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Women always take care of their appearance to be attractive to the opposite sex. Being in a romantic relationship, a girl wants to be the most beautiful and charming in the eyes of her beloved man. Therefore, the weight of a lady is a very sensitive matter. You can be the happiest couple and talk about everything openly, but the idyll will continue only until you start the subject of excess weight. But what to do? How to tell a girl delicately that she has gained much weight? Let’s go into the matter!

my girlfriend is gaining weight

Why Do Girls Begin to Gain Weight in a Relationship?

British scientists have proven that a woman’s weight is affected by her relationship with a man. In the case of a long-term relationship, almost 70% of ladies begin to gain extra pounds.

After studying the weight fluctuations of almost three thousand European women, specialists from the British University of Health became convinced that the representatives of the fair sex loss an average of 2.5 kilograms of weight in the early stages of a relationship. The same regards girls looking for dates. It happens due to the subconscious desire of a woman to please her man, as well as to feel more comfortable. New emotions affect not only appetite but also the general condition of the female body, emotions, and metabolism.

After about two months of a relationship, a girl’s emotional condition stabilizes. Thus, the weight first returns to the initial, and then, begins to gradually increase. After about a year of relationships, more than 70% of girls gain an average of 4.5 kilograms of weight. At the same time, 41% of women believe that this happened due to regular joint dinners in public catering establishments. 34% said they were getting fat because of frequent dial-meals or takeouts. But the main reason – it was indicated by 64% of the respondents – is that women simply cease keeping their weight trim because they no longer feel the need to take care of themselves and look good to impress a partner, as a loved one already loves them and no longer thinks where to meet a woman.

During the preparation of a wedding, the weaker sex begins to lose weight again. A nutritionist Elizabeth Evellino confirms, “Before the festive occasion, women lose about 5 kilograms of weight, but after the first pregnancy, girlfriends are getting fat again.” In this regard, scientists conclude that the emotions and feelings gained from relationships with men significantly affect the weight of women. And at the same time, experts warn ladies against strong weight swings, as they undermine the health and psychological harmony of a lady.

What to Do When a Girl Starts Gaining Weight?

Do you often catch yourself thinking, “Oh my God, my girlfriend is gaining weight! What should I do to fix the problem without spoiling relationships?” Keep your hair on! There are some good tips on what to do when a girl starts gaining weight.

how to tell your girlfriend she's fat

Buy her undersize clothes

When your girlfriend will try to put on a thing and start reprimanding you for the fact that the size is small and you bought it beforehand without even consulting, you can say, “But, I thought, you have the same size as it was before.” Such a trick will allow the girl to realize the bitter truth, and at the same time, you will not offend her. After all, you've made her a present, and you aren’t to blame for the fact that it does not fit her. In the end, it looks as if you did not notice that your girlfriend gets fat. This is one of the best ways on how to tell your girlfriend to lose weight.

Start with yourself

You can start doing sports activities yourself, explaining that you are unsatisfied with your physical condition (for example, you have a beer belly or something else). In this case, you should count on the so-called inverse psychological effect, which works out in almost 100% of cases. The girl will inevitably think about her own physical fitness. Consequently, she will take positively your subsequent offer to exercise together.

Do yoga

Do yoga and ask a beloved girl to join you. But at the same time, don’t say that she needs these exercises to lose weight. If you say it directly to your overweight girlfriend, she may take offense and refuse your offer. On top of everything else, yogic exercises contribute to the normalization of weight, and your girlfriend may not even know that yoga reduces weight. The only thing you should pay attention to is the choice of a suitable form of yoga, which allows burning the most calories.

Consider healthy eating

If you and your girlfriend love spending time in cafes with fast food, then it will be beneficial for both of you to develop some healthy eating habits. Of course, it will not be easy. But in order for this method to work well, tell your girlfriend that you need to achieve some goals together as a couple, and a healthy diet is a good option, to begin with.

Reward your girl for her efforts

This is the last but not least tip on how to get your girlfriend to lose weight. Praise your beloved, pay her more attention, and show in every possible way that you like her more and more. However, do not say directly, “I like you more because you have lost some weight,” but, for example, buy your beloved some new clothes, jewelry, perfumes and constantly remind her how beautiful she is.

Do Girls Offend Words About Their Weight?

Nowadays, the image of a slim pretty girl is a kind of social product. Wherever a woman goes, she sees images of model-thin goddesses and gets various offers to purchase either a body mask with a slimming effect, gym membership, or a spa program with a fat-burning massage. All these things as if hint at what ideals a woman should strive for. Modern ladies understand such public expectations and frameworks perfectly well, and therefore, they constantly compare their appearance with these social "standards." The very idea of own attractiveness and self-worth is very important for female self-esteem. Because of this, some girls are overly concerned about their curves and the search for various flaws in themselves. And it is very difficult to get rid of such prejudices.

Therefore, representatives of the fair sex perceive statements about their weight very critically. At the same time, it does not matter whether a man speaks of extra pounds or underweight – a girl may be offended in any case. After all, every woman wants to be the best and most beautiful for a beloved man. There is only a tiny percentage of guys who can say, “My girlfriend is getting fat and I love it.” So, the only way to tell a girl about her weight is to do it very, very delicately. So, let’s proceed to the question of how to tell your girlfriend she's fat.

How to Tell a Girl About the Fact That She Is Overweight

Dear men, if you suddenly notice that your girlfriend is gaining weight, then you are probably wondering how to give her a hint that it would be nice to lose weight. To the horror of most men, the female psyche is so constructed that any direct proposal of such kind will be shot down in flames and, in a best-case scenario, a man will get off with a “light scandal.” But now, you are going to learn the top 5 tips on how to tell a girl she's fat without hurting her feelings.

my girlfriend is gaining weight

Start seemingly casual conversation about her health

Before offering various options on how to get your wife to lose weight, you need to know one important thing, without which you won’t succeed. In the process of talking with your beloved one, you should sincerely take care of her health. All your words should come from a pure heart, and a woman should not feel the slightest falsehood in your voice. First, try to start a casual conversation about her health. Nobody wants to listen to a lecture on weight loss, so let this conversation happen at the right time and place when you will be alone with your girlfriend.

Discuss ways to improve her overall condition, including weight issues

If you see that a girl reacts positively to the topic itself, proceed to a more serious stage. But stay away from talking about how your beloved looks and don't even think to say that for you, she will still be the most beautiful even with excess pounds. This is a complete failure. You should concentrate solely on the health of your beloved. Discuss ways to improve her overall condition and make mention of weight improvement. But note that you should say neither “losing weight” nor “overweight,” but namely “weight improvement.” Also, you can use "we" instead of "you," for example, "We need to concern weight improvement."

Show sincere concern and suggest solutions

Once you understand that a girl is ready to take some actions to reduce weight, you can offer her various ways on how to deal with the problem – workouts, diets, and much more. The most important thing is to show sincere concern and actively participate in the planning of work-out schedules, dietary plans, etc. It will demonstrate your care, and also, will be a good incentive for your lady to work on herself.

Keep to a diet together

The best motivation for your soul mate to get into shape is your support and participation in weight loss activities with her. Therefore, keep to a diet together. Convince your beloved that you will also benefit from the same diet. Moreover, in no case tease your girlfriend, stuffing yourself with some tasty high-calorie dish in front of her.

Engage in sports activities with her

Go to the gym with your girlfriend, encourage her to take active physical activities, and do some exercises yourself. Everything should look like you are overcoming difficulties on the way to a healthy lifestyle together. Moreover, at the University of Santa Clara, they believe that taking exercises together gives sustained energy and makes you both happier.

Final Thoughts

If you really care about the health of your beloved woman and sincerely want to help her in losing extra pounds, follow the above-mentioned tips. Thus, you will see what miracles can happen to your girlfriend, and besides, without any problems in the relationship. Please note that these tips aren’t medical advice. In the case of serious health problems related to excessive weight, it’s better to seek medical attention. Take care of your health!

Comments (2)

Mad Max

Mad Max

Nov 4,  2020,  9:05 PM

Picture yourself defusing a bomb where each wire leads to explosion. The same goes for hard talks with girls. The only purpose of these tips is to smooth things out as much as possible, but you won’t change the inevitable – the girl will take offence. There’s no way to tell your girlfriend she gained a few pounds and not see her upset about it. This is mostly because she already knows she gained, but she’s not dedicated enough to get rid of the extra and this makes her mad. Your only option is to start working out yourself and hope she’ll catch up. This will be easier for her than doing everything on her own.



Nov 4,  2020,  9:05 PM

I take it that the most effective way is to share the diet and workouts with your girlfriend. But what if I’m already on a diet and spend 10 hours a week at the gym? I really want my GF to get back in shape but my sincere concern doesn’t do a damn thing. She keeps telling me how comfy she feels in her body right now and how happy I should be for her. I’d be totally fine now if we’d met when she was in her current shape, but man, she gained 20 pounds in less than a year! She doesn’t even look the way she did last year anymore. My point is, it would be great if the article provided some real psychological tricks in addition to standard approaches

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