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Way back in XX century Salvador Dali noted: “We should not be afraid of becoming perfect because we cannot achieve it anyway.” Nevertheless, Ukrainian wives unconsciously strive for being perfect in everything - having perfect living conditions, perfect work and, of course, being perfect spouses. Usually, women evaluate themselves in different ways, depending on their past experiences. However, as soon as a Ukrainian woman meets a man, the desire to become perfect strikes her immediately.

a Ukrainian wife

The secret of a Ukrainian wife is very simple, and it can be expressed in a few words: women est omen. Whatever happens in her life, she is sure that her husband is the best, and he is doing his best. Thus, Ukrainian wives do not criticize their husbands but support them all the time.

Well, this is just a beginning… In fact, a Ukrainian wife has a lot of advantages. Thus, if you are going to marry a Ukrainian woman, you will learn what it really means to marry a perfect woman.

1. She will keep the house and cook for you

A perfect wife is the one whose husband is impatient to come home and see her. She makes your place look nice and feel cozy. Therefore, you enjoy spending time there (even more than playing billiards with friends). Coming from work with a hunted mammoth, a man wants to relax and feel the family hearth. Therefore, this hearth should be clean, cozy, smell well and offer a prepared mammoth. The house should be quiet, calm and happy. And a woman should be affectionate, joyful, caring.

Of course, she can make up different excuses, such as women also have work and they bring as many mammoths as men do but the truth is - the man will not love his wife more because she works more. Eventually, she will stop inspiring you, and problems will appear for no reason.

Ukrainian men believe that keeping the house is women’s duty, and it is useless to argue. Thus, the fact that you may help once or twice will not make your Ukrainian wife less caring. Monitoring your home is her sacred duty. Finally, her delicious meals and sweets will completely melt your heart. Besides, every Ukrainian girl knows that the aromas of vanilla and cinnamon are aphrodisiacs.

2. She pays special attention to sex

Ukrainian brides

Most men believe that the perfect wife should be not only an excellent hostess but also a good mistress. The ability to entice, seduce, turn on, and satisfy the partner will not disappear after the wedding if you marry a Ukrainian girl. Of course, over the years in marriage, nights tend to become calmer, but a Ukrainian woman will do her best to be as sexually attractive to her husband as possible. Sometimes sex in marriage becomes a duty for women, and they only deal with it for the sake of men. Of course, sometimes men just need to get a technical pleasure, but the feeling that a woman is indifferent to the process, makes men feel disappointed.

Sometimes the lack of interest in sex happens due to the fact that a man cannot satisfy his wife. And she, in turn, does not know what she prefers in sex. A Ukrainian woman will not let sexual problems take their course. They read articles, attend lectures, watch videos on the matter, and attend various trainings. They are not afraid of learning new stuff to become a better wife. And this a priceless feature of your future spouse.

3. She gives you personal space

If you marry a Ukrainian girl, she will not forget about your personal space and will be fine with leaving you alone if you need it. The perfect wife will not constantly fuss over her husband but will know her man well and will step aside when needed. The great responsibility that a man takes on requires a lot of effort, and sometimes he just needs to be alone or with friends. Sometimes a man needs to stay in the garage or watch football. Sometimes you need to think about solving an existing problem. And do it all without her.

Sometimes women do not understand such behavior and believe that they did something wrong. Therefore, they start caring about their man even more and take up all the personal space of a man. The key thing is that such actions may destroy the relationship. The personal space includes such things as a phone, personal folders in the laptop, a closet with tools, a garage, a desktop. Ukrainian women know that it is better to leave these things as they are and not even clean these places. The name is also a personal thing. Sometimes women use sugary “honey”, “sweetheart” too often. Men stop feel mannish. She will let you relax without her. If she does everything right, you won’t need much time.

4. She trusts you

It is important for every man that his wife accepts him the way he is and believes that he is able to solve any problem. Yes, sometimes things do not work the way we expect. However, the perfect wife will help her man feel like a man, she will give him a chance to take care of her and to make decisions.

Ukrainian brides never rub their husband’s nose in it. They don’t criticize their men if they fail, especially if they warned them. Even the mildest and indecisive man in this situation realizes his masculine essence and learns what is best for the couple. It really helps when a spouse trusts you and takes the position: "As you decide, so shall it be. I love you and trust any of your decisions." It gives strength and destroys men’s fear of making a mistake. A Ukrainian wife will make her husband feel like a hero next to her.

how to find a Ukrainian wife

5. She cares about how she looks

A woman is lucky if she finds a man who accepts her the way she is, but this is not an excuse to be lazy. Walking in stretched sweaters, old or dirty clothes all around the place is the way to divorce. Hot Ukrainian brides not only take care of their appearance but also look stylish and elegant. Besides, they do it on a daily basis. Thus, you will hardly see a Ukrainian wife sitting on the couch all evening with dirty hair and ugly stretched clothes. Therefore, Ukrainian girls for marriage are the best.

Besides, they do not forget about other ways of staying beautiful – manicure, hairstyles, massage, saunas and so on. They visit SPAs. Yes, it costs money and, probably, not everyone can afford it. Nevertheless, we suggest treating this as health care not only for yourself but for your couple.

Such activities strengthen women's energy, which is transmitted to a man in an unknown way in the form of a good mood and the desire to work. In addition, seeing how happy she is waiting for the next procedure and how happy she is coming back from there, will make you feel good. Sometimes it even makes you feel like a hero. Do not forget about the development. Ukrainian women for marriage are great as they continue to read, listen, and learn for the whole life.

6. She will find a common ground with your relatives

Regardless of what kind of family the man has, he will be pleased if his wife accepts everyone and finds a common ground with them. Ukrainian women are great for marriage because they, as a rule, are loved by everyone in the family. You will be proud of her. She will never separate you and your family; she will not ask you to stop communicating with someone from your family. A kind, friendly with your parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts – Ukrainian woman will be a treasure for your family.

7. She plays “different” games with you

Men sometimes behave like children, it's not a secret. And, as you know, you need to play with children. Ukrainian wives know it all. Sometimes they play along when their man hits the floor and says he is big and grown-up. Sometimes they allow them to buy a remote control helicopter.

And sometimes they need to come up with their own games. For example, to make 4 cards for each month with the title “I will fulfill any of your wishes” or celebrate some holidays in a special way. Or come up with some new and completely unexpected sexual entertainment. For example, to catch your car on the way home and play the game as if you give a ride to an unfamiliar girl. Ukrainian girls’ fantasy has no boundaries. This is why you may hear “I want a Ukrainian wife” so often.

8. She is patient

Some psychologists believe that men and women respond equally to many things, but they show it in different ways. Therefore, to take offense at a man for being angry is the same as if a man takes offense at a woman for being emotional or because her mood changes for no reason. So sometimes women just have to tolerate the bad mood of a man. If a wife starts behaving like a man, it will turn into a great scandal. Ukrainian single women understand such character of a man and can pull away from him for a while, giving him the opportunity to calm down.

After evaluating his behavior, a man can even come with an apology and with internal gratitude to his woman for the fact that she was able to respond wisely to his weakness. Patience is not about turning the other cheek. The ability to just calmly stay away from her husband is the quality of a wise and worthy woman, to whom the man will 100% come back first and apologize for everything and even more.

9. She is sincere with him

It's no secret that men do take long female conversations badly, and even more - it's hard for them to support them. The thing is that it takes away from a woman the entire desire to start these conversations and share her aspirations with husband. But the purpose of such conversations is to exclusively share the emotions, give a man a clear task (if she needs to solve a problem) and show that she trusts him.

Therefore, a Ukrainian woman will tell her man everything that happens in her life, will share emotions and experiences. Of course, not in the same way she does it with the best girlfriend, but she will let the man know all about her feelings. Otherwise, a man will stop trusting her. And the loss of trust often leads to male greed, money problems, and often leads to very serious problems in the relationship.

Well, the right question for you to ask now is how to find a Ukrainian wife but this is another story.

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Aug 21,  2020,  9:37 AM

They seem perfect. I hope this is so. I just recently met a Ukrainian woman. Who knows, maybe she will become my wife.

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