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Relationships can be tender, beautiful, and strong. But this doesn’t mean that they are serious. Even adult couples can be very harmonious, but, at the same time, there is no long-term life together in their plans for the future. In a serious relationship, both partners are planning a long-term perspective. The promises and obligations of both parties don’t change. Both a man and a woman willingly invest all resources in a serious relationship and are not afraid that it will be in vain. So, how do you know if your partner is serious about you?

signs a relationship is getting serious

Is Dating Already a Serious Relationship?

You find woman online, but starting a relationship always involves certain risks, and sometimes you wonder if she likes me because everything is so uncertain. No one will tell you reliably what your next relationships will be and, in general, what serious relationship meaning is. Many people are in no hurry to confess love at first but spend a lot of time with each other. A feeling of love inspires. But how to understand that the pleasant state of “butterflies in the stomach” will turn into the equally beautiful “together forever”? There are 3 stages of serious dating, and only the last one can be called serious.

Infatuation. At this stage of the relationship, partners move to a higher level of sensuality. When it comes to understanding that a close person is already needed not only for support and help, a feeling of infatuation for this person arises. At the heart of these passionate sensations are feelings of tremendous delight and charm, any positive features, and extraordinary talents that belong to a person who comes to our liking. These are the first signs you’re in a relationship.

Falling in love. If the infatuation doesn’t pass, then the current sensation is replaced by falling in love. This is when people’s imagination represents a higher level of good qualities of the chosen partner, with whom a sense of infatuation was associated. In other words, the feeling of falling in love is equating to the ideal of your chosen one. And usually, they fall in love not with a person but with their mentally created ideal image. This is more than just infatuation. So, here relationships can already be called serious.

Love. When does a relationship become serious? In happens at this stage. There comes a deeper and all-consuming feeling of love. How many beautiful and sublime words were written by poets about love? Millions! It expresses an enthusiastic and disinterested desire and also feelings to a loved one. This is the peak of sensuality in the relationship between a man and a woman. During this period, most couples marry.

serious relationship meaning

Signs a Relationship Is Getting Serious

Any relationship is a complex, uneven, and poorly categorized process. Joy and happiness are followed by moments of doubt and concern, clarity is replaced by unnecessary thoughts. So, how to understand that you are in a serious relationship?

1. You don’t spare time

This is one of the first signs a relationship is getting serious. Time is something that any serious person values above all. It flows through your fingers every minute, and it is no longer possible to return it. You spend a lot of time together, and the partner doesn’t say phrases such as, “I am very busy,” “I have no time today,” “I have other plans” when you offer to take a walk or sit in a café. We can spend time on communication only to someone who sees the promise of this communication.

2. You trust each other

One of the main signs of a couple’s strong relationship is trust. No relationship is complete without ups and downs. But you don’t have to worry all the time about whether your partner is looking for someone else or writes messages to exes. You don’t have to play the role of a private detective. Instead, you need to be confident in your relationship. A serious relationship is an open and honest relationship, both during ups and downs.

3. You know their family and friends

If a partner wants to introduce you to a family, this suggests that you are very important to them. This doesn’t mean that you are about to get married, but your partner is ready to provide you with a more important place in their life. This is definitely one of the signs that your relationship is serious. If friends of your partner invite you to participate in their events and parties, this is a sign that you are moving to a serious relationship.

4. You listen to each other

This is also one of the obvious signs of a serious relationship. If your partner not only speaks but also listens to you, then everything goes perfectly. And attention to your life is also extremely valuable. It’s a great happiness to meet someone for whom our life with all its pros and cons is as important as it is for us. Add to the treasury of signs of the seriousness of your relationship the pronoun “we,” and you can assume that your relationship is almost at a new level.

5. Lack of manipulation and comparisons

Manipulators are scary and incredibly sophisticated people, but sooner or later, you will still feel that they are trying to control you in your own interests. If you increasingly notice that you are adapting to your partner, try to be “comfortable” for them, afraid to express your point of view, and do something wrong, then the moment is not far off when this relationship will openly poison your life. If your partners don’t look for flaws in you, then they are happy with everything, and, most likely, they are aimed at a long serious relationship.

6. You talk about the future

Any relationship needs a perspective. It helps feel that you are standing on solid ground. You are making joint plans. Now you are together, and you should be guided by each other. Your relationships are focused on “today.” Serious relationships require reflection on how you see your life together. Then your relationship has a future. These are very important signs a casual relationship is getting serious.

7. You want to be together

Loving people, no matter how busy they are, no matter how much hobby and work they have, will strive to spend as much time as possible with their partners. 

when is a relationship serious

They will write a message to please their loved ones in the middle of the working day, dine together if possible, give small gifts without reason to be closer, and so on. This also includes the desire to touch a loved one. Hold the hand, straighten hair, be closer physically, etc.

8. You don’t demand anything in return

In a sincere relationship, our care is selfless. For a loved one, we want to do as much good as possible, while not immediately expecting some kind of reward in return. Relationships don’t exist according to the principle of “do it for me and I will do it for you,” but “I will do it for you simply because I want to do it for you.” Everything happens on time and mutually. Caring and the desire to please a loved one, to see their smile is taken for granted. It is also the ability to compromise, forgive, and ask for forgiveness.

Why You Don’t Have to Be Afraid of This

Unhappy love, disappointment in a loved one, or even loss due to death – alas, life is difficult and everything may happen. Nervous breakdowns and deep, protracted depression, from which a person gets out for a long time are the results of all such shocks.

But do you really want to be alone for life? Even those people who have experienced a very difficult or negative experience of past relationships are not ready to give an affirmative answer to this question. Nevertheless, the fear of another pain or the fear of losing one’s independence sometimes becomes insurmountable obstacles to the emergence of a new feeling, new love. And it is possible to cope with these obstacles only if you can solve your internal problems.

Loneliness is addictive, and, getting used to it, a person becomes closed to communication. We simply don’t let strangers in our life and often shut ourselves off from people, protecting our inner world from any kind of invasion. Having once experienced a loss, deception, or betrayal, a person is simply afraid and doesn’t want to experience something like that again since it really hurts. However, unfortunately, we simply don’t want to understand that fear is not able to protect us from life’s troubles. It will not help and even prevent us from becoming happy.

Thus, fear of serious relationships is a problem that prevents us from enjoying life and being happy. We sometimes don’t even understand how much we push ourselves into the framework. Thus, you may never learn what makes a relationship serious.

Signs She Wants a Serious Relationship with You

If a woman is serious about a man, she will let him know about it. Consider the 5 following signs that your woman’s intentions are serious.

1. They change their behavior

When is a relationship serious? When a woman wants a serious relationship, she seeks to spend more time with her chosen one. To see him, hear, and touch. Even if you have no time to meet for a week, the woman will show herself actively in calls or messages. Pay attention to how she behaves in the presence of other people, especially men. A partner with serious intentions will boast about you, be proud. She will not flirt with other men. All her energy will be directed exclusively to you.

2. They say sweet words

Usually, entering the first stage of relationships, a guy and a girl talk a lot. And if you analyze the topics and the conversation a bit, it is easy to determine how the girl treats her interlocutor and whether he can hope for a serious relationship with her. 

signs a casual relationship is getting serious

If the woman constantly talks about herself, about her friends, hobbies, problems, then, most likely, she simply sees a friend in the man. A woman with serious intentions will not lay out all her problems so as not to frighten the man.

3. They care

As a rule, a woman’s concern shows that her beloved is very dear to her. A good sign when a woman is worried about her boyfriend’s health. If she cherishes a relationship with a man, then she will always look for a way out of any conflict situation. If you become ill, she will gladly bring you medicine and fruits, stay with you, and will also take care of you. If you ask her to do something, she will never refuse you and will fulfill this request. For the sake of the beloved man, the woman does everything.

4. They introduce you to parents

If a woman invites a man to her home to meet her parents after some time of dating, this is definitely one of the signs she wants a serious relationship with you. Such a step of her suggests that she is set up for a long relationship with her chosen one because they usually don’t introduce “episodic” boyfriends to their relatives. In addition, many parents ask their children not to introduce them to the “next,” but only to that “one and only.”

5. They are very jealous

You will easily notice how your partner’s behavior changes when your work colleagues call you or a passing woman smiles at you. The woman will be jealous. And sometimes it can be unreasonable. If the woman asks you about female friends and what feelings you have for them, then this is also a sign of falling in love. The girl just wants to make sure that she is the only one for you.

As you can see, without even possessing supernatural (and, alas, nonexistent) predictive abilities, you can determine from the very beginning of the relationship how they will end. It is enough to turn on the logic and not to miss signals that will indicate the true intentions of the woman.

Comments (2)



Nov 4,  2020,  10:06 PM

Women question the seriousness of a relationship more often than males. It's easier for us, men, to jump out of the window than to say, "You don't suit me." Men are one hundred percent sure that in this case you will kill us, or yourself, or both of us, or, even worse, start crying and screaming. Even if we don't talk about it, we are clearly showing you our attitude. Stop making excuses for us, our actions speak for themselves: you just don't like you. If you cannot understand whether the relationships are serious — they are not. You should not puzzle over this, just accept the sad reality and find a man who is ready.



Nov 4,  2020,  10:11 PM

I hate to tell you about this, but any excuse for people who do not want to move to the next stage in relationships does not hold water. Unfortunately, throughout the history of mankind, any excuse why people have not married yet has never been used by those who really meant it. If we really care about a woman, we cannot bring ourselves to stop — we want more. And please don't tell me that your partner is just "afraid." The only thing he fears — and I affirm this, having sincere sympathy for you — is to admit that you do not attract him at all. If your boyfriend doesn’t offer you to become serious, do not seek excuses, just go.

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