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Today, almost all acquaintances with girls happen online. For this reason, the sofa knights hone their skills and show how cool they are. Very few guys get acquainted in real life. And this is good for you since the chances are huge, and the only problem that arises is how to choose among different ways to say hi through text. But how to write to a girl and not screw it up? Indeed, many guys get really stressed and pass their chance upon they meet real women. But we want you to understand that meeting beautiful girls is fun and easy. Hopefully, our article will help you in the matter of texting girls, and you will no longer worry about how to catch the attention of a beauty online.

interesting ways to say hi over text

What Can Be Shown By How People Greet Each Other?

The greeting can say a lot. For example, the handshake of two people can really be much more truthful and informative, even worth a thousand words. The habit of shaking hands as a gesture of greeting is present in almost all cultures. But if in ancient times, the ritual of greeting from different nations could differ significantly, now, in the era of globalization of any processes, including cultural ones, we have received a universal and fairly standard way to greet another person - shaking hands.

But only at first glance this simple action is typical and does not contain any personality. In fact, there are a great many handshake options. And depending on the situation, the relationship with the interlocutor and the nature of the situation, each of us chooses one way or another to shake hands. The same can be applied to every physical or verbal way to greet someone like when you meet women now. Several factors are of importance here:

  • The greeting expresses attitude towards the interlocutor. And if in words a person can lie, then the truth is much more likely to be correctly interpreted through a hug or a specific look.
  • The distance at meeting a person means only how much they intend to contact you. A short distance does not necessarily mean a positive location.
  • The closer and longer physical connection (a hug, a kiss, a pat on the back) is, the more desire to make contact here exists. And the more emotions overwhelm your interlocutor.

In real life, the main points of the rules on how to greet a girl do not depend on the closeness of the relationship. Welcoming a young woman, you should:

  • look into her eyes;
  • raise the headgear, if any;
  • add a general phrase after “hello,” for example, about good weather or “it's nice to see you”;
  • to smile.

These are the basic rules that must be followed when greeting a girl, while other things will draw your attention in online communication. Ways to say hi in different languages used by the person show their desire to stand out and look friendlier. While phone calls rarely begin without the word "hello." And this is absolutely normal because the greeting is polite and correct. But on the Internet, everything is not so obvious. Our network connections come down to business and friendly: we discuss relatively serious things most often by e-mail, and we talk with friends on social networks and instant messengers. Therefore, it is worth drawing borders here.

How to Create a Good "Hi Message"?

Acquaintance is nothing but a skill. And any skill can be worked out to automatism. The more communications you make with the female gender, the easier it will be. But even cute ways to say hi in a text message and other tricks will save you when the girl feels your insincerity. That is why never send various girls the same impersonalized template, they will find it out. All that distinguishes a guy who knows how to say hi on Tinder from one who doesn't, is the number of challenges. For the first, their number is close to zero because the process has become practically automatic for him.

how to say hi in text message

Before approaching, consider whether the scenario implies a “hot” or “cold” start. “Hot” applies to the situation when she noticed you and, as it were, gave a conditional signal - with a “look into the eyes,” a shy smile, or liked you in return if we talk about social media. A cooler version implies the absence of any signs and, possibly, even complete ignoring (well, she has surely noticed you but tries to create a challenge). This scenario may turn out to be more difficult in practice. If you haven’t yet found a reliable approach to ladies, here, we must say, you are not alone. So, we have collected the ways to “break the ice” and tips on how to say hello in the text message which can be useful in different situations of meeting a female.

1. Introduce yourself

This, in fact, goes without saying. She may simply not know about your existence. If you do not inform her that you've noticed and liked her and are ready to talk, she is not at all obliged to see every guy around her. Let's draw an analogy with football: to score a ball, you need to come closer to the goal rather than beat the ball from two hundred meters. The same can be applied to women. Therefore, enter the zone of her attention as if by chance and introduce yourself. For example, "I am Sean, glad to meet you," "Hi, I’m Peter. It seems that I haven’t met you before although we have lots of mutual friends." Such ways to say hi by text are usually the most effective.

2. Say hello

Maybe this seems commonplace. Most women will greet you only because of politeness. Their “automatic” reaction, however, is enough to continue the conversation. In general, such a simple approach, without tricks, often allows you to not only attract the attention of a stranger but also think over the next text. In addition, this method is universal for any environment. It implies that you text a girl "Hello," and when she answers with a greeting back, you can ask her the next question, insert a compliment or come up with other different ways to say hello via text.

3. Ask a clarifying question

For example, if you have noticed a strange quote on her page on Facebook, you can ask a girl to explain how she understood the intention of the author or why did she choose to post it. It is dangerous to pose philosophical questions such as, “What is your attitude to the globalization of world processes?” Your interlocutor may consider this an absurd mockery. It is better to ask something simpler, “What do you usually do at your leisure, how do you have fun?” “What are you going to do in the coming weekends?” And then base the conversation on common interests or the crook that the girl may give you.

4. Comment on what surrounds you

Wherever you stumble upon a girl and whatever you do at the moment, there will be always something around that you can pay attention to. This tactic is suitable not only for real life but social media either. For example, when a girl has posted a photo from an event, holidays or another unusual place. The beginning of a conversation with a girl should affect some sphere of her interests and hobbies. Different ways to say hi in text from the banal, “Hello!” to asking, “How are you?” are all aimed at causing reaction and receiving feedback. To do this, you should be original, and it is easier than you may think. Like if you note that the weather is cool today, it is snowing, you want to go skiing and ask if she has the same desire, then you have every chance of a more detailed answer. Suppose she asks if you ski often. Then she may ask where. Then - with whom. Well, and so on.

5. Think about the common interests

Join the group she is a member of. Does she love to travel? Just ask where she was and where else she wants to go. What do you remember? What did you like? So, you will kill two birds with one stone: you’ll start a conversation and quickly understand her preferences. You can also ask for help. Let's say that you are looking for a gift for your mother (sister), and from the profile of the charming woman you liked, you know that she is an expert at music; jewelry; pictures. So, will she advise something, because the interests of your mother (sister) surprisingly coincide with her own? In general, there are many ways. The main thing is to start, and then you will gain confidence, and conversation will happen naturally.

6. Give a compliment

It's no secret that women love compliments. However, there is one “but” here: if they are true. Most women are always able to distinguish sincere compliments from insincere ones. Therefore, outright flattery and false praise, most likely, will not work. But if you manage to come up with something genuine, your “target” will probably be flattered. One "You have a very sweet smile," and she will be in tune to continue the conversation.

7. Make her feel sorry for you

Women are very compassionate creatures. One of the interesting ways to say hi over text is to come up with some kind of problem that she could help you solve is a good option for dating. For example, "I have argued with my sister, I feel so bad and do not know how I should approach her to apologize." If she responds to such a request, she’s forever yours. In order not to look like an alpha, you can come up with a phrase that is not so binding, “I feel a little at loss, don’t you know any places to visit in the city center?” 

interesting ways to say hi over text

Remember: if a woman starts helping you, it’s already psychologically harder for her to get rid of you. If you still think that getting to know a woman is not so easy, we assure you that you will succeed. Give up your doubts and go on! Of course, from time to time you will receive rejects, but this is normal. Do not dwell on failures. Do not lose confidence in yourself, and you will meet so many women that you simply won’t know where to hide from them.

Is It Necessary to Personalize the Message?

After registering on the website or in the application, one thought annoyingly turns in your head, “What is the first thing to write to a girl? Such as not to look intrusive and immediately set the right tone for the conversation." So, it would be necessary to determine the strategy for further action. Because just using funny ways to say hi over text is not enough. After all, this is not standup, or you are not trying to test your jokes on someone no matter how creative you are. Every girl wants to feel special, and if you show her individual attention, she will be flattered.

1. Who are you texting?

Before you think about how to say hi in text message directed at the heroine of your dreams, you need to decide who you would like to chat with. Perform a search according to the parameters you set (age, education, country of residence, city, presence of children, zodiac sign, and so on).

2. Carefully study the profiles of the girls you like

Pay special attention to the point in which she writes about preferences in men. Who is she looking for? What kind of gust tract her? You can write to her if you fit the description of her ideal couple. It makes no sense to waste time on a girl if, for example, she is looking for someone older than you. Believe us, if, in reality, she wants an affair with a different type of man, then hardly anything will come of your correspondence. But if you really like her, then why not take a chance? You never know. Perhaps you will be able to explain to her that age is not the main thing.

3. Do not confine yourself to the standard “Hello”

By doing so, you just do not motivate her to answer. Try to come up with a message to make her smile or at least feel bewilderment. What topic are you confident at and can tell a girl about? Apart from wondering how to say hi on text, use other interesting topics and details you know!

4. Get inspired by the information that she's indicated on her profile

Photos of snowy mountain landscapes? - Ask if she is good at snowboarding. Photos from the party? - Tell her how well that blue color of her dress suits her. Take a closer look. Perhaps you have some kind of intersection of interests? Dwell on this in more detail, and you will find out a million cute ways to say hello in text.

Examples of Good "Hello Message"

Now let’s get down to business and learn on practice. We will shed light on 5 main ways to start a conversation and give you specific examples.

A directory first message

"hi dear) we are meeting tomorrow! what time are you free?"

And then you take a number and make an appointment. Minimum loss of time, maximum efficiency. The disadvantage of this method is that not every girl will tolerate such an attitude. BUT! If she likes you, then she still may give her number or make it clear that there is potential for further communication. And don't forget that girls like very confident guys. And if you show her your confidence immediately in the first message, then you may succeed.

A message – intrigue

"Hello! I know something about you! liked the fact how two qualities, basically incompatible, combine so easily in you. many men do not like them, but I think this is even a “+” for a girl."

The intrigue is good because it practically makes the girl keep up the conversation. The female sex is a curious one, and she will soon want to find out what exactly you know about her. If you start with intrigue, then do not answer her messages immediately, but pause from several minutes to half an hour, and do not open the main secret until you get a phone number.

different ways to say hi in text

A message – provocation

"you look pretty strong and independent. I would be afraid to meet you)"

Provocation is needed to evoke strong emotions and start the thought process. It will be difficult for a girl to refrain from answering such a message. And that’s what you need. Another thing is that this article provides examples of only the first message. And even if you get a good answer to it, continuing the conversation should be no less effective.

Make a compliment

"You have a perfect style" instead of the simple "You are beautiful."
"Hi! You know, I am one of those persistent guys who believe that you are incredibly beautiful!"

Everyone likes flattery. When a guy does not know what to write to a young lady, a way out of the situation is a compliment. The main thing is not to write banal things. Correct flattery is jewelry work. Here you should examine photos and posts of a girl, what she blogs about or how she acts in social media. Use any detail to come up with a great and true compliment, praise her on something you know she may have worked on like sport-related topics, books or her appearance.

Original messages

"What are you doing tonight after our meeting?"

To attract the attention of a girl, you need to show originality. A non-standard approach and an unusual sense of humor will be appreciated by everyone. Do not simply joke without feedback as if your conversation is your comic monologue and in no case make fun of the girl. If joking about some feature of a guy is normal from the side of the girl since she tries to tease you in such a way, then it is unacceptable for the stronger sex.

Nowadays, it often happens that a girl is the first to start a conversation. It’s easier for her: she knows that there will be no ridicule or contempt, and in the absence of interest, the guy will simply politely let her know that he is not free or has different tastes. And that’s all. And if you like a girl talking to you? Do not wait, act: ask your questions, not just answer her. Quickly seize the initiative: ladies love brave and determined men. She asks how often do you go to this club? And in response, take an interest in where she likes to go. Are there any normal places in the city where you can drink and dance and have good music? By the way, what kind of music does she like?

Since the advent of mankind, many ways have been devised to start a conversation with a girl whose languid look, figuratively speaking, left a bleeding wound in your heart. The basic rule has remained unchanged for centuries: do not get lost! It’s like an exam: if you don’t know the questions, say everything that comes to mind, most importantly, confidently. Try only to do it beautifully.

Comments (2)



Nov 4,  2020,  9:58 PM

We’re missing a lot with all this online dating stuff. No matter how many emojis we have and how witty our openers are, we’ll never be able to convey all the gamut of emotions our faces express when we say a simple ‘hi’ to a person we like face to face. COVID isn’t giving us much of a choice nowadays, but the trend for online matchmaking was there long before it. A funny thing: it’s way harder to come up with a decent conversation starter than break up and cut all ties with the person. Relationships are worth nothing these days – if things don’t go as planned, you can find a new, ‘better’ girlfriend in a couple of minutes.



Nov 4,  2020,  9:58 PM

How on earth is "What are you doing tonight after our meeting?" original? With such a detailed article, you should’ve come up with something more creative. “Gonna have some pickles and binge watch Sponge Bob after the date. How ‘bout you?” That’s it. And it took me like a minute to make this up. Not saying it’s the prime example of pickup art, but hey. And be careful with making the girl feel sorry for you. An opener should be positive. I think the funny approach beats them all. There’s nothing like a good joke to make the girl laugh and instantly build emotional connection. Learn to be funny before learning to be romantic

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