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We all had a struggle of not knowing how to end the date properly. Instead, we immersed into that awkward feeling, being unable to say goodbye in a romantic way. Sometimes, we do not know when to end the date, which leads to bittersweet conversations. Consequently, even the best meeting can turn into a stalemate. When both of you don’t know what to talk about anymore as it is your first date, the pauses are getting longer, the atmosphere of passion disappears.

How to end a first date? What to say at the end of a date? This and the other questions will be unraveled in the following article.

how do you end a first date

Ending a First Date in an Art

Indeed, being able to finish the conversation before getting boring is an art. How do you master the art of being just below “too much”? How do you keep that healthy balance and leave a positive impression at the end of a date? Statistics show that 89% of people keep talking after a marvelous date. But this happens only in case the date went well. Generally, 44% of people ghost an awkward date. So, your main goal here is not to appear strange and worried.

Women prefer calm men who can drive them home or text to make sure they got to their dwelling safely. A portion of women dislikes when the date lingers on for too long, or the partner tries to get a first date kiss (or first date sex). Your main aim in mastering the art of saying goodbye is to stay composed, responsible for her safety, not corny or horny. Women on a single ladies site confess that they feel strongly attracted to men who don’t rush to kiss on the mouth at the end of the date.

What to Do at the End of a First Date

How to end a date early if you need to go? How do you end a first date? Here is what you need to do after a date.

1. Thank your partner for a great date. Make sure you compliment the food, even if you had dinner at the restaurant. Compliment her on the great company. Say that it was a pleasure to get to know her better.

2. Cover the bill. If your dinner is coming to an end, even if she believes in social equality, it is a sign of good taste to offer to cover the bill. In case your date doesn’t want you to do this, she will politely offer to split. It would be best if you felt intuitive whether your date says that out of politeness or it’s her position. Don’t insist if she feels strongly about it. But it’s genuinely better to offer than not to.

what to do at the end of a first date

3. Hint at what you can do on the next date. Test the water, but don’t ask directly whether your date is ready for the next round. If you can avoid direct questions, it would be better for you to stay neutral. You might think that women like to be won over, but most of them will feel pressed once you plan the next steps right away. If you want more time to prepare for the next sensation, say that it would be great to do (something) together, and then wait for a response.

4. Avoid strong feelings at all costs. Men who confess in love during the first date often come off as cheap and pretentious. Don’t be theatrical and say that it is love at first sight, even if it is. Save your spark for the next meetings. At most, you can say, “I really like you.” Stronger emotions often read as love-bombing, and everyone is scared of that.

5. Avoid moving too fast. We all understand that a passionate date leads to all types of encounters. But sometimes, women are not down for continuation. Unless she permits you and consents to go to your place, don’t rush it. It is better to stay civil and preserve her comfort zone. It is always right to walk your date home and give her a passionate hug without kissing. How to end a date with a kiss? Reach her, and if you see her reaching back, then you can do it. But without consent, it can be too awkward.

6. Make sure she gets home safely. Even if you live in different cities, you need to check on your girl. And even if you can’t call a taxi, make sure to call her an hour after a date to make sure she got there safely. Ideally, if you live somewhat close, it’s better to walk her home. If you need to leave early, still maintain contact.

7. Stay unbothered, and thank her for a great time. Even ending a date with a handshake shouldn’t disappoint you. Every person has their borders and personalities, so it isn’t a sign of displeasure. How to interpret the end of a date with a hug? It is a good sign. Your date likes you, and you should be happy if she wants to contact you in that way. Ideally, move at the same speed she does.

What to Say at the End of the Date: 10 Ideas to Make Her Think About You

Ending a first date can be troublesome because you can lack for words. Every phrase from this list is a great way to end a date.

1.“It was lovely to talk to you. I am impressed and charmed by your beauty. You are a sweetheart.” Complimenting your girl on the first date is a must. You should definitely say something along those lines.

2.“I would like to meet you once more because I’m feeling a connection. Hopefully, it was mutual.” Try to stay humble when ending a date, so your girl knows she is more than appearance and image.

3.“Text me please when you get home. I want to know you are safe.” It is the ultimate way to show your date how much you care about her security.

4.“I’m glad you made time for me today. The date was terrific.” Make sure you emphasize that her time matters, and you are grateful for the time spent together.

5.“You will do amazing with that project! Keep up that work! Call me if you do great, we can celebrate that.” Show her you like her business side. Try to capture an anchor and play around it, baiting for the next date.

6.“Thank you for a terrific dinner. The food was 7/10, but your looks are 10/10 as always.” Try to play a romantic, but don’t say the first part if she cooked food herself. You’ll get a grip.

7.“Want me to walk you home? I got plenty of time.” You need to orient on how good the date went. If you sense that the girl liked you and would be down for a second round, ending a date with a walk would be a great idea, especially after a hearty meal.

8.“Here is a rose for you because I want to see you in the next episode.” Try a little play on The Bachelor TV show. If you magically happen to bass by a flower shop or a street fair, you have every chance to be romantic.

9.“I kind of have a bad memory. You’ll have to tell me this story one more time next date.” Don’t be afraid to seem a little bit corny. Women like a joke if you say it with a friendly tone.

ending a first date

10.“I am a coffee lover. Let me know if you want to drink it with a handsome companion.” It’s a cocky way if you really want that continuation. Make sure the girl expresses every sign of mutual desire, or else you will appear an f-boy.

Tips for Ending a Date If It Wasn’t Good

If you know how to end a date well, but something still went wrong, it sure can be awkward. No one can be saved from a bad date. If it went openly wrong, here is what you can do.

1. Come up with a believable excuse. Make sure you don’t linger on with weird energy until the date escalates into something unpredictable. Say that you have some stuff to do and, unfortunately, you have to leave earlier. Don’t explain it for too long, or it can look suspicious. Just act mundane like its not a big deal, and you were going to leave anyway. Neither you nor your date owes anyone apologies.

2. Involve your friends. It’s a sneaky way to leave the date, but try to text your friend in the restroom, asking them to call you and pretend to need help. It sounds dumb but can work in awkward situations. Just make it seem natural and not theatrical. Explain that you have to leave because your friend needs help. She will get the message either way.

3. Have a drink or a coffee, but don’t talk too much. If you feel weird energy, there is no need in being fake nice. Just have your drink, don’t offer a three-course meal, pay for yourself, and leave. Ideally, you still have to offer to pay for your date, especially if you feel guilty that you didn’t like her.

4. Don’t try to get the benefits from the date. If you didn’t like your date as a person, try not to be a jerk and still hint on continuation. Just end it here before you get mixed feelings.

5. Be open. If you didn’t like the date, just laugh about it and be direct. It can help as feedback, improving each other to be better with different people. These were the classiest ways to end a date. We hope you never get bad dates, and all your meetings are a success.

Comments (2)



Nov 4,  2020,  12:55 PM

Unfortunately, I had a lot of bad dates. Therefore, I came up with one trick with the "test call" from my friends. Everything is plain and simple. Before going on a date, I ask some of my friends to call me at a certain time when I’m on a date. In case something goes wrong, I immediately tell a new acquaintance that I urgently need to leave (under some pretense, for example, my mother has just called me and said she needs my help), then I beg pardon, and just go home. It always works! It helps me not to offend the person, and at the same time, end the failed date as politely as possible.



Nov 4,  2020,  12:56 PM

In my opinion, if you do not like a person and do not want to build a romantic relationship with him/her, it is better to immediately speak the whole truth. However, this should be done correctly and tactfully so as not to offend the interlocutor. If you're a guy, you might say something like, "You're very nice, but you're not the girl I'm looking for, I'm sorry." In no case say that you can remain friends! Firstly, it’s not true. And secondly, it is very humiliating for a girl who initially aspires to something more than hearing an offer of friendship. In case you are not sure whether you want to continue dating a person, it is better not to give big promises and false hopes.

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