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A nightclub is a perfect place to pick up a girl. Basically, it is designed for people to get relaxed and make romantic acquaintances. Women at a club actually expect to catch someone’s eye, so the task for a guy becomes much easier. Ukrainian single girls, just like other young women around the globe, enjoy spending their time at the nightclub, mostly in the company of friends. To get things clear from the start: there are two types of women you can run into. The first type consists of girls who look for a wealthy man, preferably a foreigner, but the local money-bags will do too. And the second type includes more or less ordinary girls who just want to have fun. To pick up a woman of the first type, you don’t have to do much – just buy her a couple of cocktails and speak some learned phrases with your terrible accent, and she’ll be already impressed. This is far not the case with the women of the second type. If you want to date a Ukrainian girl after you met her at the nightclub, here’s when you need a strategy.


How to behave with a Ukrainian girl at the nightclub

To pick up girls at the nightclub, you should keep in mind a couple of simple rules.

Rule #1 act confident and relaxed. Don’t show your nervousness because girls sense that pretty well. To do that, you will need to convince yourself (and really believe) that it’s actually no big deal to talk to a girl you liked. It’s not like she’s the last person on a planet. If not her, there will be someone else. When you have this thought in mind, it will give you mental strength and easiness to make your move.

Rule #2 control your emotions. For example, don’t show your obvious disappointment if she doesn’t pay attention, or don’t be too eager when you speak with her. If you want to date a Ukrainian woman, you need to be smooth-tempered. So keep your cool and stay positive-minded.

Rule #3 don’t waste precious time. Once you spotted a girl of your liking, act immediately. There’s no time to think or wait for the right moment. While you procrastinate, some other guy can take your place.

Rule #4 dress up. A Ukrainian girl is a true fashionista. She thinks her duty is to be absolutely stunning, and it’s highly unlikely that she would even bother to look at you twice if you’re dressed inappropriately.

Let’s hope you’re smart enough to know that Ukrainian women are different not only from other women but also from each other. You can’t state that every Ukrainian girl is, for example, quiet and reserved or wild and eccentric just because you’ve met two of them in your life. Learn about Ukrainian women dating habits and you’ll see what high standards they have when choosing a partner.

Main dont's of picking up girls at a club

Being sudden

The main thing that unites all bad pickup tricks is the effect of surprise. Catching a girl with a kiss by surprise is a good idea only for movies.

Being inappropriate while trying to be frank

The image of successful people is now really associated with active sexuality. Openness in a conversation about intimate things can look dashing, bold, and attractive, but only if it is appropriate and both of you are ready for such communication. 

Sending her a photo of yourself naked immediately

A separate issue of inappropriate frankness is sending dick pics. Millennials, those who are now under 35, often reveal such a mistake. Sending a girl a text or a photo that you would not typically show her if you were not in the club is not an excuse. The fact that you are drinking and having fun doesn’t mean anything.

How to pick up girls at a club: three main ways

When you arrived at the club, take a quick look around. Casually stroll to the bar and on your way check the girls. There are three main ways to pick up women at the club that depend on what area of the club you are: at the dance floor, at the bar or on the outskirts.

1. On the dance floor 

While you dance, you can carefully glance around through the crowd of dancing girls. When you spot the one you like, make an eye contact and smile. By the way, it’s better to learn some simple moves. If you dance more or less bearable, it won’t be too difficult to pick up a girl. Maybe they will approach you on their own. Ukrainian girls like to dance and to show off at times. And also they like tidy good-looking guys who know how to move on the dance floor.

But don’t delude yourself: you can dance like a pro, but if you look shabby and out of the place, nothing can save the situation. Make sure you dress up before you go to a club. You will never see Ukrainian girls dating someone untidy and with a messy hair.

When you dance beside a girl, it’s the right moment to touch her hand or an elbow. Remember to behave properly. Despite some opinions, girls in the nightclub do not appreciate being grabbed by the waist and other inappropriate body parts.

2. At the bar 

This is usually the most crowded place in the club. Most of the girls sooner or later will come here. And in most cases, they will come alone. So it is a great opportunity to start a conversation. Offer your help in ordering a drink, if she has difficulties, or ask if she knows a delicious cocktail you could order for yourself. If she’s interested, she’ll gladly reply something. If on the contrary, she gives you a monosyllabic answer, don’t waste your time – there’s plenty of fish in the ocean.

If the girl is already sitting at the bar, you can offer to buy her a drink. Suggest a cocktail that you think she would definitely like. Don’t press too much if the girl refuses.

If she’s in the mood to continue the acquaintance, proceed with the conversation. Always have in store some fascinating stories, even if they are a little bit made up. Your girl will believe them as long as you use the right amount of emotions and charisma.

3. On the periphery 

 Girls can rarely be seen alone in the nightclub. Usually, they come in the company of their girlfriends. It’s more intimidating to approach such a company and start talking. If possible, choose a moment when a girl is alone or at least with no more than one friend. You can ask your friend to come together – it’s the best scenario because you won’t feel so awkward.

Now, what should you say first? Well, it depends on the situation. Start with a simple greeting. Express your opinion about the club and the music and then ask her if she likes in here. Actually, it’s not so important what you say – it’s important how you say it. An effective body language is already 70% of success. If you feel confident and comfortable with yourself, you will find the right words. Here’s a little trick to get closer: because the music is loud, when you talk you can lean to her ear. Or use the opposite version – deliberately talk quietly so she will have to lean to you to hear what you say.

When you caught her attention and you feel that she’s a little bit interested, move away for a while. Don’t stick around all the time like a lost puppy. Leave your girl on her own talking with her friends or whatever she was doing before you approached her. She has to feel that she’s not the center of your attention. But don’t stay away for too long – come back again a little bit later and continue the conversation.

In the end of the evening, you can offer to take her home. If she is planning to return home together with friends, at least ask her number so you can contact her later.

Remember, that success comes with experience. And in the future, you will understand how to pick up a girl at a club and become a pro. For now, don’t feel bad if you lost an opportunity with one girl, there will be others. Think of it as a game and have fun.

Comments (4)

Arduin Soler

Arduin Soler

Jul 22,  2020,  12:13 PM

In reality, sex jokes scare and put a person in an awkward and vulnerable position.I agree with the author!



Aug 21,  2020,  9:29 AM

I always meet girls in clubs. This is really one of the best places to get acquainted with Ukrainians.



Nov 4,  2020,  12:54 PM

I love going to clubs, it's just a kind of relaxation for me after a working week. And I love meeting new people there. And by the way, I was in Kyiv clubs too. Girls are very open there and always glad to meet new people. When I see a girl who interests me, I come to her and ask whether I can buy a cocktail for her or we just dance together. We just have fun like this. Then we exchange phone numbers or follow each other on Instagram. And by the way, I even had a relationship with one of the Ukrainian girls. We also met at the club. And we were together for 3 years. So, don’t think that it is impossible to find a good girl in such places.



Nov 4,  2020,  12:55 PM

From my own experience, I can say that the club is a perfect place to pick up a Ukrainian girl. When you visit clubs, you drink alcohol and this makes you more courageous. It is very easy to get acquainted while standing at the bar counter and drinking, you just start talking on any topic. For example: do you often come here? Or what do you drink? If you visit clubs where lounge music plays, then just come up and ask a girl to dance with you. You can easily find a common language in dance, and then continue to talk at the bar counter. The main thing is to notice when a girl looks at you and smiles. This is really important.

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