Ukrainian girls do love compliments. Furthermore, they are worth telling compliments. The key thing here is to be sincere with you’re the lady you like.

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How to approach a Ukrainian girl

Ukrainian girls love confident men. If you are confident enough there are two ways on how to approach a Ukrainian girl.

The first one is to do it through all the possible dating websites and social networks. Approaching a Ukrainian girl online is much easier than doing it in public. The key point is that you know in advance that she is single and is looking for relationships. It is obvious that the Ukrainian girl you want to date is single if she is registered on a dating site (no matter what kind of relationships she is looking for). If you found a page of a beautiful Ukrainian lady on Facebook or Vkontakte you should read her profile attentively to check if she is single. Besides, it will be reasonable to check her photos with guys if she has ones. Once you are sure that she is a kind of girl you like and is looking for love online as well as you do, you should start the conversation (or chatting). There are dozens of tips on how to do it on the Internet. You may pick up a topic she enjoys (based on her timeline) and post something on the matter on your timeline. After you start the chat she will 100% check out your profile and like the video or post you’ve made.  

The second way is to approach a Ukrainian girl in public. Those men who are going to visit Ukraine have a unique opportunity to meet a great Ukrainian girl and make sure that she is the one for a quite short period of time. Meeting girls in public has its benefits. You will immediately see the way a girl responds to your compliments and questions. Besides her mimics and gestures will help you a lot to understand whether the story she tells you is true. Furthermore, her behavior during the date will give you a hint if all she likes in you is money. But how to start the conversation with a Ukrainian girl in public and what to do if she is hanging out with friends?

First of all keep in mind the following idea: place matters! If you are trying to approach a Ukrainian girl down the dark empty street, empty subway, etc. We don’t want to freak her out, right? Choose a public place. It does not have to be a romantic one. You may visit a book store or a comic store, go to a nightclub or bar, have a cup of coffee in an intimate café. If you see a girl you like make an eye contact with her first. Ukrainian women adore when men are watching them and feast their eyes on them. This sounds like a compliment for a single woman in Ukraine. By the way, do not forget to check if she is single or not. The easiest way to do it is to pay attention to her right hand (Ukrainian women have rings on their right hands if they are married).

Do Ukrainian girls like compliments?

Positive! Receiving compliments is what Ukrainian girls adore. Complimenting a Ukrainian lady helps her to become more attracted to you. Not to mention that they fall in love through their ears really often.

A Ukrainian girl is looking forward to receiving a compliment from you. Do I need to mention what happens, when girls do not get what they are waiting for from men? However, you should keep in mind that your compliment should be sincere. Each compliment should be true to you first of all. Ukrainian girls are good at distinguishing fakeness.

Another thing Ukrainian girls like about compliments is how you do them. They adore men who show their respect this way. How to compliment a girl to show your respect? Simply do not say anything you would not tell your mother or sister.

Choose the right place and time for complimenting a Ukrainian girl. For instance, if you were present during her presentation and are thinking about telling that she has a beautiful dress now, you’d better not. This may say that you are indifferent to what she was speaking about in her presentation. And all that you are interested in is her appearance. This will be really offensive.

Another option is to not to give compliments for girls but to show them. What I mean, is that you can make a romantic dinner to show your Ukrainian woman that you appreciate that she gave a hand to homeless, for example. Besides, a compliment should not be given right after she does it. It is much better if you wait until the evening. This way you will show her that you have been thinking about what she did all the day long.

Be ready that not all Ukrainian girls give feedbacks to compliment or react the way you want them to react. The key thing here is to keep calm. Do not say that she is full of herself! This will only prove that you gave the compliment for your own good. Try saying that she does not have to trust you but you speaking from the pure heart and hoping that she will trust your words (especially if you do not know each other well yet).  

Best compliments for Ukrainian girl

Think about what does she value or like about herself. Do not limit yourself with compliments about her clothes and makeup. For instance, if you got to know that your Ukrainian girl is dreaming of becoming a good and caring mother, give her a compliment about it. Tell that she is so caring and gentle that it will be awesome if all women are like she is.

Consider things she cares about when telling about others. If you have noted that she was excited by something about her colleague, for example, keep that in mind. Look for such phrases like “I would love to be as patient as…” Then, give her a compliment on that matter. Tell her that she is wrong if she thinks that she is less patient than her friend is.

Think about something she may want to improve about herself. If she is trying to be stricter with her colleagues, tell her how good she was at that meeting. Add that you know how difficult it is to change something about yourself. Emphasize on how attentively the auditory was listening to her speech.

If you still hesitating on how to compliment a woman, let’s consider the next option. Be attentive to your Ukrainian girl and you will be lucky to see something new about her. Let her know that you appreciate the change and pay attention even to details when it is about her. If you see that she has new shoes, tell her that you don’t know much about shoes and all the latest trends, but in this pair, she does look gorgeous.

Of course, we can give you a list of general compliments, which Ukrainian girls are likely to appreciate, but your unique compliment will be 100 times better if you tell it from a pure heart. Best compliments are the sincere compliments.

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