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Is there anything ever more frustrating than finding yourself in a romantic relationship that is obviously free-falling? You know pretty well that your significant other badly needs to detach herself from the entire emotional barnacle holding back your relationship, but for whatever reasons both of you are absolutely determined to unhesitatingly ride your romance into the ground?

Beyond doubt, sometimes it may be quite easy to misinterpret the signs you should break up. Just because there is nothing worse than the soul-killing feeling of being stuck in a relationship gradually going down, as you don’t want to make the fatal mistake of putting an end to a perfectly happy relationship mainly because you mistook the normal ups and downs of every romantic relationship. In this case, let us take a look at the following signs of how to know if you should break up with your girlfriend.

should we break up

Should we break up? – Signs

The most important question, though, is whether things between two partners have gone so awfully wrong that there can be no turning back. So, we have compiled the list of 8 main signs indicating the termination of a relationship, and it should not necessarily be just one of those to give you the justification to separate, rather, a combination of two or more signs.

1. Physical ground

Sex is not always the be-all and end-all of any relationship, still it is a vastly important part of a well-functioning partnership. If sexual life disappears, the shared levels of mutual intimacy will be suffering immeasurably with the bereft side highly unlikely to continue such relations. It could be that case when one of the partners refusing from the intimacy has already made a specific decision.

2. An absence of common tastes

You like Bud and your girl prefers Barolo. You like holidays at home on the sofa and she prefers a weekend in Paris. You’d rather go watch an action movie and she adores movies dark and sophisticated. In some cases, such differences between the two lovers might seem cute and charming, yet eventually, they can start grating on your nerves. This might be quite a solid sign pointing out that it’s actually time to weigh your differences.

3. Remote possibilities

Constant intense fights over the TV remote control may be demonstrating not only the differences in your tastes concerning TV programs but also your inability to reach a compromise with one another. This is certainly a sign that might be indicating a break-up is the right decision.

4. Love you lost

In order to answer “should we break up or stay together?” you’ll need to define if true love still exists within your relationship. Believe it or not, but some romantic couples manage to get on fine with no love involved, mostly treasuring the companionship and care they do have. But, for most, however, without such an important element as love, there can be absolutely no point to carry on.

5. Constant irritation

Are you constantly getting irritated by your significant other’s presence for no actual reason, even if the girl always tries to do something really nice for you? Well, in fact, there must be a good reason for that. There’s a chance your heart is no longer in the partnership and desperate to be elsewhere.

6. You just keep your parents happy

Simply because your romantic partner’s parents don’t really like you is not a reason to decide that you’re giving up on your relationship, but some people hugely value their parent’s opinions. And if you feel like you are fighting fruitless battles against her parents’ negative opinion, plus there isn’t enough to keep you in the relationship, then it is possibly in your best interests to make the first step and throw in the towel.

how to know if you should break up

7. Personal matters

When figuring out should you break up or not, try to remember if your beloved partner has certain pretty disgusting habits that she is absolutely unwilling to get rid of? And if the answer’s positive, then you may decide it is the best time to let somebody else deal with those.

8. Following opposite dreams

Sometimes, we appear to have quite a promising chance to pursue our own dreams, whatever those might be, and there is actually no room in those dreams and aspirations for anybody else. And if you are even considering following the dreams of yours at your lover’s expense, then your girlfriend does not actually mean as much to you as you might have thought.

How to know when you should break up?

Everyone might be pretty much familiar with the idea that opposites tend to attract, however, in reality, if you and your woman are way too different, the whole thing is going to end up as a massive strain on your entire relationship. As much as both of you may faithfully love one another, the cold hard truth tells that sometimes loving another person just is not enough to make the whole partnership work and last.

1. You are constantly being abused

It’s a simple fact that most people avoid talking about, but it is quite common to be feeling sadness and loss after deciding to cut the ties with a romantic partner who acts abusively towards you. It doesn’t mean you must stick around, though. The point is, you will need to process all of your emotions and take some time to mourn the loss of the good things that were in your relationship. Abuse is known to be a real deal breaker, still, it is not always an off-switch for sincere feelings and emotions.

2. You fail at resolving your problems

You keep trying and trying, but every single time you fight over the same old things. With no matter what the issue may be, you seem to never resolve it. And neither of you two can get past it. And this issue overshadows all those good things you have. For sure, you can’t demand your woman to change. So, if your relationship cannot get past the problems, then perhaps it is the perfect time to part your ways before it gets even worse.

3. Neither of you gets what they need

Some people just can’t maintain a long-distance type of relations. Some may need constant physical affection they can only be given in person. Some fall in love with other people who don’t have any similar needs or who never wish to do something they want to do.

4. You keep pursuing different things

Having kids. Job issues. Moving to another country or city. Taking a loan. These are the examples of the important decisions that both partners need to be on board with. Unfortunately, sometimes life can take you in two different directions. For example, if you really want that new well-paid job across the ocean and your girlfriend really doesn’t want to go there with you, you don’t need to compromise. Many couples successfully cope with that stuff, but some just can’t.

5. You are simply not happy. At all

Human heart wants precisely what it wants. And sometimes what your heart really wants is not your absolutely wonderful, loving, magnificent, cute, funny girl. Sometimes what your heart truly needs is to break up with the deceitful, selfish, condescending woman by your side who is so damn attractive and charming externally. Yet one thing is for sure – you don’t have to stay with someone simply because you can’t allow breaking their heart.

If you finally decided to break up with your girlfriend, then you will have to think everything through so that she does not hurt too much, and not to mark the poor girl single for the rest of her life. Having done everything peacefully, quietly and calmly, you can even remain good friends after a break up.

 First of all, think of an exect place where you will tell her about your breakup.  It is important to choose the right place. For example, you have been together for a long time, perhaps for several years or months, then it is better to meet in a quiet apartment and calmly discuss everything.  Well, if you a few dates only, then a more crowded busy place, like a cafe or a city park, will be suitable.

 In order to achieve the result you want, that is, a quiet peaceful break up without tantrums and scandals, you can not tell the whole truth.  Let your deep true thoughts remain in your head, and tell the girl a cliff notes version.

Before you say anything to a girl, play a possible scenario in your head, and then you will understand how it may look to other person.  It is clear to any girl that you probably would not say goodbye to a perfect girl, so something about her is not right. Thus, do not make it to sweet, she will catch you lying, which is bad. 

Should I break up with my girlfriend: A quiz

Communication makes the key to success for any healthy relationship. That’s especially true for those romantic relationships in which vulnerability and emotions are involved. In this way, be sure you tread lightly in her territory. At the same time, you should remember that you deserve to get totally honest answers to make the best decision available for your couple in this situation. So, we’ve reviewed several ways how to know if you should break up with someone and now we’re about to examine some essential questions you should ask each other to decide whether your relationship can survive the dark times or just no luck.

1. Are you truly happy within your relationship?

To avoid the “I think we should break up” type of hasty decisions you will need to have a totally open conversation touching upon those issues you are concerned about. If your partner tends to hesitate and isn’t absolutely sure of how to answer, do not be jumping to a conclusion getting angry with her — especially if your question came out of the blue. Encourage your woman to be completely honest. If she’s not happy, then it might be time to move to the heavier questions.

should we break up or stay together

2. What do both of you want out of your relations?

Do you see you two getting married and going gray together? Or your relationship is more like a summer fling? If you are looking for permanency in your relations, but your significant other just can’t picture her future with you – your relationship may definitely need a better second thought.

3. Why are you attracted to one another?

If your girl keeps focusing mainly on the physical attraction to you rather than on your real personality, then you may have a serious problem. Your woman might not be interested in making it for the long haul.

4. What is your biggest mutual dream?

If your girl shows passion and drives to achieve something truly great, then you know she takes her actions serious enough and that she wants your relationship to succeed. But if the girl waffles or has never thought about it, then what has she thought about regarding your relationship to last long enough?

5. Are you willing to work on your relationship together?

If your relationship is about to start crumbling just all of a sudden — or, in our particular case, is noticeably crumbling at this very moment — is your significant other willing to put in the effort to come out stronger on the other end? Are you ready to embrace some teamwork on your relationship? If not, you have already made your final decision.

6. Are you ready to sacrifice particular things for each other?

Perhaps you are thinking about moving somewhere else for a better job opportunity. Or maybe you are planning to remain celibate until marriage. So, whatever sacrifice you may want your lover to make, is she going to be alright with it? Sacrifice and compromise are the wheels in the relationship machine. And if one of them gets pierced, the entire machine will stop.

7. Is there anything that can be done differently?

Oftentimes, it is never one partner’s fault that things start to go sour. Perhaps you are working long hours and she just doesn’t know how to deal with it. Perhaps she prioritizes her own friends over you and you have never mentioned your frustration. How do you plan to mend things if you are not even communicating?

8. Do you love each other?

Don’t be expecting your girl to say, “Of course, I do love you.” But if it’s reached that point in your relationship where it is all about love or bust, in that case, this might be quite an appropriate question to ask. By the way, the “love” word may be the reassurance you need so bad that your partner cares about you and enough to stay in the relationship.

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Oct 1,  2020,  4:12 PM

Guys, don’t be too cruel, don’t tell them the whole truth the moment you break up. Of course, you have a lot to say after these years or months of hell, but it does not mean you need to throw it all out right now. Wait till she is ready, soften her up, start with positive and move to negative things you hated about her. Be one hundred percent confident in yourself, otherwise you can find a break in the clouds that everything can still be fixed, and it will be a never-ending noghtmare. After you finally realize that the time to leave has come, do not look back. Keep calm

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