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People have a lot of questions in mind when they are on a first date with a new crush. The main one being whether their date mate is equally interested in them. As a man, you want to know for sure if you have any chances to secure a second date. Your guts tell you everything was great, but was it really so? In fact, there are ways to figure it out.

great date ideas

What Makes a Great First Date?

First dates are very significant events. It’s like a job interview: you either impress an HR and get that job or you screw it all up and go home. Basically, the same principle goes for a first date. If you go out with a girl, you expect that your first rendezvous will become the beginning of something romantic and long-term. However, it’s always 50/50. Everything depends on how well you organize everything, how you behave, what you say, and whether you manage to kindle chemistry. This is how to have a great first date. Although you should be relaxed and feel at ease on a date, there are many things you should think over in advance. A lot of aspects should be taken into account.


Any first date has this flavor of solemnity, so you should take care of the atmosphere. For this, you need to come up with great places for a date. Today, many first dates that were arranged online usually take place in a coffee shop or a small café. Two people talk for an hour or two and then act according to the circumstances. They either go separate ways or continue their date in some other place. If you have a special first date with a woman you really want to impress, you should take her on a really interesting date. Cinema is absolutely not a good idea for a first meeting. This should be a place where you can have a conversation. A cozy restaurant, a stroll in a park or an amusement park, attendance of an interesting event – start your date with some of these great date ideas for her. The best way is to combine places. Spending the whole date at one location can be quite boring. And since your task is to make an impression, the change of scenes will give your date mate more emotions.

Your looks

You should take care of how you look. First dates usually require more efforts than regular dates, because, again, here you make that first impression, which is crucial for your story with this person. You know how women dress up for a date and look just gorgeous. You might not know, but they expect the same from their date mates too. As you’re a gentleman, make sure you wear clean and stylish clothes, not too formal and not too casual. Smart casual should it be. Wear your best perfume.

Your manners

You’ll be assessed from different angles, and your behavior will be on her radar. Control your speech, first of all. Bad language is never an advantage. If it’s a beautiful single girl from Russia, you should show your best manners. These women like that old-fashioned courting. Such simple gestures as kissing her on her hand when greeting her, helping her get out of a taxi, letting her walk through the door first, pulling out a chair for her, offering your arm as you walk – all these will give you extra points.

how to tell if a first date went well


Of course, a first date is all about communication. You meet with your date mate to learn more about each other and see whether you can go on this story. Your conversation should be a dialog. It should a ping-pong game. You ask, she answers and asks in return, and vice versa. It’s important what questions you ask. This shows what you are really interested in. If you tend to find yourself lost in the middle of a conversation not knowing what to ask next, prepare a list of questions at home and keep them in mind.

However, flooding your date mate with questions is not among great date ideas. It’s not an interview. Questions should come naturally as the conversation flows. You tell a story and then ask something related to it. If she tells a story, show her that you’re attentive by asking for details or expressing your attitude. Whenever, an awkward pause occurs, just smile, then look around and comment on something or someone you see. A joke is always a great filler.

Signs a First Date Went Well

It’s extremely important for you to realize how your date is going. You want to know whether your date is interested in you and whether she likes you. You need this information in order to know how to act at the end of a date and after it. If you liked this woman, you’ll want to have a second date with her. But before you call her to ask out again, additional proof that the attraction was mutual won’t be out of place.

In fact, signs your date went well can be observed already during a date. If you can notice them and decipher, you’ll be able to play it by ear. At least, you’ll know how to act in the end – should you kiss her or just say thank you for a date and promise to call.

So, how to tell if a first date went well? Keep your eye on the following things.

A good start. Usually, it takes a person up to one minute to feel the mood of their interlocutor or companion. Once you greet the woman and exchange some questions you’ll feel where this all is going. It’s the man’s task to set the atmosphere for the whole evening, so mind what you say and do during the first minutes of your date. If you managed to get the woman interested in you and feel comfortable around you, you’ve done half the work. Shared interests. You must have noticed that there is always a connection between people who have a lot in common (interests, hobbies, or tastes). Many of us get self-conscious when it comes to telling about our interests. What if we come across as weirdoes? If you told your date about your favorite pastimes and it turned out that she spends her free time in a similar way, congratulations: it’s one of the signs a date went well.

Lively conversation. If you established a contact, there shouldn’t be any obstacles in your communication. The quality of your conversation directly reflects how successful your date is. Pay attention to the topics you discuss. If you talk shop or resort to the eternal topics such as weather and nature, your date can’t be called a success. Another problem is the moments of awkward silence. They occur because it’s difficult for you to introduce new subjects and your date doesn’t even try to help you. Obviously, she is not very interested in you or too shy and nervous. Anyway, something is going not that well.

Enthusiasm. If a woman enjoys the date, she is totally focused on the man and their communication. Have you noticed how many times she looked at her phone or texted back just in the middle of your speech? If she kept her device in her purse for the whole date and was totally into your conversation without even looking away, then you can be sure that she will agree to go out with you again.

Initiative. You’re not the only person who tries to make a conversation. She doesn’t just answer your questions. She introduces new topics or tells some stories from her experience. You don’t have to force a conversation – it goes naturally and you both feel comfortable talking.

Post-date communication. You have to face that the date went great if you ask the woman to text you once she gets back home and she really does it and even adds some pleasant words of thanks. In case she gets out of touch after a date, she didn’t like it and you.

Did my first date go well? You’ll ask yourself this question as soon as you get to your house after a date. Recall how your date mate behaved. Her body language was speaking tons, so your task is to analyze what you saw and figure out the meaning of her gestures and moves.

She laughed. Humor tends to unite people. And if two people have a similar sense of humor, there will be a strong emotional bond between them. One of the signs that your date is into you is her reaction to your jokes. If a woman likes a man, she’ll smile even if a joke wasn’t that funny. Also, constant smiling is a sign of affection.

She made a steady eye contact. Maintaining an eye contact is not a problem for women. They are very sensitive to non-verbal communication and they prefer to communicate this way themselves. If a woman looks you straight in the eyes and smiles – this combo means she is interested in you very much. If she avoids eye contact, it means she is either nervous or bored.

She wanted physical contact. By physical contact, I mean touching. On a first date, this is the safest way to show that you’re attracted to a person. Keep this tip in mind. You’re expected to initiate a slight physical contact. It can be taking her by the hand when crossing the street or unintentionally touching her shoulder when telling something. If she’s okay with this gesture, it means one thing – she likes it. And if she likes it, it means she’s attracted to you. 

signs your date went well

Because if she was not, she’ll evade from those touches. How to tell if a first date went well? If she touched you in return, it was a success.

You both wanted it to go on. There is also one surefire way how to know if a date went well. When people are interested in each other, they don’t notice how the time flows. If you started your date in a café, then went for a stroll in the old town, then dropped into another café, finished your coffee and ordered a dessert just to prolong your rendezvous, it’s a huge sign that you clicked. When you know how to tell if a date went well, you can choose your further tactics.

First Date Went Well: Now What?

Your first date went well. What’s next? You both want it – and this is a second date. You see, a first date is a kind of face control at a club – you pass it, you go and have fun. A successful first date means that an invitation to a second date must follow. You can find a lot of different scenarios of how a man should act after a first date. Some guides say you should wait for a couple of days before you contact her in order to make her miss you. But put yourself in her shoes: that silence can really hurt. Look at it from another perspective: you felt that chemistry and you have all chances to become a romantic couple.

Follow your heart. Still, don’t be too obtrusive and pushy – calm down and be cool. On the date night, text her to ask whether she got home safely and thank her again for a perfect night, wish her sweet dreams. First date went well, now what you need to do is to give her space next morning, but get in contact in the evening to ask how her day was and ask when she is free this week because you want to continue your sweet talk because you really like her company. Prepare for your second date properly. It’s as important as a first one.

Signs of A Bad First Date

The first date is in itself a cause for anxiety. And it applies to both women and men. To fail the first date is not so difficult, and no one is impervious to it. A person can be endowed with a beautiful appearance, have a wonderful sense of humor, be successful in career and have many more advantages, but it will not save him from an unsuccessful first date. We’d like to present you some signs of a bad first date.

Lack of excitement

Full indifference from both women and men speaks volumes. Even despite the fact that, for example, a woman has won more than one beauty contest, she still experiences a slight nervous state on the first date, if she is drawn to a man. However, when one person realizes that it all will not work and the fact that this is the first and last date becomes obvious to him, then nervousness and anxiety give way to complete indifference.

There is no eye to eye contact

No wonder they say that eyes are the window to the soul. From the look in the eyes, one can easily say what a person feels in relation to the world around him. This feature works especially well in women. Many of the fair sex love to flirt, dart glances, and use their eyes in every possible way to show a man that he is very cute and bleed for a woman. If a girl on a date looks only at her plate, at the TV screen, and God knows where, but not at the man, then it is the first sign that this meeting turned out to be a bad first date.

Long awkward pauses

If the conversation goes amiss, and one of the partners bends over backwards to start a conversation at least on any topic, while the other looks indifferent and silent, then this is another clear evidence of a failed first date.

Permanent use of the phone

If at the first date, a person does not part with his communication device, constantly answers calls or calls someone himself, writes endless SMS or just browses the social network, then, of course, there will be no second date.

Unwillingness to shorten the distance

If the interlocutor is interested in a partner for further meetings and romantic relationships, then he will most likely begin to shorten the distance: inadvertently touch the partner’s hand, dust off the nonexistent fluff from his shoulder, move closer to speak with each other and so on. If there is no such action, then the first date is failed.

Denial of common interests

People are arranged so that they want to find any topics that would help get closer to the person they like. It could be a favorite music group, film, hobby, sport and more. When one of the partners strenuously searches for common topics for conversations and tries to find out mutual interests, while the other keeps silent and rejects everything, then there is no interest in continuing the acquaintance.

Mention of ex-lovers

This rule applies not only to the first date but also to subsequent meetings. There is no reason to go back to the past, living in the present. Moreover, it is not necessary to make comparisons between people, saying it out loud. If a girl or a guy talks about his former partners, then the feelings have not completely subsided and the person is not capable of building new and stable relationships.

kiss on a date

Refusal to continue

If people like each other, they struggle to delay the time of separation. After a good, but short staying together on the first date, people may not have the desire to go about their business. Therefore, a date can be continued by walking in the park, visiting cinema, cafes, attractions and other places of interest. The main thing, in this case, is that people want to be together.

Very fast goodbye

The moment of farewell is just as important as the date itself. By these minutes, you can understand a lot about the prospects for the future: is there a place for relationships or not. No matter how awkward people may feel, but the minutes of parting should be temporized a little. If the girl's farewell is in the words: “that's all, bye”, and at the same time she really quickly turns around and goes away, then the guy probably should not wait for another meeting.

Signs of A Good First Date Kiss

A kiss is a wonderful experience and magical moment. But sometimes, especially when you kiss someone for the first time, it can be a real test. After all, the first kiss is usually associated with anxiety and a storm of emotions. A good kiss completely drives you out of reality, makes your knees go weak, and let you forget about everything. Often we have a reasonable question: do I kiss well? So, how to determine if your kiss on the first date is really good? There are 8 sure signs of a good first date kiss:

1. It seems that a partner cannot help but enjoy kissing you

The partner moves closer, running his fingers through your hair or touching your cheek? It means that everything goes as expected. If you kiss for a while, then both start touching one another, it is also a good sign – you can safely continue kissing. To find out if it’s really pleasant for a partner to kiss you, do the following trick, which always works. Lean back just a little, just a few centimeters ... If your partner automatically reaches his lips out for you, it means he feels well and enjoys the kiss.

2. You just feel very good

Trust your body, pay attention to its reaction in response to a kiss. Maybe you feel collywobbles or just can’t stop thinking about the kiss after everything is over. All this indicates that the first date kiss was magnificent and sincere. If you feel something like this, most likely your partner feels it too.

3. You control your tongue

During a passionate kiss, some people like to actively use the tongue, while others prefer not to abuse it too much. Both options are perfectly acceptable, but it’s best if you keep the balance. If you control the tongue and use it in moderation, then most likely the partner will like the kiss.

4. You guess the partner’s wishes

A kiss is a dance, and the dancers should be on the same wavelength. During the first kiss, it is not always possible to guess what your new partner wants, but it's great if you try to do it. The one who does not impose the rhythm, but tries to catch a rhythm of the partner kisses well. By the way, it also applies to the tongue: if you understand that the one with whom you kiss likes the “tongue” game, you play along with him. If not, hold your tongue. A kiss is not a competition, but a unity. Catch the moment!

5. You use your hands

Kissing with your hands behind the back is not the most romantic option. The touch of a loved one is pleasant to the overwhelming majority of us. Your partner wants you to touch his neck, back, or arms while you kiss. Many (both women and men) go crazy when a partner run his fingers through their hair during a kiss. It brings people together and makes a kiss intimate!

6. You kiss in a different way

No one likes a lingering monotonous kiss for about 10 minutes. But if you use different kissing techniques, alternate a gentle kiss with a passionate one, and diluting the process with light bites, everything is going to be all right.

7. You feel great security after the kiss

The more you kiss someone, the more comfortable you feel. A kiss on the first date is always an anxiety, no matter how well you know how to do it. If you feel confident enough after the first kiss, it means it was great. Also, if you feel that your partner has enjoyed kissing you too, your further actions become more confident and relaxed. And most likely the date will be successful.

8. You both smile

What do people do when they feel good, comfortable, and really enjoy each other? Of course, they are smiling. If you notice that your partner is smiling in the process of a kiss, it means that you are on the right track and do everything properly.

Signs He Is Interested In You After The First Date

The first date is a very exciting, but interesting meeting. While girls choose the perfect outfit and hairstyle, guys mull over the topics of conversation and look for ways to show themselves in the best light. Even in preparation, we are too different. And after you spent some time together, how can you understand whether a guy is interested in you after the first date? 

first date

There are some signs that he really likes you.

He invited you on the next date

This means nothing more than a common interest in each other. You should also pay attention to how your partner behaved, asking you to go out on a second date. Was he nervous? This is a sure sign that he is interested in you. After all, nothing worries a man like a date with a woman he likes.

He smiled during the date

This is another way to find out if a man has liked you after the first date. One of the obvious signals of a successful meeting – a smile on the face of the interlocutor. Remember how you look when you talk to a person you are crazy about. You just want to break into a smile for no apparent reason. And no matter what he talks about: the state of the economy in the country or love.

He constantly looked into your eyes

Have you noticed that during the date the guy looked into your eyes all the time and it was sometimes even uncomfortable? Do not be afraid! This signal is characteristic of people who are interested in the interlocutor and want to get closer with him, let's say to seek an insight into the heart. But if the man removed his eyes all the time, looked at the phone or at other people, then this is a clear sign that he is not interested in you.

He tried to stretch the time of your date

This point is the surest way to find out if a guy like you after the first date. If he is not in a hurry to order dessert, and after eating a cheesecake, he also orders sorbet, it does not mean that he has not eaten all day. Most likely, he does not want your meeting to end, so he looks for reasons to stretch the time.

He took you home

If the first date was successful, then a man probably wants to take you home. Well, if he offered to call a taxi and left you saying goodbye, then the meeting turned out not in your favor. Therefore, his concern for you after the date suggests whether you can think about the next meeting.

He made compliments

If a guy likes you, then he starts talking not only about how beautiful you are but also appreciating your positive qualities. For example, he says that you are cheerful, kind, or that with you he can really talk about everything in the world.

He tried to touch you all the time

Touches are very important for men. Being close to a girl he likes, a guy will certainly want (perhaps even unconsciously) to touch her. If on a date, a man tried to touch your hand, hug your waist, cuddle up to you or touch your knees, it is a sure sign that he wants to start a romantic relationship with you. If there were no such touches, and during a conversation, he crossed his arms, it means that he is not interested in you at all.

The main thing you need to remember if you wonder whether a guy likes you after the first date: it is impossible to hide the feelings. Pay attention to the signs of sympathy, try to be friendly and cute, take an interest in his life, but do not be too intrusive.

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Aug 21,  2020,  9:46 AM

Phew, I had a first date with a girl and I really could not understand her reaction after it. We didn’t have awkward pauses, she laughed at my jokes, we talked a lot... Everything seems to be fine.

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