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Most of us are really busy and overscheduled - every day and day by day. That takes a toll on your sex life if you are tired and emotionally drained after routine! And even if you realize that sex is a skill and it doesn’t come naturally, as breathing comes, you may feel a bit frustrated about your sexuality. Moreover, you could need some help with your sexual empowerment!

It may be tough to ask for help with depression or anxiety, but what to do when you need help with sex?

The answer is - see a sex coach!

What is a sex coach?

Sex (and dating) coaches help a wide range of individuals. Since most people grew up with a lack of proper sex education and sex-positive instruction, they might need to visit a sex coach.

A sex coach helps you with your sexual life and confidence, so you could heal your sexuality and become more empowered.

Problems sex coach can help you with

  • - Bringing the spark and intimacy into a relationship.
  • - Overcoming a mismatched sex drive.
  • - Teach about pleasure and how to have better sex.
  • - Instruct how to explore sexual boundaries and become more sexually adventurous.
  • - Give a sex-positive instruction for sexual expression without shame, blame, or guilt.
  • - Teach how to experiment with different types of sexual play, fantasies, and role-playing.
  • - Help cultivate passions and desires for better intimacy.
  • - Teach about sexual anatomy (like G-spot in women and P-spot in men).
  • - Teach dating skills and finding their soulmate for a long-lasting love relationship.
  • - Help to heal sexual issues for experiencing more sex confidence.
  • - Teach some foreplay techniques, erotic massage, and more!

Top Reasons Why You Should See A Sex Coach

Most people need help with their sexuality and sexual empowerment at some point in their life. And they tend to search for solutions like sex courses or dating coaches. Still, a sex coach may be the best solution, dealing with sex problems head-on - without any judgments, blame, or shame.

Here are the TOP 3 reasons why you need to talk to a sex coach:

Reason #1. You don’t ‘understand’ sex, meaning you don’t enjoy a happy, satisfying, joyful, fulfilling sex and love life.

Many people literally see it in all the movies, and it seems juicy, ignited, and fantastic. Unlike their real-life, unfortunately.

Reason #2. You have no ideas how to sparkle your sex life.

Remember, you got giddy like a teenager in the very beginning? But you don’t feel those sparkles used to fly anymore. Sex became your routine, and you’ve got zero ideas how to get back the feeling of being sexually empowered.

Reason #3. You spend more time with your phone instead of on your sex life.

Did you know that spending two hours and 20 minutes a day with your phone (which may even seem fine) leads to wasting 35 days per year, according to The Guardian!

And you take away this time from spending it in the bedroom.

According to the study conducted by Durham University in the UK, “surveyed 30 couples about the effects that mobile phone use had on their sex lives, and the results aren't particularly good news for people who like to have a device by their side at all times.

40% of respondents confessed to delaying sex to use their smartphones or tablets, while some revealed that they "raced through sex" in order to check their social media or respond to messages.

Alarmingly, one-third of participants also admitted to interrupting the act to answer incoming calls – clearly not the kind of thing your partner is going to appreciate.”

Still, it’s ok to spend some time with your gadgets if it helps to deal with your sex problems. For instance, seeing a sex coach online is totally a great idea!

We encourage you to book a session with our sex coach, and you’ll be able to get the answers to all your sex and relationship-related questions. Taking a holistic approach to sexuality, our intimacy coach, Aletta Black, works with proven methods in her coaching practice, helping you start to enjoy your sexually empowered life:

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