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Psychologists say that about 60-80% of information is transmitted non-verbally in communication. However, this happens when we meet in person. When communicating with someone on the Internet, you receive only a small part of the possible information, and, therefore, your conclusions about the interlocutor are incomplete. A rich imagination often draws the image of a beautiful woman without proper reason because you want so much that a person with whom you have so many common interests and with whom you understand each other perfectly has all conceivable and inconceivable virtues. So, it will not be surprising if, in reality, your Internet girlfriend turns out to be completely different. By the way, keep in mind that the woman, most likely, imagines you in the same way, and, therefore, it is likely that the meeting will disappoint both, and not because of some of your shortcomings but precisely because of the discrepancy between the imagined image and the real one.

So, after chatting on the Internet, you decided that the girl is good and you definitely like her. Don’t rush to meet with her in real life without having a virtual date via video at least a couple of times. And during these two times, try to find out more about her: what she enjoys, what she likes, try to realize whether you really need a meeting. In order to have enough time for conversations, discuss the date and time of the online meeting in advance. So, first time talking to girl on video chat – what to expect from this date and how to prepare for it? 

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Why dating video chat before a real meeting is a good idea nowadays

Your goal was to meet girls now. So, you met someone on the Internet and you interested each other. A few good jokes, compliments, then serious dialogue, night messages on your phone... The longer you chatted, the more you liked her. And it seems that this attraction turned out to be mutual. Video dating is a good alternative to dating sites. Unlike these sites, video chat dating helps not only communicate through text but also see each other and better evaluate the possibilities of further communication.

Moreover, it is very convenient for those people who are busy and can’t go on real dates every day. In most cases, this is the best option for men because they can rarely combine work and dating properly.

Another advantage of this type of dating is that video dating chat is much cheaper than going to a restaurant or bar where you can have a date with someone. Here you can get acquainted without leaving your home. Such ways are especially suitable for those who don’t like leaving the house and/or just hesitate to get acquainted.

But of course, the main goal of having a video chat with women is to get to know each other better and find common topics of conversation (like on a real date). Therefore, in the process of communication, you will learn about hobbies, work, interests of each other, and so on.

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How to get ready to a video chat with women

Have you met an interesting woman on the Internet, but live far from each other or just can’t decide to have a real date yet? If you can’t go on a real date, then nothing is stopping you from organizing a live video chat with girls to get to know each other better. But how to do everything right?

1. Choose a video calling application in advance

You have always discussed not only when but where exactly you would meet, right? This also works for video dates. There are many video calling apps out there today. When you decide that you want to see each other on video, immediately agree on where exactly this will happen. Otherwise, you run the risk of installing a new application in haste and sorting out its interface or trying to remember your password for an account that you haven’t used for a hundred years. Save yourself from this unnecessary stress and think about this little thing in advance. 

2. Check the quality of the connection

This is one of the most important tips that many people forget about. “Can you see me?” and “Can you hear me?” – this is the first thing that each participant in the video conversation should think about. Also, make sure that no one distracts you or makes noise. By the way, noise is transmitted through video communication with truly disgusting sounds. So, install the dating video chat app in advance, study the interface and functions. Also, it will not be superfluous to test the microphone, headphones, and camera so as not to do this already during a call.

3.  Good lighting is the key to success

The first time talking to girl on video chat can confuse you. You need to prepare everything for it. One of the main requirements is good lighting during video calls. It is best to sit by the window so that the light falls naturally. However, it shouldn’t be too bright, otherwise, the face on the screen will turn into a white spot, on which only eyes and lips are visible. Pay attention to the fact that the light doesn’t fall from above, otherwise, bags under the eyes and all the skin imperfections will become more noticeable.

4. Look into the camera

When you have a video call, look at the other person. During a video call, you will see a small screen showing your face. But take another time to admire yourself: the woman will notice that your gaze is not directed at her. You will look impolite and ridiculous. It is best to sit so that you are approximately in the middle of the video communication window. In this case, it is worth looking into the camera so that the interlocutor has a feeling of eye contact. During a video call, it is difficult to know if the person on the other side of the screen is listening to you, especially if they are sitting with their head lowered.

5. Try to calm down

Take this dating advice chat not so seriously. Your voice and facial expression directly affect the mood of a woman and her further actions. Therefore, before starting a conversation, take a few deep breaths, and try to relax. Think about things that might confuse you. This will allow you to be prepared if the conversation begins to develop according to a not very successful scenario. Try to be yourself. Don’t take your online meeting experience too seriously.

6. Create your image

You need to prepare for a live video chat in the same way as for an ordinary date. Dress nicely. The advantage of video communication is that only your face and shoulders will be visible to the interlocutor. You shouldn’t choose too bright colors because they will be slightly different (even brighter) on the screen of a woman’s computer, so keep this in mind. Also, don’t wear clothes with small patterns, such as specks, flowers, pinstripes, and avoid shiny fabrics. Such clothes will ruffle in the eyes. Among the colors, it is better to choose the black or white ones.

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7. Smile

As with a face-to-face meeting, a smile is very important in video calls. Give it to a woman, let her feel that you have been waiting for this video date, and are happy to see her. Thanks to it, your conversation will immediately become more benevolent, sincere, relaxed. Besides, it is very good to hide excitement behind a smile. As soon as you feel that it overwhelms you, smile. Moreover, the woman can also overcome her excitement when she sees that you are smiling at her and feel relaxed. Therefore, if you see that she worries, support her with a smile.

8. Think of it as an ordinary date

How do you know how long your first call should take? Dating experts advise to treat a girl video chat as something usual and proceed from the situation, focusing on a period of 40 minutes or an hour. But what if the date is so bad that you want to get it over with? Don’t interrupt it suddenly without explanation – this is impolite and will be painful for the girl. Let’s remind you about real dates again – apologize and say that you still have some urgent things to do. And then write a message that it was pleasant for you to talk to her, but you didn’t feel “chemistry”.

9. Master your communication

This will be your main weapon! The ability to say compliments, discuss topics that are interesting and important for a woman allows you to firmly hold her attention. We always say that a man should associate a woman with pleasant emotions, so ask her about pleasant things:

  • “If you could be anywhere in the world now, then where would you like to go?”
  • “Which dish impressed you with its taste?”
  • “For what event could you travel a thousand kilometers?”
  • “What can make you laugh even on the worst day?”

10. Have fun

Yes, at first, it will be embarrassing, but after 15-20 minutes of communication, you will get used to each other so much that you will forget that the screen divides you or start joking about it. And another hidden plus: a dating video chat is more economical in terms of money and time. This means that you can use this way of dating to the maximum in your search for the “one and only”. Come up with entertainment. You can drink wine, and play a quiz or take a test about movies.

Video dates are becoming more and more popular every hour because you can talk at the monitor at any time of the day. People are not ashamed of themselves and their emotions. But the Internet can never replace the warmth of live communication. It is important to understand that an online date remains an online date. But still, don’t immediately appoint a real acquaintance. It is necessary to get to know the woman better and learn more about her hobbies, work, etc., first. And it is better to appoint the first real acquaintance in a public place such as a restaurant, café, or park where you can stay safe until you are convinced of the seriousness of the interlocutor’s intentions. And remember that whatever the way of your date is, the main goal is always the same – to find your soulmate.

Comments (2)



Nov 4,  2020,  7:43 PM

My experience in online dating is pretty big and I can say for sure that it is better to call a person before meeting in real life. Even a simple phone call can give a lot to think over before seeing a person and open the potential partner from the new side. Women I was talking to often asked me to have a video chat before the date. I react perfectly well to it and understand that such an approach is adequate. They wanted to have some reassurance and I gave it to them. We are all adults and no one wants to risk it. When a woman asks you to send more photos or call her, just do it to show that she can trust you. This way, you win more points!



Nov 4,  2020,  7:46 PM

Me and my husband met on a dating site where there was a possibility to video chat people to talk face to face. I appreciated that he agreed to have a small conversation before meeting for a real date. It showed me that I had nothing to be scared of. There were some cases when I did not see men before the date and they turned out freaks or not at all like in the photos. Since then, I decided not to waste my time and always ensure myself of the authenticity of the people I met. If men were not like talking to in a video chat first, I immediately weeded them out and never texted again.

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