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It is very difficult to understand girls, especially in terms of relationships. Women are mysterious by nature, so it’s almost impossible to understand what is happening in their heads or hearts. They have a very changeable mood because of which they don’t fully understand what they feel to men. But if everything is so complicated, then how can a man determine the attitude of a girl towards himself, especially on women seeking men sites? Fortunately, there are common signs by which it is possible to understand if she cares about you or just pretends.

she really cares about me

Look for Real Actions to Find Out If She Cares About You

Does she care about me? One of the main problems is that men are too susceptible to their feelings when they try to understand the girl’s reaction to them. And the very first thing they need to do is to calm down and abstract from feelings and emotions.

I don’t think she cares about me... Don’t make any hasty decisions, as emotional men usually do. You need to calmly observe the behavior, reaction, and speech of the girl. Some men like to make things worse. If a girl sees the emotional instability of a guy, then she will move away from him, even if initially she felt an attraction. In this case, it will be much more difficult for a man to find out her true thoughts about him.

20 Tiny Signs She Deeply Cares About You

Girls very often suffer in an attempt to understand how men relate to them. But in some cases, men are overtaken by such difficulty. A man may communicate well with a girl, she attracts him, but he doesn’t understand what she feels to him. But there are many signs she cares about you.

1. She tries to be honest with you

She should understand that trust in relationships is very important. So, pay attention to how honest she is with you. She will share personal experiences with you and will also easily answer the frankest questions if she likes you. Don’t jump to conclusions too soon because not all girls can communicate openly. Sometimes you need to be patient to deal with their shyness.

2. She looks for an opportunity to talk with you

When a woman cares about you, she will not miss the chance to be alone with you. She will smile a lot and try to attract your attention. This is so obvious that average intelligence and observation are enough to notice her interest. But sometimes it happens that a woman knows how to restrain herself. So, you need to be attentive.

3. Her speech is changing

If she carefully tries to hide her feelings, then, most likely, this is one of the signs she cares deeply about you. She can speak nervously somehow. For example, she may start talking quickly or, conversely, she may become speechless. Also in her speech, pauses may appear that lead you both to an awkward situation. It’s just because she’s nervous being with you.

how to tell if a girl cares about you

4. She seeks how to make you laugh

Many girls are very proud of their sense of humor, unless, of course, they have it. When she cares about you, then she will try to make you laugh by all means. She will also be interested in your jokes. This is absolutely normal. Most likely, she likes you, and thus, she expresses her attraction.

5. She can tell something hidden

Of course, these are not intimate things, but in a conversation with a man who is pleasant to her, a lady can talk about things that are really dear to her. For example, it can be an important event from her childhood, etc. Only those people who dream of becoming closer can speak on such sentimental topics.

6. She becomes jealous

“When a girl gets jealous it means she cares,” you may think. But jealousy is an ambiguous sign. On the one hand, the resulting jealousy may signal that a girl is not indifferent to a man. On the other hand, jealousy can reach the point of absurdity. So, if you understand that you can’t have anything with this girl, then let her know about that right away, and if you intend to have a romantic relationship with her, stop flirting with other women.

7. She becomes more caring

When a woman cares for a man, she tries to take care of the subject of her attraction as often as possible. The instinct of motherhood is laid in women by nature. Do you feel sick? Wait for the girl appears on your doorstep with a jar of raspberry jam and warm socks. This is how they show their care to those they like.

8. She constantly calls you

Telephone conversations and messages can show the girl’s care. Also, she answers calls and messages faster than usual as if waiting for them. The tone of the conversation becomes soft, the girl giggles a lot. She just wants you to like her, and she tries to show that she cares about you this way.

9. She gives compliments

The lady in love will shower the object of adoration with pleasant words. She will praise your clothes, style, and behavior in a particular situation. You hear the phrases, “I like your hairstyle,” “You are so strong (brave),” “I’ve never met a better man than you,” and so on. Isn’t it obvious that she wants to take care of you?

10. She gives her attention to you

The keen eye of a woman in love will undoubtedly not miss a single detail. She will surely notice your haircut, any slight change in image and will certainly tell you about it, of course, in the form of a compliment (see the previous item). She shows her concern in this way. So, there is no need to doubt whether she really cares about me.

11. She is interested

If a girl cares about you, then, she has to show genuine interest in everything that is connected with you. Ladies suddenly begin to watch football, which they were not particularly interested in before, or they become fans of boxing for no reason at all. This is because she wants to share an interest in your hobbies.

she really cares about me

12. She sacrifices herself

Girls often have to make sacrifices for love. For example, she chooses you instead of meeting with her friends. Some women can change the style of clothing at your request. They may agree to jump with you with a parachute. Behavior that contradicts and is not characteristic of her is a clear sign of care about you.

13. She gives gifts

For no reason, the girl begins to present gifts, especially those made with her own hands, in which a lot of effort and patience has been invested, which means that you are not indifferent to her. If she spends her time and effort to show how much she thinks about you, then this is one of the obvious signs she really cares about you.

14. She wants to hear words of love

If a girl has feelings, then she will try to prove it herself and demand proof from you. Sometimes this is expressed by the words like, “Say that you will always be with me,” “We will always be together,” “Do you really feel so good with me?” This suggests that she cares about what will happen.

15. You are her number one priority

If a woman takes care, she easily sacrifices a party with her best friends in favor of her loved one, or she will take him with her since personal relationships are in the first place for her. In fact, this proves that the girl cares about you, and she wants you to have fun too.

16. She always finds time for you

In her insanely busy schedule, a woman will always find time to meet a man of the heart, call him or send a gentle massage. But if you notice that your chosen one rarely calls, conversations are short and, for the most part, formal, then it is unlikely that she has fiery emotions for you.

17. She is glad to see you

How to tell if a girl cares about you? The attitude will be read in the look of a woman: when you are with a girl, her eyes begin to glow, and a smile is constantly on her face. Being with friends, her looks will most often belong to you. When the girl jokes, she is sure to sneak a glance at her chosen one, analyzing how he will react.

18. She doesn’t pay attention to your flaws

Flaws and shortcomings in the appearance and character of a man she likes don’t cause a negative reaction in her since she loves him for who he is. And the girl is constantly trying to support her man. Next to her, the guy’s self-esteem is always adequately raised.

19. She thinks about you in sex

In the intimate sphere, the girl makes sure that her partner is as good and comfortable as possible. She is attentive, doesn’t ignore contraceptives, and doesn’t force the man to have sex in case of bad circumstances or poor health. She will try to please her partner because she cares about him first.

signs she cares deeply

20. She doesn’t need anyone else

When all the thoughts of a woman are occupied by one man, she will not dream of other men. An indifferent woman doesn’t hesitate to even periodically recall her past relationships and, possibly, compare with the current one, and not always in your favor. That’s why you have to catch such small signals.

Signs of False Care From a Woman

Relationships in which there is no care can hardly be called healthy. How to understand that a girl only seems caring?

Controlling your habits

You probably have habits. A woman, who tries to control you, not only hates your habits but also forces you to not enjoy them. Indeed, at such moments, you are busy with something of your own, distant, and she interferes with control. But the one who cares about you will not control your life and habits. She has to accept you as you are.

Limiting your circle of communication

She may start a relationship with you, and then she says that your friends and relatives no longer matter. Of course, they are! You are just next to someone who wants to control you, and the important point here is to make you think that only she can be the main or even the only support in everything.

Only words, no deeds

If there is nothing more apart from talking, then most likely, she doesn’t care about you and your feelings. Why does something if she is not going to have anything with you anyway? Or maybe she is just not interested in you? Take a closer look at her behavior.

Now you have all the necessary information. You just need to carefully watch her behavior. She will certainly show her attitude to you by word, gesture or deed. But if your chosen one doesn’t match the indicated signs too much, don’t rush to get upset. Remember that each woman is special and can express care in her own special way. Even if she gets mad at you, she cares. But in any case, a loving woman is distinguished by a tender and reverent attitude towards her chosen one. If she is indifferent to a man, she will never do for him what she doesn’t want.

Why is a girl silent about her feelings?
Perhaps she can’t understand what is happening between you. When a feeling comes suddenly, even girls who are accustomed to analyzing what is happening are at a loss. Women are very afraid of being rejected in love. The fear of rejection outweighs the desire to have a good time with their loved ones, so she is forced to hide her feelings. Perhaps she is afraid of addiction. Rose-colored glasses once made her a subject for male manipulation. The deceived woman will beware of falling into the trap of feelings again.
What should a man do if he sees that a girl cares about him?
If you notice the signs of care in a woman, take a closer look at her. If you are interested in developing a relationship, subtly make it clear that you like her too. A sincere smile or compliment can inspire even the most timid woman to express her intentions. If you don’t consider her as your girlfriend, then don’t offend her with rudeness or indifference.
How to know if a girl cares about you if she hides it?
Ask her directly about her feelings. Even if she doesn’t confess her care about you, you will understand what she really feels for you by her reaction. It is not difficult to understand this. If she is embarrassed and the question clearly causes a mixed reaction in her, then, most likely, you are not mistaken in your assumptions. But before trying to determine what a girl is feeling about you, answer yourself why you want to know this. 

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Nov 4,  2020,  2:29 PM

Good article, but I want to supplement it with my opinion. I want to note that each girl shows care in her own way. Each woman is different, as are their emotions and reactions. These signs are common, but there are exceptions. Some girls are too shy and not accustomed to initiative, so it is difficult for them to show care to men. Therefore, you sometimes should take an effort to understand her real feelings. For example, you tell her that you have a fever, and she may not react to it in any way. But she will somehow covertly ask how you are feeling and if you need help. Just notice this hidden attention from her part



Nov 4,  2020,  2:30 PM

Care is an invariable attribute of love. Real feeling involves constant attention to your chosen one. A woman who cares tries to feed, do the laundry, sew clothes, and help you if needed. The main thing is that she does it in time. Your t-shirt is torn - and she sews it. You got hungry - and the woman has a sandwich. This attention is so pleasant to a woman herself that she is ready to help all the friends and relatives of a guy, if only he noticed and appreciated her. If she falls in love with you, then she will take care of you 100%. All girls have a maternal instinct that makes them care for dear people

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