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All people want to be confident in their partners, and all of them are afraid to realize one day that their significant other cheated on them. Women are usually not the ones to blame for infidelity, but according to numerous studies, they do cheat. How to tell that a girl is cheating and what made her do it? Read on to find out.

signs your wife is cheating

Do men or women cheat more?

Women are generally considered to be more faithful than men. However, numerous studies and surveys show that around 50% of not single women cheat on their husbands. Male infidelity has a notorious excuse – men’s polygamous nature. People of both genders do cheat, but the reasons for their infidelity are different. While men are guided by their instincts and desire for new sex experiences, women are pushed towards adultery by their unhappiness in family life. Women usually cheat spontaneously, though the thought about cheating is born in their heads long before the act of adultery itself. Although ladies don’t surpass men in cheating, more and more married women commit adultery.

Why do women cheat?

Various things push women to cheating. Yet, all of them are connected with the dysfunctionality of their marriage. Here are the most popular reasons for female cheating.

1. Lack of attention

Probably, this is the main reason why women venture to cheat on their spouses. Family lifestyle is different from the stage of dating. Daily routine tends to kill the romance and make partners take each other for granted. Men begin to see their women as homemakers and mothers of their children rather than romantic partners. Women suffer from a lack of attention that they need so much from their loved ones. As a result, when a woman meets a man who shows interest in her, she is likely to get attached to him.

2. Dull sex

It’s extremely important for women to feel desired. Very often, especially when children arrive, partners get less sexually active. It’s understandable that with the current pace of modern life sleep is often more desirable than sex, but if a man doesn’t satisfy his woman in bed, doesn’t take into account her preferences and direct requests, she’ll start thinking about getting all this elsewhere.

3. The desire to be a bad girl

Some women have the beasts inside them and wait until they can finally set them free. It means that not only men are hunters. Usually, those “beasts” wake up in response to some changes that occur in a woman’s life – new haircut, new friends, lost weight, middle life crisis. That raised mood boosts women’s confidence and they want to do something naughty.

signs that your wife is cheating

4. Low self-esteem

Sex has a positive effect not only on women’s health but also on their psychological state. Women with low self-esteem feel a surge of confidence after they have sex. It doesn’t mean, though, that they will necessarily cheat on their partners. If they feel comfortable in their marriage, they will not look for ways to assert themselves. To prevent your woman from cheating, regularly show interest in her, pay compliments, spend time with her.

5. Revenge

If a woman feels that she’s been cheated on or was hurt, she’ll often want to make the offender suffer too. So, she cheats to revenge herself on the cheater and equalize. Everything depends on how vindictive your woman is. But if you make the situation clear, apologize and promise to be faithful, you can prevent her from the thoughts about taking a revenge.

6. Lack of emotional intimacy

Her partner may be a good provider and she may have everything she wants, but if she doesn’t feel an emotional connection with her spouse, it will make her look for it with another man. Women need intimacy, and by intimacy I mean not only sex but hugs, morning kisses, touches and frank conversations.

7. Man’s frequent absence from home

There are families, and they are quite numerous, where the man is often away from home - he either goes on business trips often or works late. His woman manages their home and looks after their children. At some point, she realizes that she doesn’t feel loved and wanted. She also feels that she lives by herself. And if she doesn’t feel the presence of her man in her life, she’ll soon start looking for another one.

8. Not feeling appreciated

When a woman feels she’s more like a housemaid, the temptation to find someone who’ll see a woman in her increases. If her spouse spends a lot of time at work or hangs out with his friends, it makes her seek for men’s attention even more. It will be easy for her to fall for another man if her husband often ignores her and can’t appreciate her.

9. Spouse’s suspicion and jealousy

Obsessive ideas tend to materialize. If a man suspects his woman in cheating and constantly expresses his concern, it’s much likely that she’ll finally do it because of her hurt dignity. Women don’t cheat to spite their jealous partners, but it’s possible to prompt them.

10. Not being able to end the unhappy relationship

Instead of ending her relationship, she decides to cheat on her partner. Of course, initiating a breakup is not easy, and cheating is a good excuse to put an end to the relationship. In order to prevent this from happening, men should talk with their women and discuss what worries them.

Signs your girlfriend is cheating on you

The reason why your girlfriend might cheat on you always lies in your attitude to her. If you put effort into your relationship, this is not going to happen. Both men and women want to be confident in their partners’ faithfulness. Cheating is one of the most common causes of divorce and breakup. What’s interesting about cheating is that it can be prevented. Signs your spouse is cheating on you, or rather is about to cheat on you, begin to appear long before she actually commits adultery. However, you shouldn’t focus too much on the signs she is cheating because it may turn into paranoia. Excessive jealousy has never been good for your relationship. You shouldn’t spy on your girlfriend to figure her out. Even if she is honest with you, your unhealthy jealousy may encourage her to do what you think of her.

The following signs your girlfriend is cheating can’t be considered exhaustive and revealing. You’ll never know for sure until she will confess herself or you catch her red-handed. What can you do if you notice some of these signs? Have a frank conversation with her about her attitude to you and her thoughts about your future.

What are signs your girlfriend is cheating on you?

She avoids meetings with your friends and family. If she doesn’t want to spend time with you and your friends or in your family circle, perhaps she is unfaithful to you. Her behavior is something like pangs of conscience, which is typical of cheaters. This is one of the signs of guilt after cheating. Seeing your friends is difficult for her as she is afraid they may suspect something.

She finds fault with you. You only have sweet memories about your harmonious communication and cloudless relationship. What she does now is getting irritated at everything you say. She looks for negative implications of your every word. If you recognize such behavior in your girlfriend, perhaps she is subconsciously trying to hide the truth. When she nags you and finds fault with you, it helps her feel less guilty. There can be some other reason for her strange behavior. You should talk and find out.

signs your spouse is cheating

She’s got a mysterious new friend. You should get suspicious if she tells you about some new friend. She may say that it’s her colleague or old female friend but she never introduced you to that person and mentions this friend regularly but superficially. It can be viewed as one of the signs she is cheating with a coworker. She also may start mentioning some guy, constantly praising him and comparing you with him. She doesn’t miss an opportunity to say how perfect he is. Be careful, obviously it’s one of the signs your wife is cheating on you.

She doesn’t answer your questions. It’s a red flag when your girlfriend doesn’t want to answer the simplest ordinary questions. It’s quite weird if she returns home after midnight and then attacks you saying that you want to know too much about her life not leaving her personal space. If she doesn’t want to share the details as she used to do before, then she has something to hide from you. This is one of the signs that your wife is cheating.

She’s trying to look sexier than usual. You like her the way she is, but she suddenly starts paying much attention to her appearance. She did it at the beginning of your romantic relationship to impress you. She knows that you like with and without makeup equally but she’s trying too hard to look her best? Perhaps, her efforts are aimed at someone else.

She’s becoming more detached. One of the most surefire signs of a cheating wife is her desire to get more independent from you. If she says “I” more often than “we”, if she makes decisions on her own without asking for your opinion, f she doesn’t discuss your common plans, she is showing that she doesn’t need you. This is her covert message that you should break up.

You’re not in her schedule. She complains that you spend little time with her, but when some friend calls her, she runs to that meeting like crazy. She might also work overtime and have a lot of business trips. When she comes back, she gives you very scarce information, and you’re usually the last to know.

You feel very insignificant in her life. She stopped noticing you. It’s okay for her that you don’t want to go to the theater with her – she always has a companion. She doesn’t care what you think of her and how she looks.

She hides her phone and receives some suspicious calls. Women who cheat begin to behave weirdly once they fall for someone new. If she hides someone from you, you’ll notice it by her blocked phone, by the fact she leaves the room to pick up the phone, by the logged-out social media accounts. Here belong the Facebook cheating signs.

How often women cheat

It’s difficult to answer this question precisely. What you already know is that they cheat almost as often as men do. Usually, women cheat on weak men, the ones who lack confidence, don’t live up to their promises, don’t carry things through. Women are not confident in the future with such men.

Several years ago researchers conducted one survey that revealed that over 30% of women would cheat on their spouses provided that their significant other would never find out. By the way, the percentage of men ready for a concealed adultery is nearly the same. This is quite sad, although we know there are no ideal relationships. If your girlfriend or wife shows some signs she’s cheating, it can be not necessarily so. If there is something suspicious about her behavior, maybe she just lost her interest in you and wants to find a replacement.

What can you do in this case? Work on your relationship, think what you might have done wrong. Talk to her to find out whether you can improve your relationship or you’d better break up.

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