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Long-term relationships are challenging, they require a lot of patience, lots of effort, and even more love to keep them going. Whether you do believe in the idea of eternal love or not, you have to constantly keep moving forward, keep pushing your partner to become better, and never forget about your personal interests while trying to maintain a sense of love and attachment in a relationship. But is there more to it? Today we will list some of the most important long-term relationship tips, but first, let’s talk about the challenges of long-term relationships.

how to make a woman happy

Why long-term relationships are so challenging

Here are the most common issues that may occur in a long-term relationship that will ultimately make it challenging and even unbearable.

Taking your partner for granted, underestimating their role in your life

As relationships become mature, people often begin to think that the familiar benefits of life will remain with them forever. In a sense, this is normal and appropriate, it even helps to build relationships. However, from time to time it is worth considering what your life would be like without your partner. How would this affect your daily existence, general well-being, your thoughts and happiness in the future? As soon as you try to imagine yourself without your man or your woman, this may push you to show a little more attention, interest, and concern for him or her, even for a moment. It is very simple to dismiss those who are closest to you because they “will not go anywhere”. But in this case, your partner can easily start looking for someone else who will give them more attention than you. If you feel like you’ve been taken for granted for all of these years and you want to move on, you can go out and meet a woman now by using online dating sites.

Doubting the strength of your relationship

Ignoring your partner is the wrong way, but it’s also not productive to constantly worry whether you are loved or not. Constantly anxious people often become so intrusive and dependent that it can alienate their partner, who finds it difficult to endure the excessive need for feelings of their partner. Once you have reached a conscious willingness to devote yourself to each other, you don’t need to constantly ask your loved one whether your relationship is really important to them or not. Even if you have not reached the stage of mutual obligations, you must learn to recognize by their behavior whether you matter to them or not. But what if you feel like your relationship is doomed to failure? Well, it’s not all over, life goes on, you can meet a single girl online any time.

Allowing violation of your family boundaries or inadvertently letting other people into your personal world

Any close relationship always has its own secrets. If you let other people into your personal world, even if it seems completely harmless, it can destroy the feeling of trust of your partner in you and your relationship. If your partner finds out about this, they may have a feeling of betrayal or even humiliation. For example, let's say that you told your relative that your partner does not like their boss. 

how to keep a long relationship

Although it is unlikely, there is always an insignificant possibility that your relative and the boss of your partner may meet somewhere. And suddenly your relative forgot that they weren’t supposed to know about that, and they mention this issue in a conversation with a boss? And in the worst case, suddenly, this secret then pops up on Facebook on the page of someone who likes to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

It will immediately become clear that you were the source of this information. Your partner may not know that you told that to your relative in secret, but the fact that you did this will still put your relationship on unstable ground. Over time this can develop into a feeling of guilt and anxiety, which will bring you a lot of problems.

Complaining about the partner to everyone except the partner themselves

We all know for sure what could be redone in our long-term relationships. However, instead of discussing this with your partner, you share your concerns with anyone who listens to you. Unless you allow the disclosure of your personal relationships, such tendencies in themselves can lead to opposite results. Most likely, if you don’t tell your partner directly about what is bothering you, they may not realize that you would like to change something in their behavior. Even more likely is that by constantly focusing on what is bothering you, you may begin to notice less and less good in the behavior of your partner. Negative thoughts about their minor annoying actions may intensify over time, and soon you will cease to appreciate the positive and disposable qualities of your companion.

Despite all difficulties: benefits of long-term relationships

Now that we know the main reasons why relationships can end up challenging, let’s list the benefits of long-term relationships.

This is a supplement, not a replacement for your lifestyle

Many people fear a serious, long-term relationship simply because they are convinced that it threatens their freedom and independence. They are afraid that by agreeing to a serious relationship, they will be forced to sacrifice their usual way of life. Well, that’s not true! Long-term relationships are an addition to lifestyle, not a replacement. You do not need to radically change your lifestyle. The benefit that you receive as a result of such a relationship will far exceed the price that you will have to pay.

You have achieved one of the most significant goals in your life

If you are in a serious relationship, then you have already achieved a lot in your life, you’ve met a lot of important people in your life, mainly, a person who fully understands, respects, and loves you as you are. Be sure to think about this - one of your most significant goals has already been achieved, so you can relax a bit, enjoy the fullness of life and direct your energy to overcome other challenges that may await you ahead.

Long-term relationships are better in all aspects

Compared to one-night relationships or platonic relationships, long-term relationships filled with love are better in all aspects. Partners who have been together for a long time have a better sex life, their conversations with each other are more soulful, and their feelings are stronger. Between these people, a more lasting and sincere connection is established. Do you need anything else? If so, here are some more benefits of long-term relationships.

Higher self-esteem

When we are loved and we give our love in return, real miracles can happen to our self-esteem. People in long-term relationships often have higher self-esteem and are more optimistic about life. In addition, relationships can cause a person to develop as a person and provide support for advancement in many other areas of life.

Life expectancy is increasing

This fact has been known for many decades, but just in case, we will repeat it again - people who have a partner in life live longer than singles. If this cannot convince you of the importance of a serious relationship, then probably nothing will...

What do women look for in relationships

keeping a relationship strong

Now that you know the challenges and benefits of a long-term relationship, it is not all over, you have to know the things that women need in a relationship, pay close attention if you are interested in making a woman happy.


What makes a woman happy in a relationship? Women, even considering all the modern feminist movements and rapid changes in society, are fragile by nature, they seek protection, they want to be loved and admired. They don’t have to meddle with whether or not a family is secure, this is your job!


You can protect a woman by locking her in a cage, but you cannot fake respect. Respect is not something you can just give away to strangers, it is something that will form by itself, over time, and this is what women want, they want to be respected, treated as equals to their strong male partners.

Romance and tenderness

How to keep a woman happy in a relationship? Women are emotional beings, and a strong emotional connection is above everything else in a relationship. Romance and tender feelings are two things that can be lost somewhere down the road that is a long-term relationship. You can get trapped in the routine of work and doing household chores, and end up causing a lot of pain to yourself and your partner. Thus, you have to diversify your relationships with romantic activities of all sorts.


How to keep a long relationship? Fun may seem like a very childish thing to expect from a serious mature relationship, but this way of thinking is very flawed. Fun is what ultimately makes a relationship happy, in a way. The worst thing you can do in a relationship is to stay silent and not do anything that you or your partner likes, lock yourself in the prison of boring work, lack of emotions, and lack of fun.

Playing a role in the life of their men

How to keep a long term relationship? A relationship is basically a mutually profitable exchange of emotions, passions, and love. You should both benefit from it, no matter what, otherwise – nothing serious will come out of such a relationship. It may last for a long time, but it will bring neither you nor your partner any joy.

When a woman starts to lose interest in her partner?

There are some cases when women are the ones to get annoyed and neglect their partner. Although men are believed to take all difficulties with a grain of salt, and women are thought to be overly-attached, tables might turn unexpectedly. So when is the moment your girl can drop you?

Your connection becomes stale

You interact every day, but the connection is not meaningful anymore. You talk each day after work, but the conversation gets into the stalemate mode, turning into whining and crying. A bad life can ruin any relationship, but how bad is it really? Do you have a feeling that the closeness of two people makes them too comfortable with each other, being each other’s therapists? This level of comfort is endearing but very dangerous. Once you become friends, there are two vectors of development: you either turn into soulmates or bring problems into each other’s lives with constant whining while losing all the romance. To avoid it, doze your negativity. Although it is bad to be silent about problems, monitor your conversations to make sure they don’t go stale. 

Your relationships started too quickly

Sometimes stars collide, and you start a romantic relationship immediately after meeting each other; you know how it happens, and there is nothing you can do about it. But after a victorious and promising start, the spark can fade away as quickly as it appeared. Professional psychologists believe that this is due to a rapid onset, which speeds up the entire natural relationship flow. People simply do not have time to get to know each other before starting a serious relationship, so after a while, it turns out that these two have nothing in common, and the relationship ends. And yes, it can resonate even after three years of marriage.

She found someone more stable

It is worth noting that the world is equally cruel, and often couples break up only because a more interesting and more promising man appears in a woman’s life with a bunch of roses. Usually, when a woman realizes that she has a better option, her current relationship ceases to hold any value to her since she is confident that another man will make her much happier. 

She had her motives 

Some people are too desperate for a relationship, as they cannot be happy on their own and are continually looking for someone who can hide their loneliness. These individuals do not want a serious relationship; they just look for a partner who can brighten up their day, so there is no problem to move on to the next relationship, even if it was long-term. Usually, women that don’t get attached change men like clothes and are ready to leave a relationship if their partner starts to disappoint or bore them.

She is not happy anymore

When a woman was initially satisfied with everything in a relationship, and then things changed, it means that connections between you got out of hand. When a woman begins to think that her relationship does not go anywhere and does not get compliments from her man, she suddenly becomes bored.  If you do not buy her beautiful gifts and forget to meet her from work, then what is her motivation to stay in relationships that don’t serve her? Also, when quarrels and family banter begin to be more realistic and less funny, they can catalyze female discontent and a deterioration in relations. 

You are not the romantic type

If you are a good guy who solely gives her stability, she might appreciate you for that but secretly desire a man in a distressed leather jacket who will take her to the rooftop. Is it a good choice? Absolutely not! And not a logic one either. But similarly to men who like to have fun with sex workers, women need different emotional stimulation. So if you forget the compliemnts, your connection might go south without a thrill.

How to make a woman happy in relationships: everyday tips for men

Happiness in life depends not only on the existence of romantic relationships. But it will become significantly happier if you have a healthy relationship that is filled with love. If it seems to you that your love affair is no longer satisfying, you may need to change very little to get the relationship back on track.

1. You must listen to your woman!

What makes a woman happy? To be an attentive, grateful listener, that doesn’t just roll his eyes every time she opens her mouth is very important in a relationship. In the end, maybe she’s in a bad mood now, and all because she is unhappy with something, is afraid of something, is worried, afraid, feels uncomfortable, or etc. By allowing a woman to talk about her problems, you thereby provide very important, practically irreplaceable, invaluable help - by talking about what is bothering her, she restores peace of mind and then you will be comfortable in her company. Therefore, do not take her words too personally, first listen and only then ask how you can help her. Sometimes one such question is enough for a woman’s heart to melt.

2. A woman needs to hear words of love, and not once, but every day - but only if you really love her!

How to make women happy? If you love her – tell her about your feelings. Otherwise, this is by no means necessary! It’s great if you have your own personal jargon-vocabulary, words from which you will use to address your partner. Over time, these "code" words (just make sure that they are positively perceived by your partner), used only by two of you, will become anchors, making you closer. Love and jealousy are not the same. Jealousy is a sign of self-doubt, a woman should not suffer because of your anxiety. Otherwise, your relationship may come to an end.

making a woman happy

3. If you want a break from a relationship, discuss it with her

When "disconnecting" you must definitely say for how long you need to leave and that you love her! If she wants to distance herself for a bit, then you need to give her the opportunity to be alone, gather her thoughts, find herself in this world. In the end, everything is known in comparison and it is very likely that you really are the best for her and such a pause will only be beneficial to your relationship! Be confident in yourself!

4. A woman needs confidence in the future - this includes joint plans, care for her and children, confidence in the financial well-being of a family

How to make women happy? You have to be financially sustainable. It is not necessary at all for you to become a billionaire - but a woman should know that if she has financial problems, you will come to her rescue.

5. A woman needs to be allowed to be independent

How to make a woman happy? She has the right to choose how to solve her problems and whether they are considered problems at all. A woman must definitely strengthen her sense of self-confidence. Otherwise, you will never know why she is with you in the first place - because she is dependent on you, or because she really loves you!

6. A woman needs to be allowed to be weak!

No matter how strong a woman may seem in public, at home, she, most often, wants to be just a woman, lean on a man’s shoulder, feel the tenderness of his care, hear gentle words of love, and relax. She, of course, can do without it, but will she be happy without all of these things, that is the question. As the saying goes, a woman can be strong without a man, she can be fine, but a man is strong because he loves her not because of her strength, but because she is a woman — sometimes vulnerable, sometimes illogical, sometimes not in the mood, etc., in a word, allowing herself to be weak in his company, without being criticized for her weaknesses. If a woman can be weak with you, then she trusts you!

7. A woman must be confident in her external attractiveness!

How to keep relationships strong? It doesn’t matter how she looks, as they say, ugly women do not exist. She needs confidence that her appearance is exactly your idea of beauty (especially if it is the case). And the fact that your attitude and respect for her beauty will not change, regardless of whether she will lose weight, get tanned, cut her hair, etc. It is believed that jokes about manhood are always inappropriate. If this principle is attributed to the female appearance, then jokes that undermine her confidence in her irresistibility and attractiveness are always inappropriate as well.

Many psychological and other factors affect the creation of long-term relationships and keeping a relationship strong. By remembering the things listed above, it will be easier for you to keep your relationship healthy and strong in the long run.

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Dec 4,  2020,  9:50 AM

A long-term relationship is a blessing but sometimes it’s hard to keep your woman happy and satisfied if routine prevails in your life. They say that happy wife means happy life, and that is completely true! I would give away a lot of things just to keep my woman happy and satisfied!

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