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Dates aren’t supposed to be only romantic and comfortable. We all are different, so the way we perceive a perfect date is unique too. For some of us, good food and decent music guarantee an amazing night. Others can’t bother going outside, so the only good option for them would be Netflix’n’Chill. As for me, a perfect date is anything but a boring one. A night out has to be an adventure in itself.

That’s why if I have a choice, I always go for a risky date. It doesn’t mean that I jump off the cliff with my lady, feed crocodiles and eat poisonous fish. There are far more pleasant and SAFE, risky options – even if it sounds confusing to you.

adventurous date night ideas

Are Adventurous Dates Good Only for Risky People?

You might have a question, “Are adventurous dates only for adrenaline junkies?” Some of them – yes, certainly. But you don’t have to go that far to make your date interesting. An adventurous date is perfect for:

  • Couples who want to broaden their minds, perceiving something new, taking up new sports, engaging in something exotic and “never-done-before.”
  • Those who want to get away from their usual routine, get rid of mundane things and give themselves a nice shock therapy.
  • Couples who suffer from recent coldness in their relationships, as adventurous date ideas make you think harder about your recreation and spicing up things is good for a relationship.

So, if you think that adventures are not for you, I want to break your bubble and talk about dates, appropriate even for couch potatoes.

Cute Adventurous First Date Ideas

Everyone has different adventurous first date ideas. Since both of you are not very familiar with each other, your fun adventurous date ideas shouldn’t be too extreme. Besides, you still don’t know this person’s likes and dislikes, so it would be the best option to go for something neutral and pleasant for a first date. So if you are a newbie in online dating and have no idea what type of date you should have, stay tuned.

Amusement park

If you want to go for basic cute adventurous date ideas, this might be the one. You can’t go wrong with an amusement park. It’s fun, it has food, smiling people, and extreme attractions. Make sure your date doesn’t get nauseous or have trouble with their vestibular apparatus. Sure, you don’t need to be an astronaut to ride a rollercoaster, but some people are just not created for fast movements in a small carriage. If that idea doesn’t scare any of you, pick the most bizarre attraction, and be ready to hold hands because it is going to be spooky-good.


If you want to try adventure activities for couples, biking would be the best option. Rides let you create your own perfect pace, look at the cityscape together, run with the wind and, you know, immerse yourself into childhood. When both of you know how to ride a bike, there should be no problem. Rent two bikes and go to the mountains, or the countryside together. I guarantee you, this will be very spectacular!

adventure activities for couples


Dating a rich woman? Go kayaking (if you want to impress her, go to a tropical or Nordic country) and sign up for a kayaking session. Before doing this, you will be instructed and given your ammunition. Pick a kayak for two people and get going with your adventurous partner – it’s lots of fun! And make sure to apply generous coats of sunscreen if you do this on a sunny day.


One of the more adventurous things to do on a date is going hiking. It is a perfect thing to do in spring when everything is blossoming, and you have appropriate equipment. Take sleeping bags, or a tent, grab some food and be sure to get a paper map (who knows how soon your phone battery will be dead in the wilderness, especially if you like to take selfies?)

Riding in a skate park

If you want to try some cool adventurous date ideas, for this, you’ll need to acquire some skills. Skating is not easy, and it can be pretty dangerous, so you’ll have to find balance first. Once you’ve mastered baby steps, put on a helmet and some knee protectors, and flex on skate park visitors, demonstrating your athletic duo.

City quest

If a promenade is just too simple-paced for you, go for a city quest. Seriously, it’s one of the best adventure date ideas! You can do it in different ways: either with an app that creates a story and lets you find treasures throughout a city or sign up for a professional program that will let you feel on a mission. City quests are lots of fun. You won’t even notice miles you’ve jogged around the town!


This is a new and exotic way to spend time as a couple (or in a group of friends). Lazertag is a high-tech and safer way to play paintball. It’s a game where you shoot an opponent with a laser (it’s not painful). Opponent’s costumes have sensors that detect the shot. It’s very easy and fun!

Incredible Date Ideas for Adventurous Couples

Date ideas for adventurous couples can be different, but all of them are equally mesmerizing and engaging. Here are some of the best options, so you better write them down!

1. Haunted house tour

Yes, it might sound a little spooky. But if you want to make a date special, you can invite your lady to visit a historical house with alleged ghost siting. You can purchase or rent a ghost radar, a spirit box, and other fun stuff. Ghost hunting is, in fact, not very dangerous. It’s your imagination that makes this look like a horror movie.

2. Explore the rooftops

Rooftops are a great opportunity to watch city panorama and get inspired by the vivid colors of the cityscape. Make sure you find a safe rooftop, escort your lady to the top of the building. Grab some wine and snacks, get cozy and don’t forget the blanket!

3. Go safari

Safari is a great way to experience something “never-seen-before,” especially if you’ve never been to African countries. If you have an opportunity to travel to a hot country, safari would be a great way to reunite with your wild side, take photos of animals and overall have a great day.

4. Do something out of your bucket list

I’m sure we all have that one thing that’s been bugging us for years, yet we still don’t have enough courage to do it. Share a list of things you want to have done with your partner. That will establish a stronger mental connection. Try to help each other in doing those things. It might be a tattoo, blood donations or a crazy hairdo – go for it!

date ideas for adventurous couples

5. Go surfing

If you live by the ocean, surfing is a great way to tame your water fear. But do it carefully and with some guidance. Surfing is no joke. For this one, you’ll need good equipment, an instructor’s help, and some practice. It’s like the 80’s movies about the Malibu beach, and you’ll get to be the stars. Surfing may become your new hobby because it’s very challenging, and you always want to do better.

6. Go shark caging

Well, this hobby is more on a risky side. If you are currently traveling to a tropical country, sign up for shark caging with your partner. It’s like diving, but a safer version. You will be immersed in a depth of the ocean (well, not that deep) in a cage, and both of you will get to see marvelous (and dangerous sharks) in action. Don’t worry, they can’t bite through a cage. Usually.

7. Mountain climbing

Sing up for an expedition to a mountain top. Again, this hobby needs some skills. You’ll need food, equipment, some extent of physical preparation, and a good mood. It’s very romantic if you think about it – being in nature and helping each other out on a way to the top. This hobby can also be very metaphorical. If you can reach the top with your partner without fuss and complaints, you are a true team.

8. Go on a mud run

If you want to feel the atmosphere of cadet movies, go for a mud run with obstacles. It may seem ridiculous, but this hobby requires inner strength, willing to fight till the end, great communicating skills, and teamwork. Want to try REAL adventure ideas for couples? Sign up for a cadet training simulation. After this, you won’t complain about a hard workday, that’s for sure.

9. Try exotic tasting

Up for a little gastronomical adventure? Try exotic tasting. If you are not afraid to taste some weird-smelling fruits, pungent cheese and meat of an unknown animal, adventurous date night ideas should include this possibility. You will not only enhance your sensory palette, but you will also have a chance to set a sensual undertone of your meeting.

10. Go bungee jumping

This activity should be on the bucket list of every couple. If you like an adrenaline rush, sign up for such an adventure with your soulmate and dare to do one of the craziest things in your life.

To be honest, risky dates are not only for obsessed with drama people. You don’t have to be sporty for that, just embrace your inner adventurer and go for it. Be brave and try to get closer to your lady. I am sure she would like seeing such a courageous man by her side.

Comments (2)



Nov 4,  2020,  11:41 PM

hate to admit but i've never tried most of these ideas. i'd be so excited to do a haunted house tour but doing it with a gang of friends is one thing while experiencing every moment with someone you love is absolutely different. don’t know if i even have the guts to try bungee jumping let alone talk my girlfriend into it. the same goes for shark caging. i a;ways thought this thing is either kinda legal or straight up illegal. never seen nor heard about someone dong that in real life. what i'd skip is mountain climbing. it always seemed too monotonous to me. you risk your life to climb a rock - how exciting



Nov 4,  2020,  11:41 PM

Call me boring, but I’d prefer something from the ‘cute’ list over the ‘adventurous’ one. I think a date is more about romantic feelings and vibes than new emotions or adrenaline. Sure, if you’ve been together for a few years, been there, done that, you’re probably looking for something fresh, but most of the adventurous activities have little to do with dating. It’s more about finding a joint hobby to keep the relationship interesting. It’s a crucial part, but when it comes to romance, I’d go for something less scary and more intimate. A cozy dinner date is worth 10 crazy kayaking-rafting-jumping-climbing ones

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