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It’s a commonplace situation. You get acquainted with a girl, and you have interesting and pleasant communication. After a while, you start realizing that this girl is, perhaps, the one and only you have been looking for a long time. However, just when you have finally gathered your thoughts and pulled yourself together to tell about your feelings for the girl, you find out that she has a boyfriend and is in a committed relationship. The very first idea that comes to your mind, “She has a boyfriend, but I think she likes me” can be true, but it’s quite difficult to get a girlfriend who has a partner.

On the other hand, as you know, if there is a desire, then nothing is impossible especially if you meet ladies online. At first, you might be confused. There are disappointment and sadness. However, this is not a reason to despair. Your chances to succeed are quite high if you know how to get a girl to break up with her boyfriend.

how to get a girl to breakup with her boyfriend

When It's Appropriate to Seduce a Girl If She Has a Boyfriend

Many guys refuse the idea of conquering a girl as soon as they find out that she is already in a relationship. However, you haven’t yet found the reasons why she is next to this guy. Perhaps it is not about great love, but of banal boredom or a habit. Maybe she just doesn’t want to be alone, but she still hasn’t managed to find the love of her life on a single women website, and so she is trying out a relationship with that guy. Well, he may be not Prince Charming, but many girls believe that having an ordinary boyfriend is better than nothing. And she might think the same way.

Nonetheless, you can show her that the very prince is you, and she no longer needs to waste precious time on that guy as well as she shouldn’t be afraid to destroy the relationship. Of course, your friends can blame you for such an approach. However, firstly, you struggle for your happiness, and you are not obliged to think about another guy at all. Secondly, if there are truly sincere feelings and love between them, then no matter how hard you try, a girl who loves her boyfriend will not choose you. So, in what cases you can think about how to get a girlfriend who has a boyfriend?

It is obvious she is unhappy

If a girl shares her feelings and problems, be attentive. It may come in handy for you since a girl devotes attention and time to you, or even tells something about her relationship, confirming your guess that everything is not going that well in her relationship with a young man.

So, it’s appropriate to seduce a girl if her relationship with the boyfriend has long been on a breakup collapse. Partners constantly quarrel, are not able to share something, break out on any trifles, and can start a scandal out of the blue. Besides, it is not difficult to seduce a girl who is in an open relationship with her partner and who is not satisfied with such a state.

You 're sure her boyfriend disrespects her

Respect is one of the most important things in a healthy relationship. If one of the partners or both disrespect each other, then such a couple cannot exist for too long.

When partners respect and recognize each other's independent value, it is much easier for them to agree upon disputes and not to cross the line. Such people have learned to resolve conflict situations calmly, they avoid talking in loud voices and even more so insults and assault. Harmonious relationships exclude such scenarios. So, if you know that her boyfriend disrespects or even abuses her, then you can become her savior and rescue her.

Be Ready to Face These Problems When Seducing a Girl with a Boyfriend

It’s a rare thing when you get what you want that easy. Often, everything is accompanied by a million challenges to face. It is especially true if a girl loves her boyfriend and turns a blind eye to the fact that their feelings aren’t mutual. She will not notice the flaws of the partner and forgive him all misconduct, regardless of severity. In such a case, the whole process of winning girls with the boyfriend will take several months or years. If you love such a girl, you will have to be patient and be ready to face any outcome.

she has a boyfriend but i think she likes me

She may need time to overcome a breakup

Such couples whose relationship has started falling apart will break up sooner or later. Everything can be very complicated and not clear between them. And even if a girl doesn’t love her boyfriend anymore, she may still need time to emotionally recover after their breakup, especially if they had a long-term partnership. Anyway, you should understand that the girl was used to being with that guy, they had some pleasant rituals that she can miss now, etc. So, even if you know how to get with a girl that has a boyfriend, and you reach your goal, be sure that you can give her time to calm down and start everything from scratch with you.

You may provoke a fight and open conflict

Even if you are sure that their relationships are not perfect anymore, and it would be better for both of them to break up, you can still become a bone of contention and provoke an open conflict. By nature, men are huge keepers, and they don’t want to share their “toys” with other guys. So, there are big chances that their breakup will not be very peaceful, and her ex will not wish you good luck and happiness. You should be ready beforehand for the worse outcome, for example, that her ex will want to punch you or make a horrible scene.

You may not even get her

You can communicate with a girl for some time, she may seem one of the most wonderful people on Earth who is not indifferent to you as well. However, you can face a situation when a girl rejects you as soon as you tell her that you have feelings and want to get closer to her. The girl can make it clear at this very moment that she is happy in her relationship and loves her boyfriend. That she is not interested in you or anyone else. And it doesn’t matter how you act in such a case - nothing will work out. When a girl is in love, she knows and feels that there is no better man in the world than the one with whom she is now. She will not be interested in a love affair, so you will hardly seduce her.

3 Main Scenarios of Getting to a Girl in a Relationship

The bottom line is that you can get a girl with a boyfriend only if she does not love him. And sometimes it's quite difficult to understand whether they have strong mutual feelings or not. However, often, when people love each other, they glow with happiness. So, you can just watch a couple for a while. If you like a girl who sincerely loves her boyfriend, and she is happy in a relationship with him, then you're not getting any here. That is the reality. It’s better to forget her and try to live on. However, if there are signs a girl with a boyfriend likes you, and besides, they have serious problems and are going to break up, then you can implement the following scenarios.

1. Wait until they break up. The easiest thing you can do is to wait until they break up and you will be able to play the role of a shoulder to cry on or a safety ring. In such a period of life, usually girls are extremely sensitive, they want to get protection and care. So, you can take advantage of the situation and get what you want.

2. Tell her about your feelings. If you feel that a girl is not indifferent to you, then you can safely tell her about your feelings. If you are right, and your feelings are mutual, then you can simplify the situation and help the girl make the right decision. It’s naïve to believe that the girl understands everything herself, she can doubt everything as any other person.

3. Seduce her secretly. If you like to complicate your life, then you can try to play spy games and seduce her secretly. You should come up with an effective scenario, considering all the possible challenges that you may face in the process of achieving the goal. Besides, you shouldn’t forget about the backup plan as well, just in case.

How to Get a Girl with a Boyfriend

Not all couples are happy together. Not all couples love each other in their serious relationships, and it is possible to separate such people. If you made it clear to her that you like her, and you hope for reciprocity on her part, and she didn’t blow off you, then there are problems in the couple’s paradise. And you have very good chances to get her. After all, if she loved her boyfriend, she would reject you at the very moment you let her know what you want. And if she allowed you to continue communication the same way, then she also liked you. Especially if she makes it clear that she doesn’t mind you to start courting her.

1. Start with a mystery

You might know that all sorts of relationships can become boring over time. And a woman constantly needs to feel like the heroine of a novel – to be adored and be the center of passions, intrigues, and secrets. Her young man, most likely, does not give much attention to her already, otherwise, she would not have looked at you that way. However, even if you know how to get a girl that has a boyfriend, you can do something about that only if there are some signs on her part. So, don’t make your courtship another routine but “wrap” it in the mystery. Send flowers with notes through the courier, make appointments in secluded places and unpopular but cozy cafes. All this will remind her of the bright euphoria of the first days of love, which will distinguish you from her boyfriend.

2. Game of contrasts

You must be impeccable, amazing and always in a good mood. You should understand that she sees her boyfriend very often unshaven, in a bad mood and wearing a stretched T-shirt. Against this background, you should be fashionably dressed, shaved and fresh, with whom she does not need to solve any problems but just have a great time together.

signs a girl with a boyfriend likes you

Do not overdo it with the frequency of meetings, let your every meeting be like a holiday for her among empty moments. If she complains about her boyfriend or praises him, you should listen without interrupting, and choose another topic for talking without any comments on her man.

3. Substitution of consciousness

Taking advantage of the proximity and communication with the girl, you must find out the leverage of her boyfriend, for example, how he conquered her, their favorite places for meetings and so on. You shouldn’t do the same in any case. You shouldn’t remind her of the happy moments experienced with him, you should give her new memories. Gently point out the shortcomings of "his" places and entertainment and offer your own. Substituting her perceptions and memories, you will leap forward because now, having become a little disappointed in him, she is holding on to the anchor of their happy past, so start to slowly cut this rope. Besides, carefully analyze their lifestyle. Does it consist of breakfast-work-dinner-TV-show-sleep? Tell her, and most importantly, show that she will not have such a routine with you, turn an ordinary walk into an adventure, surprise her with unusual routes and places more often. Believe me, even a low-cost journey to another nearby city and a new cafe there will give more pleasant emotions than the 20th visit to the favorite place.

4. Intimacy

Everything is simple here. You should have a great body, be fit and go in for sports. Family or joint-life can great relax and tire, in 80 out of 100 cases, her boyfriend does not have time for sports, or he has just calmed down and relaxed too much. How to get a girl with a boyfriend? Watch your appearance, have an attractive torso and arms, and practice long marathon sex. Most likely, they practice standard five-minute sex sessions, and you should be his exact opposite. Hurricane sex will tie her to you, so it will be much easier to achieve the final result. Besides, sports activities greatly increase self-esteem, and it will be useful for you. Continuously demonstrating superiority over her boyfriend will be your usual state in the process of conquering this girl.

5. Become her best friend

You can wait a bit, but don’t overdo because there are high chances to get into a friend zone. She must perceive you as an attractive man. Otherwise, when a girl breaks up with her current boyfriend, she won’t even look in your direction. You will be just a shoulder to cry on, a friend and helper but not an alpha male. Therefore, play the desired role. For example, you go to the same gym and meet there. Talk to her only in this place. Let her see that you are a social young man, you have many friends there, you communicate with other girls, etc. She should not know that you are madly in love with her, but she must see that it is pleasant and interesting for you to communicate with her. Perhaps in the future, communication will go beyond the gym.

6. Breakup

When you feel that the girl is almost ready to break up with her boyfriend, but she hesitates and chooses time for a final conversation with the guy, it is important not to cross the line and do everything quickly, gently, and on time. You should not give her ultimatums like, “I’m so tired of waiting, you should finally choose with whom you wanna be.”

You should understand that it’s already difficult for her, and any pressure on your part will make it easier for her to reconcile and begin a new round with her boyfriend. Support her during their quarrels, do not rush anywhere, emphasize that you will wait for the full outcome of the conflict. At this stage, there are high chances of ripping the masks off and meeting with her ex without a peaceful outcome.

Before you start trying to get a girl who is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, think about whether it’s worth complicating your life. Is she so good? Is your desire connected with the plain rivalry or envy? There are so many young, beautiful, and free girls around you. So, you can meet someone special among them, and you will not even have to win her. You have something to think about.

Is it wrong to seduce a girl who already has a boyfriend?
Every situation is different. Look at her and analyze her behavior. Is she happy? Does she talk much and positively about her relationships? Are they engaged or have common plans for the future? If ‘YES’, then it's definitely unforgivable to ruin this union.
Should I wait before they break up or do everything by myself?
Investigate the environment. Sometimes it's impossible to secretly persuade a girl to leave her boyfriend. Try not to be straightforward, but demonstrate your best traits instead. Show her you are better than her boyfriend to make the process quicker.

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