates his capabilities, and does everything possible to achieve the goal because he wants to be the best.

3. He is noble

Noble is not when royal blood flows in your veins but when you are loyal, kind, and sympathetic. This is a trait every gentleman should possess. This doesn’t mean that you have to give all your salary to charity and eat bread and drink water. Just help your loved ones if you have the opportunity. Gentlemen have open and kind hearts but it shouldn’t be confused with sentimentality.

4. He looks stylish

how to dress like a gentleman

How to dress like a gentleman? Gentlemen wear clothes that fit well and they avoid too bright and provocative things. The simpler your clothes are, the more often people will seek to examine your soul. Choose simple solid colors: black, white, brown. Don’t wear graphic T-shirts, neon shorts, and so on. Keep it simple as it will make your look elegant.

5. His actions speak louder than words

His actions extend beyond his own interests. This is one of the obvious characteristics of a gentleman. Such a person is not limited by his own needs; he is able to think about others. A gentleman doesn’t need to describe his merits because his behavior can tell everything about him.

6. He knows good manners

Without a good upbringing, a man can’t look like a gentleman. After all, a real gentleman will never allow himself to use swear words and jargon, and his emotions are known only to him. A gentleman is educated enough to maintain a conversation on a variety of topics. A well-mannered person will not show his dislike and will never gossip and intrigue.

Is being a gentleman outdated? 

Why not?

The way people live today and human behavior differs from what it was before. Nowadays, it is difficult to find gallant men. They don’t want to follow the rules of being a gentleman. Has this quality gone out of fashion or is it still important?

Although being a gentleman often means a good upbringing, some men in modern society don’t use this attitude towards women. However, there are those who understand that behaving gallantly is a sign of their own dignity and good manners.

Nowadays, this is rather perceived as the behavior of a man-warrior, strong in spirit, who should show respect, care, and patience towards the weaker ones. However, today not all women want to be treated as weak, and therefore, sometimes perceive gallantry as something inappropriate, a manifestation of male superiority, or even an insult.

In any case, even if someone believes that being a gentleman is no longer cool, sooner or later they understand that noble qualities have a positive effect. If you are a gentleman, this gives you the opportunity to feel like a real knight, a defender, and, generally, a strong man. The manifestation of this quality towards a woman makes her even more feminine. Some men will continue to show good manners. This attitude is inherent in the genes of men. Nothing will displace from the subconscious of a man the idea that he is strong and he should always take responsibility for what he does.

How to be a gentleman to a lady and keep up with the times

Even if you consider yourself a brutal male, you need to be able to find a common language with women. We will tell you how to become a handsome prince that many girls dream of.

1. A gentleman always opens and holds the door for his woman

This is how to be a gentleman on a date. Such a simple gesture, but it is full of respect and care. In our time, rarely anyone can boast of having met a person who demonstrated their good upbringing in this way. Moreover, a gentleman will turn off his mobile phone during a meeting with a girl and will not be distracted by it every few minutes. This is especially true when the meeting is romantic.

2. A gentleman will always offer his seat to a woman in transport or at some event

Of course, it is very pleasant when a person offers his seat, neglecting personal comfort, especially when such an act is done quietly, without unnecessary noise and pathos, and, of course, without a hint of a woman’s age because in this case, good intentions can generally turn into resentment.

3. He will always take a girl home

How to be a gentleman to your girlfriend? Real care is manifested in the fact that a man will accompany his chosen one to the very threshold of her house because her safety always comes first for him. At the same time, a man shouldn’t harbor vain hopes in this case for the continuation of the evening or an invitation to coffee.

4. He achieves goals and success

To become a gentleman in a woman’s eyes, you need to set goals and achieve them. Your energy, time, and attention should be focused on the main thing – physical and spiritual development. When a man loses himself, starts drinking alcohol, and spending time with different women, he is wasting his energy and is not able to achieve success and goals in life, and a real woman doesn’t need such a man.

5. He is strong

Well, how to become a gentleman? To become the man that all women dream of, you don’t need to learn how to seduce any woman, you don’t need this. Therefore, all that is needed to be a man is self-development, work on yourself, hardening of character, body, and discipline. When you become a real gentleman, women will line up themselves and you can choose who matches you best.

how to become a gentleman

6. During a date or meeting, a real gentleman will make sure that a woman doesn’t freeze

After all, going on a date, girls often prefer a beautiful appearance, and not comfort or convenience. Therefore, at such moments, when bad weather makes a beautiful lady shake from the cold, her companion must throw his jacket over her shoulders. Thus, he demonstrates his concern for the woman. This is how to act like a gentleman.

7. A gentleman is a good conversationalist

And this means that he should keep “bad words” for a special occasion, and even better, generally avoid swear words and vulgarisms. We all know that emotions and impressions can be easily described with the help of censored words. In addition, he will not tell stupid anecdotes. He will not hint on sex. It should be pleasant and comfortable to communicate with such a person. A gentleman will always be able to maintain a conversation, even if the girl decides to talk about girlish things he is not aware of.

8. A gentleman appreciates and protects his family

The family is his rear – this is one of the best qualities of a gentleman. He creates his history, traditions, and bears responsibility for it. Children for him are a gift from God, and he should serve as an example for them. Family in the life of a gentleman is no less important than work or career.

9. He looks nice

Another important aspect and distinctive feature of a gentleman is his appearance. Of course, he is not obliged to wear a shirt, a business suit, and a tie every day. However, he must take good care of personal hygiene, be shaved, and have his hair washed. His clothes should be discreet, clean, and ironed.

10. He supports the dreams and goals of their loved ones

This is one of the rules of a gentleman you should follow. Unless his girlfriend has made something dangerous to her health her goal, a gentleman will support her in her aspirations. The partner must believe in a loved one and share his interests. It’s not about financial support. It is important to be able to support a person in difficult times and share his grief.

Now you know how to be a gentleman to a lady. In youth and adolescence, we often think that being a gentleman means being physically strong. However, brutality is not all that makes you a gentleman. You should also be distinguished by the firmness of character. In the eyes of a woman, a real gentleman always keeps his word and fulfills what he promised. He doesn’t behave irresponsibly and is an example to follow.


Comments (2)



Nov 4,  2020,  8:13 PM

So many men have forgotten what it means to be a gentleman! Women put so much effort into looking good, self-developing, and being a worthy partner, that their second halves get all relaxed and take it for granted. If you want your woman to be a queen, act like a king! It doesn’t require special skills to just have good manners. To open up a door or to offer help in the household should be things that men keep in mind on the daily without reminders. With such a concentration of rude men around, you will definitely win if you act like a gentleman. A few kind words and noble deeds that prove your promises and you will win her heart.



Nov 4,  2020,  8:17 PM

I will teach my sons to be gentlemen because I believe in the conservative dating and relationships system! With feminism taking over the world, being strong for a woman doesn’t mean that she should carry all the weight of responsibilities on her shoulders. There are some clear rules of behavior that take nothing to follow but open you up from a good side. I appreciate it when men treat me like a lady, so I give back even more in return. Cherish your partner like a flower and she will bloom! Take care of the way you look and speak, and women will reach out to you. This article definitely contains many useful tips.

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