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For the bride and groom, preparing for the wedding is a lot of new information, excitement, worries, romantic wedding themes, endless questions and a huge list of things to do. All these chores are pretty nice, but often making a good wedding planner can be very difficult without the help of the professionals or awareness about the latest wedding styles and trends.

wedding styles

Regardless of What You Choose: Basic Rules of Picking a Wedding Topic

Preparing for the wedding is a responsible and time-consuming process. It is important not to miss a lot of small details, to take into account all the nuances and not to forget anything. To simplify the task, you can turn to special agencies that are engaged in preparing the wedding, then you wouldn't worry about anything going wrong. But if you are preparing for your wedding yourself, use our tips so as not to miss any little things.

Always focus on the season. Do not be afraid that the weather will be too hot or too cold, snowy or rainy. This will not affect the indoor wedding, and canopies, tents and suitable clothes will save the situation. Determining the season will help you choose the color palette and style of the wedding. Because, for example, wedding themes for fall and winter differ. After choosing a season, consider a seasonal wedding, decorated in the style of a particular time of the year - you will get a very cozy and sincere celebration. The seasonal celebration gives a hint about the outfit images for the bride and groom and complimentary gifts for guests. If there are difficulties with the choice of the season, try to think over the concept of the wedding first and apply it at a certain time of the year. After all, you have already met your soulmate and do not have to worry about where to meet woman, so enjoy planning the wedding and love every moment. After choosing a season, benefit from its advantages: one of the wedding themes for summer is a beach ceremony, in winter, it is a fabulous celebration among the snows, in spring, it is a holiday with lots of flowers, in the fall, it is something calm, aristocratic and romantic, in a special witchy atmosphere of gloomy romance.

Consider the number of guests. To think that the number of invitees can be determined later is a very common mistake. Indeed, a lot depends on how many guests you plan to invite to the wedding. It is impossible to form a budget, choose a banquet venue and proceed with other important steps if you have no idea about the approximate number of guests. Make lists with relatives, friends, and colleagues. Do not forget that the unspoken rule is to invite couples together, so discuss it with your guests in advance how many invitations they will be comfortable with for attending the wedding!

Trust professionals. One of the best tips to make her happy is to hire managers and professional wedding organizers. It already depends on your budget and wishes, of course. Of course, it is advisable to contact a specialist in such an important field because you will be much calmer. A specialist will help arrange your wedding by correctly distributing the color scheme and carefully considering the decor. Do not forget that you should trust those whom you hire to help organize the holiday as yourself. So, imagine how your specialist works and how much freedom you will have in preparing for your big day. The wedding organizer can completely free you from the preparations for the wedding, taking care of everything, but if this does not suit you, find the optimal mode of cooperation with a specialist who will be ready to work with you at the same pace. Do not forget also about the personal characteristics of specialists, for example, a florist, because you should be pleased to work with this person.

Great Wedding Themes for Fall

different wedding styles

Autumn is a wonderfully romantic time, which gives a great harvest, and at the same time, a variety of ideas for lovers of wedding creativity. Amazingly beautiful flowers and leaves, fruits, berries, chestnuts can perfectly complement your celebration and turn the wedding into a real autumn fairy tale. And we are ready to give some practical advice for its creation!

First of all, determine the overall style and color scheme of the celebration suitable for the autumn wedding themes. This will help you not get lost in the multitude of decor elements and consider only certain ones that correspond to this style. You can take a rustic style as a basis: autumn fruits with dried flowers, cloths and wicker furniture.

Bouquet tips

Since autumn is the time of harvesting, it is advisable to emphasize this in the wedding decoration. This can be done using special types of berries in flower arrangements. For example, hypericum or ilex is an excellent option that can be used in the design of autumn weddings. These berries give a bright green-red combination, which, by the way, can be used in the bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, witness’s hair accessories, which will give the celebration a certain autumn theme.

Decor elements

Of course, these are compositions, ikebana, wreaths with the gifts of nature, that so abundantly fill the autumn. Table decoration can be a flower vase of pumpkins, garlands of autumn leaves, wicker baskets with vegetables, decorated candles. Gifts of nature are the best decorative elements and decorations to use in unique wedding themes during the fall season! Natural autumn elements in floral arrangements and bouquets will give your wedding decoration a certain charm, mood and a sense of original coziness.

Experiments with colors

Florists claim that autumn weddings are distinguished by their colorfulness and brightness. This is because the color palette of autumn is so diverse and multifaceted that it allows you to choose the most spectacular and bright colors for the decoration of weddings. Only the autumn wedding can safely combine colors, and you will not be afraid that they will turn out too catchy. Natural materials such as acorns, small twigs, large leaves, etc. will look very stylish and bright at your celebration. Fruits and nuts can come in handy too.

Dreamlike Winter Wedding Themes

The scattering of flickering lights, the sparkle of snowflakes, the romantic mood and the expectation of the fulfillment of desires - winter takes each of us into a kind of fairy tale, awakens the faith in the dream, allows us to return to childhood when miracles were real. The romance of winter wedding themes attracts newlyweds who want to make their day special happen during winter. Lovers are looking for the most sincere and beautiful way to make their wedding decorations unforgettable, and what can be a better season to turn your celebration into a luxurious ball?


Different types of wedding themes including geometric elements have been a real breakthrough recently. Grooms and brides can complement their luxurious looks with jewelry with clear lines and proportions. Geometric decor is a fresh, interesting, original solution for a winter wedding, which looks fantastic in combination with different styles of bridesmaid dresses and groom's suits. It is also fashionable to use geometric shapes in dessert decoration today. Wedding cakes with abstract patterns take a variety of forms, and newlyweds are increasingly abandoning traditional multi-tiered cakes decorated with fruits.

wedding themes


Floral decor today does not surprise anyone since almost every wedding is decorated with bouquets and compositions of fresh flowers. However, a winter wedding is an ideal opportunity to use not only flowers but also bright berries. Bunches of berries are useful for decorating tables, arches, bridal bouquets or groom's suits. Berries at a wedding can be used as accents that complement a white dress and snowy landscapes at an outdoor ceremony. If decorating a wedding with fresh berries seems too complicated to you, then high-quality artificial berries are a more versatile option.


The absolute leader among winter wedding trends this year was velvet! This chic fabric with a pleasant texture is used to create the serious and aristocratic image of the newlyweds, the bride’s dresses and groom’s suits are sewn from it. Besides, velvet fits perfectly into the winter decoration of the wedding. Velvet ribbons, chair covers, tablecloths, curtains, candlesticks covers and other elements made of velvet that used in the decor of a winter wedding look extremely stylish and are suitable for classic wedding styles.

Romantic Spring Wedding Themes

Spring always brings renewal energy into our lives, the delicate sun, the aromas of blooming flowers, lush greenery that makes its way through the soil. In the spring, romance is in the air, and preparation for the day X becomes a real source of inspiration for the elegant wedding themes. Couples in love who are planning a spring ceremony can breathe the romance of spring with full breasts, enjoy its sweet taste and feel complete freedom of imagination because the wedding trends of the new season will allow them to bring even the most fantastic ideas to life. 2021 will be a time of discoveries, new ups, courage and, of course, sensuality, so start preparing your spring wedding themes using our tips!

Environmental friendliness

The environmental trend continues to gain popularity. The green wedding ideas are on the peak today. Use the ideas of recycling secondary waste, sorting garbage and helping charitable organizations that invest in saving the planet by asking guests to transfer money to them. Green decor for your wedding and other eco-friendly ideas will make your special day a contribution not only to the history of your family but also to the future of the Earth.

Cozy wedding

Small ceremonies for 40 guests or less are coming into fashion in the new season. Lush banquets with long tables and distant relatives, whose names you do not remember, are becoming a thing of the past. Celebrating in a cozy atmosphere by candlelight or by the fireplace will add sincerity, exclusivity, and warmth to the spring ceremony. One of many such different wedding styles will definitely conquer your heart if you plan to celebrate in spring. Besides, reducing the number of guests will give you a chance to increase expenses for each guest and go on your honeymoon's dream trip. Most of all, such a wedding will appeal to introverts, who perceive mass holidays as stress.

The art of light

Pendant lamps, lanterns, a large number of candles, antique lamps and LEDs have captured the primacy in the decor of the wedding in recent years. Change the light after the ceremony and banquet, add the magic of flickering lights during a party and transform the whole space with the help of lighting. Create a romantic atmosphere by abundantly decorating tables with candles and enjoy the intimacy of the artistic spring wedding themes.

unique wedding themes

Unique Wedding Themes for Summer

Each season is beautiful in its way. Simple wedding styles are best for the summer because you do not have to reinvent the wheel. In summer, when the weather is sunny, and you choose a picturesque location for the celebration, practically 70% of the job is done. Lush greenery and warm summer atmosphere will do the rest for you. Summer is considered a wedding season, and we can all agree that this season is truly magical and best suited for tying the knot. In summer, there are practically no restrictions on the choice of attire, venue, and design.

The bride's bouquet

It would seem that among the variety of colors, to pick up an option for a wedding bouquet will be easy. In fact, the abundance of options makes the choice difficult. Most flowers do not tolerate heat and quickly lose their freshness. Modern florists use a wide variety of technologies to make the bouquet lasts as long as possible. But such a composition is quite heavy, and when the time comes to throw a bouquet, you will have to replace it with another, lighter one. Otherwise, this tradition may end in the trauma of some unmarried girlfriend. You can also use seasonal or exotic flowers if the style of the wedding allows it. They are quite resistant to heat and will delight you throughout the wedding.

Summer menu

The main difference in the summer menu is lightness. Fatty and hearty dishes are not welcomed at such an event because when it is warm, people want to eat less and feel hunger less, which is, by the way, only better for your budget. And the longer the dish is in the sun, the more likely it is to go bad, melt or just lose the shape. But this does not mean that you need to give up meat at all, it will be quite appropriate to arrange a barbecue in the open areas. As summer snacks, you can choose tartlets, canapes, light sandwiches and salads, especially since the summer is rich in all kinds of vegetables and fruits.


The warm and colorful summer season just forces you to make a bright wedding decoration. But you remember that harmony and measure should be in everything. Otherwise, a romantic holiday will turn into a colorful booth. To avoid this, pay attention to “natural materials” - flowers, berries, fruits and, of course, herbs. The universal summer item is wicker baskets - large, small and medium sizes. You can put flowers into them or markers with table numbers and place them on top of the tables. Baskets filled with berries and fruits look very organic. And, what is more, you can store useful wedding little things and auxiliary attributes, for example, umbrellas, hats, fans and little notes with wishes. To enjoy the preparations for the wedding and not dream of ending it all faster, we recommend using the services of a wedding coordinator, and, most importantly, remember that competent timing will save you nerves, money and even more. While a frivolous approach to this issue can bring you more problems. But as soon as you choose the theme for the celebration, half of the job is done, and you can slowly but surely proceed to prepare every detail of the most important day of your life

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Nov 4,  2020,  9:18 PM

Wow! These wedding ideas are just awesome! I especially like the options about environmentally friendly and romantic spring weddings. I've been hinting my boyfriend about a wedding for a long time and showing him all sorts of pictures with expensive engagement rings, lush wedding dresses, and cute happy couples. I have been dreaming of a fabulous wedding since early childhood, probably like all the representatives of the weaker sex. So, I'll definitely take into account a couple of the above-mentioned ideas and tell my boyfriend about them! You’ve helped me a lot!



Nov 4,  2020,  9:18 PM

I really like original wedding ideas. After all, such an event happens only once in a lifetime (I hope), and all women want to do everything in the best way to remember this day for the rest of their lives. My wedding will definitely be remembered by me, my loved one, and all our guests. We arranged it on the river bank in a rented country house. This is a great option for those people who love barbecue and meals from wood-fired grill. The highlight of our celebration was the invited bartender who made burning cocktails and showed us an amazing show. We all were over the moon!

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