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Winter getaways almost certainly have unmeasurable power to them. You fly away to a beautiful sunny country when your city gets cold, you get to see many amazing people and try unknown cuisine with your significant other. You have the luxury to get away from your usual routine, to flex with your tan among your co-workers or ski, seeing the most magnificent view of snow-capped mountains.

best places to travel in december

Reasons to travel with your beloved one in winter

Romantic winter getaways are always an amazing idea because it’s an unexpected (or very much expected) plus to your family climate (no pun intended). You never realize how much you needed a vacation until you get one. Plus, it makes your life even spicier, bringing adventure and novelty to your couple.

You spice up your everyday life

As we’ve said before, winter getaways for couples have some otherworldly power to them. When you are tired of routine, have no idea how to spend your night together, don’t know where to go on Saturday evening and overall quarrel too much, it’s a sign that you need a change of scenery. Together.

You accept challenges

Traveling is not always easy. You get to cooperate on so many things, starting from what things to pack in your travel bags to finding a good hotel or deciding where you want to eat. Some challenges are much more extreme. For example, when you find yourself in wild nature or dangerous surroundings – that is where your hunter mode turns on.

You learn to act like a team

Not only you feel like a survivor, but you also have to work together to stay sane and not disagree on most things. For example, when you want to meet woman now, but she’s at the local mall looking for treasures, and you wanted to save some time to go to a museum, but she hates them. When traveling, cooperating and listening to each other’s desires is key.

You have time only for two of you

And nobody could bother you. Not even her mom, not your friends or colleagues. At most times, the Internet isn’t free in the streets of a new country and your mobile phones are unavailable for most of those people. You start to live a new life without the overwhelming impact of technology, allowing yourself to be present at the moment.

Romantic winter getaways for sun lovers

Not many people understand why spending your vacation in the snow if you have enough of it every way. For changing things, it’s good to experience that jetlag from temperature rise and let your bae find a long-forgotten bikini in the drawer. Here is the list of best winter vacations for couples.

best winter vacations for couples

1. Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are one of the best places to visit in January. It’s a Spanish archipelago with amazing climate and very pretty cities. The temperature point is always pleasant when coming here in winter. It rises above 23 degrees Celsius and you’ll be even able to experience a little breeze every morning. It’s definitely not one of those places where it gets so hot, you actually get exhausted and want to go back to winter. You will spend amazing mornings swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and finish off the day with eating paella in the coziest cafes. The Canary Islands collected the best recipes from Spanish cuisine. It’s also the best place to taste seafood. So, maybe visit sites to find women and get a girl who’ll live with you in paradise?

2. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the best places to travel in December. It is a beautiful island located in the Indian Ocean. Among the best Christmas vacations, it is probably the best idea to take your better half to travel to Sri Lanka if you want to enjoy picturesque wild nature and live among the trees, consuming hot and spicy local food. Sri Lanka is known as a great tourist destination, so even if you are a beginner couple of travelers, this place won’t disappoint you. It has the best nature, you can stay at a hotel or book a house in nature, sharing a dwelling with geckos and lizards.

3. Palm Beaches, Florida

Now we want to represent romantic winter getaways: East Coast edition. Palm Beaches will be the best choice for couples’ winter getaway. Especially if you haven’t been to America yet. Just get the Visa and fulfill your dream to find yourself on the beach where hundreds of iconic directors were shooting their films. It’s warm to hot in Florida all year long. You can expect 20+ degrees Celsius in winter. And the water is warm already. East Coast provides great family vacation homes, so you can rent one and go to the beach every day, even in winter. And it’s a great starting point to continue exploring America.

4. Thailand, Phuket

Thailand is one of the best Christmas vacation ideas for couples who want to sunbathe and swim in the waterfalls. Phuket is a tourist destination where couples have an exclusive chance to taste food from all over the world and be energetic when going hiking or staying in the wild. You also have a chance to bathe in the waters of the Andaman sea. A lot of foreigners, having been to Thailand, remained there to live on a permanent basis, doing freelance work or working in local companies, where, like throughout Asia, it is prestigious to hire a European.

5. Maldives

The Maldives is a tropical paradise for romantic couples. Every woman dreams about a getaway with her perfect boyfriend/husband. It’s very difficult to simply describe what you have seen in words, and in the Maldives, the territory is so secluded that you don’t even want to talk about it, share photos or answer someone’s calls, you just want to lay on the beach, kiss by the ocean and drink refreshing cocktails. That's why rich businessmen and show business stars, tired of the hustle and bustle, are so attracted to this place. And they know a lot about paradise islands.

Winter vacation ideas for those who aren't afraid of the cold

Unfortunately, the hot summer vacation is just not for everyone. But maybe you are a couple who constantly experience high temperatures and just want to get the hell out of these places. Maybe you want to go to snowy resorts and ski for a change of scenery. Well, we got your back. If you want to spend Christmas in proper winter attire, here are the most desirable destinations for you:

1. Vale

The legendary Vale is perhaps the most popular American resort. It can rightfully be listed among the five best world ski centers. Vale has the largest ski area in the world, at least 5300 acres, with developed tourist infrastructure. Everything you can imagine is present here: art galleries, museums, ice rinks, hot air balloons and much more. Do you know what’s best after skiing? It’s drinking hot cocoa with your partner by the fireplace, wrapped in a cozy blanket together. Vale is an exclusive resort for romantic couples and young families.

romantic winter getaways northeast

2. Vermont

What are the most romantic winter getaways in the Northeast? Every US citizen will point at Vermont, which is translated as “green mountains” from French. A small but amazing Vermont amazes and captivates its guests. In winter, they enjoy the picturesque view of holiday villages drowning in snow, where you can practice romantic sledding, ice skating on a frozen pond. You can also go skiing or take a ride in the silence of trees, go mountain climbing take a Santa train ride, and sit in the cozy dining room by the crackling fireplace in the evening - is this not what city-weary citizens dream of?

3. Denmark

If you want to spend a winter vacation in Europe and really feel that wintery atmosphere, you should definitely go to Denmark. Scandinavian countries might surprise you with simplicity, yet solid character and amazing personal traits of each citizen. Denmark is also a cute place where you can observe amazing colorful houses (and even live in one), eat amazing fish and even collect some tulips (or visit parks with these beautiful flowers). Denmark amazes visitors with fresh year, fresh attitude and an amazing view.

4. Amsterdam

If you are more of an adventurous couple, then you know what’s cooking in Amsterdam. It’s a sweet place for all brownie lovers, mushroom pickers and other interesting tourists. Hey, who said that you can’t reunite with your inner world in this manner? By the way, legal sex tourism is thriving here. So if you want to share a spicy vacation and never share those details with your friends and relatives, just confirm that you love Europe and wanted to see the great architecture for yourself. And yes, it is great indeed.

5. Finland

Well, if you REALLY want to spice things up…or cool them down, you got to go to the infamous place of cold Vikings, a true winter wonderland. Scandinavian people will impress you with their steel-like character. We know you won’t go there to make friends specifically. It’s okay, they probably won’t want to make friends with any foreigner couple, too. But when it comes to the winter atmosphere, it’s amazing! If you want to live in a snow hotel, ski, taste national cuisine and find a cozy lumber home to celebrate Christmas in, now you’ve found your perfect destination!

Well, people always diving into three categories. Those who like to have summer during winter, those who like to feel wintery during winter. The third group just doesn’t have enough cash to travel. We hope you will always be capable of taking your better half to the wildest paradise in the world, and most importantly, to have a sweetheart to share those amazing moments with!

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