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There exists an extreme diversity of beautiful women on the Asian continent, and the plural nature of the women who live there requires an individual approach to each lady. However, you should know some universal truths about Asian women for dating. If we step aside from all prejudices and stereotypes, their culture is different from the European or American, and you will need to study it to meet single Asian women.

how to meet an Asian girl

Why Are Asian Women So Beautiful?

Asian women pay a lot of attention to their physical appearance and clothing because they have been born and raised in a society where appearance and image are essential. It is through the eyes of others that they position themselves on the social scale. The respect of the family depends on the appearance of its members as much as it depends on their education.

The white color of their skin, elegant clothes, and feminine power that Asians radiate have always been their distinct feature. Today Asian girls use many branded products and treat skincare as a cult. It is the manifestation of their social identity because they do everything to stay young and beautiful as long as possible. For this reason, they appreciate symbols of luxury, are fond of gifts, and often display their status ostentatiously, especially on social networks. The inner and outer beauty is their public testimony of the place they occupy and the cry for affection that people around have for them.

What Makes an Asian Bride a Perfect Girl in Comparison with Others?

There are character traits common to all Asian women. We can report an apparent calm that hides explosiveness in bed or during heated discussions. Asians can be mad at their spouses, but they never throw tantrums in public, which is typical for Western people.

Even if cultural differences complicate relationships, meeting and seducing an Asian woman is not such a daunting task since they are physically attracted to your exoticism as you are attracted to theirs! When you are involved in Asian ladies dating, you should just stay yourself, and it will be your most significant advantage in their eyes. Because these women enjoy exploring new horizons and are glad to fall for a foreigner, you will always be a hero in their eyes. This makes them pretty perfect wives for Western men.

Character & Personality Description

Talking about Asian women is still very broad since Asia is vast and has many countries: China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines. The list goes on, and each country's women have their beauty attributes and unique character traits. Depending on your tastes, you could be more sensitive to Japanese women's sweetness, to the sexy curves of Thai women or the unbelievable smile of Vietnamese women.

The important thing is to take the time to know a minimum of the culture of the Asian nationality of the girl you want to seduce. What you should not do in any of the Asian countries is to play seductive European style thinking of hooking up a girl the first night. These women are not so easy to win, so attempts to get close with them the first night are doomed to failure.

how to find an Asian woman to date

Cultural Myths and Facts About Asian Women

Most probable, when you imagine a typical "Asian woman," you perceive her as:

  • The one who submits to her husband;
  • A sophisticated and haughty luxury doll;
  • The advanced pawn of a large family that her western husband must rescue and assist;
  • A household keeper.

What is wrong with these misconceptions? Are Asians all really "docile and submissive beings" to their spouses? A little history of the Asia civilization. Whatever their nationality is, Asian women have lived for generations in a patriarchal universe where for almost four thousand years, to live, even survive, they had to learn to favor diplomacy and gentleness versus strength. But this does not mean that they want to behave like this at home with their loved ones. Of course, an Asian woman is wise and respects her husband, but she will not put up with violating her rights.

Western men often imagine young and smiling Filipino maids or the Shanghai graduates assigned as assistants to their husbands when they think of sexy Asian women. But the best way to meet an Asian woman is to let go of the misconception that they are gold diggers dressed in provocative outfits and ready to do everything to obtain your money. Asians are incredibly hard-working and persistent women. If their family were in a material crisis, they would try their best to solve the situation and not rely on a rich foreigner to help them.

The last is probably not a misconception. Yes, Asians are good at housekeeping because they are a neat and self-disciplined nation. It is rare for them to let the mess spread around the house; cleaning is the real art.

Why Do Asian Women Seek a Man from Abroad?

There are more women in the world than men in the first place. And let's not forget how many people live there in Asia. Of course, the demographic crisis is an evident and pragmatic reason why these women are forced to leave their country or meet foreigners through the Internet.

What is more, Asian ladies have been suffering from the patriarchial values for centuries. The internal organization of the family's hierarchy dictated women to obey the men. Ladies in Asia countries have limited rights and affection in the relationships with their men. So, they seek elegant and gentle partners from overseas.

What Qualities Do Asian Women Look for in Men?

The cultural differences are significant, and it is essential to know the basics of the culture to understand how to date an Asian woman. Most of the mixed couples where the woman is from Asia face a few crises. But they resolve them sharing the knowledge of cultures and with love for each other.

An Asian woman will appreciate it if you treat her with respect, especially she wants this from a Western man. Since they are used to the roughness of Asian men, you must be the gentleman they expect. If you wish to get practical tips on how to meet Asian singles, you should first understand what energy you translate via the Internet. If you register on dozens of dating sites but do not respect the Asians, no lady will ever look at you.

How Easy Is It to Get an Asian Woman?

Even if marriage still has a great social purpose in Asia, love marriages are progressing compared to marriages arranged or based on financial criteria. Asian women want to fall in love and be on equal terms with men. You should not think you can buy them, even with all your money.

Asians are quite conservative in terms of intimate life and sex side of dating. A few dates should pass until the woman will be ready for something more. Instead of wondering how to meet an Asian girl, you should study their culture and find out what to do to keep the girl next to you. While there may be many Asian dating sites and the abundance of Asian women around you, getting close to them is not hard, but winning their hearts is a task for the most persistent.

Best Places to Meet Asian Women

For those who prefer to go out to meet Asian women, the possibilities are numerous. Numerous Asian communities exist in most of the world’s countries.

There is an institute called AZNCO, which lists almost all the Asian evenings in Paris. You can also participate in special Thailand evenings in London, 100% Chinese evenings in Amsterdam, or check the Facebook page for more information about Asian events in Berlin.

If you ever wondered, "Where can I meet Asian singles?" you should also follow various events important for an Asian community. Thus, the Chinese New Year is often the occasion of beautiful celebrations. It will show your interest in this culture. Similarly, the cultural institutes and embassies of each nation organize parties linked to their calendars of celebration. Such celebrations guarantee evenings in a good company.

How to Impress Asian Women

One of the essential tips for dating an Asian woman is to be confident and take the initiative. Chinese women are known to be quite shy. Therefore, you will need to be patient and determined to succeed in seducing her. Pay particular attention to what she says. It can work in your favor.

Do some research. The Chinese concept of "beautiful" is, in many ways, different from that of the West. You should learn about fashion trends in China and the general preferences of Chinese women. This will allow you to have the right image in your head about yourself and the girl. You should know such criteria to avoid falling for a girl who is not considered beautiful in Asia. Or you will look like a fool.

meet single Asian women

Be attentive to her person. Find a trait in a woman that makes her unique, and that inspires your desire to seduce her. Moderate compliments will add you points. There is no need for loud statements; Asians do not appreciate empty words.

How to Build Relationships with an Asian Woman?

When you are in Asia, you will often hear that Asian women are looking for a wallet before looking for a man. If in Thailand, in some very touristy places, manners are rather liberated, and that sex and money are often linked, this is not the case elsewhere.

Asian women are independent, and in love, they will give everything to whoever they choose. So sharing the life of an Asian woman is a wonderful experience. How to build a harmonious relationship with an Asian? Take care of your look and language. Asian women see Europeans as the quintessential romantics. You should pay attention to what you say but can add a few words in your native language to impress the girl. Be honest about your intentions and respect hers. Show the interest in her culture and attention to the details. Asians will appreciate this. When it comes to intimate closeness, don't be too pushy or in a hurry. Take your time and build a trust relationship, even if you want to put the girl in your bed quickly.

Things to Avoid When Dating Asian Women

Avoid the following mistakes.

  • Wasting time talking about your achievement. Asian women care about your deeds, not words;
  • Using pick up lines. Because the majority of them will be not understandable for her;
  • Telling her that you find her funny, this is not a compliment for the Asian woman.

Dating Sites to Meet Asian Women Online

Some will favor a virtual approach, with Asian dating sites that have many advantages, others will choose the traditional approach techniques that still work! The main thing is to know where to look. Asian dating sites have several significant benefits, including the fact that they allow you to contact Asian women wherever you are. While preparing for a trip, this is an ideal way to have a few virtual meetings that will one day come into life. On the other hand, it must be remembered that Asians are, in general, reasonably reserved. It will be easier to chat on Asian dating sites, and you will get to know each other quicker. is the site that comes to mind the first if you ask, "How to find an Asian woman to date?" There are various effective solutions for meeting Asian women, but this dating site is one of the most effective and globally accessible. AsiaFriendFinder brings together users from all Asian countries as well. The site has a community of millions of users worldwide, and you will find women of all nationalities.

Asian women are quite discreet and seem complicated for the Westerns because of cultural differences. Very often, these ladies hide their wisdom and interests of a permanent relationship under the apparent mask of attention to you. They allow you to play with them and fall in love but remember that their intentions may be way deeper. Many describe this smiling and creamy pragmatism as "a hand of iron in a velvet glove."

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Nov 4,  2020,  4:18 PM

I have been to China several times and I can say that romantic relationships in this country are very specific. As surprising as it may be, the Chinese believe that if you have not found a loved one before the age of 30, then you are already too old for this. Accordingly, this is very difficult to find a romantic partner after 30 years old. There are even special "bride markets" where parents try to find a loved one for their single children. Moreover, their selection criteria are very strict. For example, in order for a Chinese girl to like a guy, he must be wealthy, earn a lot, and have his own apartment.



Nov 4,  2020,  4:18 PM

I met my Chinese girlfriend on a dating site. Correspondence is the most important stage in the relationship with these ladies. You don’t need to invite a Chinese girl to a cinema or restaurant right away! Be sure to start by chatting on WeChat or QQ. Talk about simple things – what she ate, how she is doing, how she feels, etc. You can try a joke if you have a good sense of humor. Correspondence can take a long time, do not be afraid of this, just write to the girl every day or every other day. If she constantly answers that she is busy and has no time to chat with you – stop communication and look for another lady.

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