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Want to know how to date a Sagittarius woman? We’ll share the main tips and tricks to win her heart and tell you about the peculiarities of Sagittarius' character you should keep in mind.

What are Sagittarius women like in a relationship and what surprises do they hold for their potential partners? The question is tricky since these ladies have a very unusual idea of love. Firstly, they don’t put relationships in the first place. For them, love is just one of the stages in their lives. So, if you’re looking for someone who’s ready for everything for the sake of love, a Sagittarius girl may not be the best choice. But there’s much more to this sign. Let’s find out how to date Sagittarius women and make the best of this experience.

how to date a sagittarius woman

What Makes Sagittarius Women Special?

The main qualities of Sagittarius girls are curiosity, wild energy, and the desire for new experiences. They’re never in one place; they’re active and enjoy adventures and traveling. Even finding themselves in unusual, new circumstances, this sign will easily find new friends or just like-minded people. Sociability and openness help them playfully cope with difficulties and challenges.

Sagittarius ladies are always honest and straightforward. They never keep their opinion to themselves and express it openly, which sometimes may sound offensive. But this doesn’t mean they love hurting people, it’s just part of a Sagittarius woman personality - she thinks it’s important to express her point of view publicly. Because of this, others often label Sagittarius girls rude and ill-mannered. Monotony and boredom are their worst enemies. They discover new things with enthusiasm and full dedication.

Sagittarius ladies can be restless and unstable. They’re easily carried away and quickly lose interest. This sign can fall into melancholy or even depression if someone restricts their freedom. But surrounded by friends who are supporting their undertakings, Sagittarius girls are generators of ideas, creating a joyful atmosphere around themselves.

Sagittarius woman is an independent, strong, and powerful person. She doesn’t follow other’s lead, lives by her own rules, and never depends on the opinions of others. She’s creative and multifaceted, captivates others with her ideas, and inspires them. Such women are used to being leaders at work and in relationships. They won’t tolerate control and strive for freedom. Sagittarius girls are perfectionists and workaholics. They can’t stand flattery and are ready to admit their shortcomings and boldly point out to mistakes you make, pushing away vulnerable and shy people.

Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

There’s probably no perfect compatibility for a Sagittarius woman, but some signs can count on a positive outcome. Here are the most promising (and not so promising) matches. But keep in mind that there are exceptions to any rule.

how can i impress a sagittarius girl

Sagittarius - Cancer

When talking about a female Sagittarius and a male Cancer, the relationship may be quite interesting, but only if both agree to stay friends and nothing more. There’s no other way out and no approach to smooth things out. The fact is that there will always be discomfort between them. A Sagittarius girl will give what a Cancer man doesn’t need. As a result, the couple will constantly suffer from conflicts, typically started by the female partner.

Sagittarius - Pisces

Not a perfect match. Such relationships are usually built on physical attractiveness. Two people start dating, but then they realize that they can’t give each other anything that really would be useful for them to create a strong family. All that interests a Sagittarius woman in relationships is sex, while her partner seeks to find a stable soul mate to build a happy union with…

Sagittarius – Sagittarius

How does this combination work? Someone thinks this is the perfect match, while others aren’t so positive. At first, everything may seem fine, and both partners will surely strive to be happy. But over time, they’ll begin to discover the worst traits in each other. Disagreements will arise, and they’ll probably break up, trying to forget their relationship. On the other hand, common interests may keep the two together long enough for disagreements to disappear.

Sagittarius - Aries

The relationship between a Sagittarius woman and an Aries man may be very successful. Firstly, these signs have a lot in common, so usually, what a Sagittarius woman needs in a relationship is what her Aries loved one can give. They both love sex life. There’s no such thing as a quiet Sagittarius-Aries couple. They’ll use every opportunity to get closer to each other. What’s more important, both enjoy the cultural aspect of life. A broad outlook is what unites these people. They’ll always have something to talk about, so they’ll hardly be bored with each other. Both Sagittarius and Aries read a lot. The only major flaw is their hot-tempered characters.

Sagittarius - Gemini

As for a Gemini-Sagittarius couple, their relationship is probably doomed to failure. How will everything develop? At first, both signs will feel comfy with each other. They’re both very smart and can keep a conversation going. But all this won’t matter in less than a month. Together, Gemini and Sagittarius become very demanding and active, striving for new experiences, which may lead to a breakup.

What Is a Sagittarius Woman Like in Relationships?

As for love life, a Sagittarius girl is a more restrained and calmer person. She’s more committed to serious relationships than one-night stands. At first, she’s proud and hard to approach, so not everyone can breach through her defense. But if it happens, she opens up and lets a man know her better.

A Sagittarius woman is insidious to some extent. First of all, she always follows her interests, and only then thinks about others. This often harms her both in everyday life and romantic relationships. She can twist her partner’s character so badly that she will become disgusted by how soft and supple he’s become and quickly lose interest in him.

There are a few more things about a Sagittarius woman you should know. In relationships, she strives for a leadership position. She wants a man that can be controlled. And if she can’t do this directly, she’ll try to find some workarounds. But she won’t use her relationship only to achieve her selfish goals. If she doesn’t like something, she’ll just leave. The benefits of relationships aren’t her thing. It’s worth saying that a Sagittarius woman in relationships is realistic. She always looks at things openly and is ready to solve problems in a relationship without any further ado.

Her expectations about relationships

These girls don’t tolerate patriarchy and patronizing. What a Sagittarius woman wants in a man is the willingness to be on equal terms; they’re not afraid to be initiative and take matters into their own hands. Only bright and charismatic men can conquer such a woman. Sagittarius ladies are open and honest, but flirting and coquetry are alien to them. How to know if a Sagittarius woman loves you? She’ll just say it.

If you generally evaluate Sagittarius girls, you’ll find a lot of interesting things about them, but you should always strive for continuous improvement in the relationship. This is the number one condition for conquering the heart of a Sagittarius woman.

How to Date a Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius girl will never date a person who doesn’t give her emotional feedback. Although her views on gender equality are rather feministic, she’s conservative in relationships. Even if she’s madly in love, she expects her partner to show some chivalry. But that’s not all.

Keep it real

Dating a girl of this sign, don’t try to exaggerate your achievements or boast: she doesn’t care about such things. It’s much more interesting for her to listen to hilarious stories and, which is better, to experience new sensations. A Sagittarius lady will remember an unusual date, so be creative.

sagittarius woman in relationships

Make sure she’s comfortable with you

Rough humor, a gloomy look, and complaints are major turn-offs for a Sagittarius girl who’s always full of optimism. She doesn’t understand why men show weakness with a woman, and she’ll never see an overly vulnerable person as a potential partner.

Be an active communicator

Sagittarius girls enjoy the company of men who can amuse and surprise women. So make your conversations lively, colorful, and witty, and you’ll see how tender she is with those who can make her laugh. Surprise her! She needs surprises to rekindle her curiosity about you. Tell her about the places you’d like to visit in detail, and then she may start to think about going with you.

Prepare for challenges

Words mean nothing for a Sagittarius girl if a man doesn’t show his sympathy with actions. You can’t conquer a Sagittarius woman with fancy words only: she won’t believe them. When a man shows interest in her, a Sagittarius girl turns into a picky princess. She comes up with a few tests her partner must pass with flying colors. Despite that this lady isn’t moody, you’ll probably notice the opposite at first.

Why Is Sagittarius So Hard to Date?

1) A Sagittarius girl will behave a bit rudely with a man. Don’t answer her rudeness with moralizing or even more rudeness. You can jokingly tell her how sweet and charming she is.

2) She may show her temper and irritability or even shout at you for no apparent reason. Try to ignore this. Never get yourself involved in the conflict because she’s just waiting for you to do this and finish the fight as a winner.

3) A Sagittarius woman often points out her independence. She’ll inform you that she’ll behave as she pleases. Take it for granted. Messing with a Sagittarius girl’s freedom is futile – this lady will never let anyone tell her what to do.

What to talk about

In the men's company, a Sagittarius girl feels great, confidently talking about anything, from politics to cars and astronomy. Whereas typical female conversations like gossip or fashion trends are boring for her. Just make sure there’s no tension or awkward pauses. It’s important not to rush things too much, starting communication in a friendly, not romantic way. Otherwise, instead of mutual feelings, you’ll get a slap in the face.

Sagittarius women are straightforward, so if you want to know something about her, ask directly, without hints. It’s better to introduce your Sagittarius partner to friends than parents (preferably male friends, as she won’t tolerate female friends because of jealousy).

What do they like?

A Sagittarius girl will set things straight right on the first date – she’s in control, and there’s nothing to discuss. So, everything will be as she has decided: a parachute jump, night street racing or hot sex on a pool table. You can either run away or if you have the courage to stay, keep up with her. She may also take her friends to date, not as moral support but for fun.

Sagittarius girls love to be in motion, so be prepared to keep up the pace. These ladies can change plans all of a sudden. Those who seek stability in everything will find it hard to accept this. Sagittarius ladies do everything on the fly and love it this way. If you prefer planning, they may seem annoying to you.

On a first date, a Sagittarius girl may be interested in your hobbies and life experiences that have changed you. This sign is oriented towards diversity. They’re explorers, and if you’re also are open to learning and love traveling, you can go far together.

Sagittarius Women in Bed

Sagittarius girls are surprisingly athletic, and luckily, their favorite sport is sex. They always prefer it spontaneous, hot, and unbridled. But not too much – your partner won’t lose her good-natured straightforwardness in the bedroom and will surely tell you if something’s too much for or if she’s ready for “that crazy thing you read about recently.” She’ll certainly let you know that she doesn’t mind to try something new or do it in some unexpected place. In general, be prepared to drop your pants off everywhere. In return, your generous partner will give you an avalanche of pleasure.

Sure, a Sagittarius woman will never refuse kinky offers of her sex partner, no matter how unusual they may seem. But she’ll never stand the discomfort. Pleasures through pain aren’t for Sagittarius ladies! But sensual sexual delights are just what they love. And in terms of giving pleasures, a man has never experienced before, no Zodiac sign can match them. When you start building a romantic relationship with a Sagittarius woman, you can be sure of her lack of sexual selfishness. She’ll always give you more attention in bed than you do. That’s why the sexual aspect is probably the best thing about Sagittarius girls.

She loves teasing her partner until he loses control of himself. Some men consider her bed behavior to be tactless, and she really can be very inattentive to her lover. If he doesn’t give her what she needs, she’ll just please herself in front of him, leaving him to his own devices.

She loves moments after intimacy when she can lie on her lover’s shoulder and talk about how great she just felt. Sex is an act of friendship, and she doesn’t like men behaving as if the whole world has just turned upside down.

how to date sagittarius woman

Unlike men, a Sagittarius woman isn’t inclined to all kinds of experiments. She’s not interested in various devices for spicing up intimate life. Fancy bedroom toys don’t wake her imagination. She’s not a connoisseur of eroticism. She definitely prefers proven and natural forms of sexual play and doesn’t attach importance to the variations that seem too much for her.

Sex Tips with a Sagittarius Woman

“So, how can I impress a Sagittarius girl in bed?” That’s not too hard. When it comes to sex, Sagittarius ladies primarily value vivid emotions and new love adventures. They like to change partners, so the best way to maintain a stable relationship with a Sagittarius girl is to try role-playing games from time to time. Foreplay

The foreplay will help you turn sex into a coveted, passionate action, regardless of your partner’s Zodiac sign. It will bring your senses to the highest point. By the way, this is the main reason why Italian couples are so happy in marriage – the passions, hot-blooded quarrels, and crazy sex after raising the level of testosterone. And it, in turn, brings up the level of desire. The rating of the best examples for foreplay includes massage, watching a porn movie together, and a joint bath.

Don’t be silent

Silent sex based on pure instincts is also a nice thing – it speaks of mutual desire. But if the mood is right for such sex, then there’s no reason to keep your thoughts to yourself during intercourse. Firstly, you can completely control the mood during foreplay. Tell her about your desire. A simple "I want you" will do the trick. You can be impudent and set your partner up for rough sex by saying that you want to do this on the kitchen table. If you’re going to say something, do it quietly. You’ll create an atmosphere of intimacy and mystery. A whisper is very arousing, and she may agree to just about everything. During the process, you can warm your loved one up more. Say compliments, talk about your feelings, ask what she wants. When a Sagittarius girl is aroused, she can let away a lot of hidden desires. Make them come true and become a god in her eyes.

Show that you care

All women hate it when a partner puts their needs and desires first. Of course, they’re still ready to please their loved ones (after all, sex isn’t only about receiving), but they expect to get something in return. Something that lasts a little more than three minutes. To become a decent partner for a Sagittarius girl, you need to make an effort.

Try various positions

If you want to make your girlfriend happy in bed, be ready to boost your skills. It’s time to do some reading, learn about new techniques and positions, and find out how to control your body to speed up or, conversely, slow down the process. To do this, you need a little more than practice. We’re talking about a theoretical understanding of how this or that position should look. In some cases, the position is crucial when it comes to intimate pleasure. That is if you see that something’s going wrong, and your partner doesn’t look satisfied, then change the position.

That’s about all you need to know to date a Sagittarius woman. Sign up for free on and find your perfect match today.

Bottom line, to make the best of a relationship with a Sagittarius woman, remember that she loves an eventful life full of adventure. That’s why you shouldn’t only take part in making all of her crazy projects come true but also give her ideas that would make it possible to bring diversity to your gray everyday life. You must get closer to your partner spiritually. But keep in mind though: while she loves the idea of living together, but she needs a bit of independence.

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Nov 4,  2020,  9:59 PM

First of all, it should be noted that the Sagittarius woman will pay attention only to an extraordinary man who will represent a bright and interesting personality. A lady born under the sign of Sagittarius is very energetic and mobile. She will not spend hours in a monotonous environment, for example, sitting in a cafe, because her leisure time is very diverse. Although she always gives her preference to active rest. For this reason, in order to conquer a Sagittarius woman, you need to share her hobby - after all, if you don't like all this, it will be difficult for you to go jogging, long walking and horseback riding with her.



Nov 4,  2020,  10:00 PM

Sagittarius women are impulsive, hot, temperamental, and cannot always control their emotions, including negative ones, according to my experience. When such a situation arises, it is better for a man not to enter into an argument. Without his participation, the storm will subside as quickly and unexpectedly as it began. The fact is that Sagittarius are characterized by mood swings, but their natural love of life and optimism does not allow negative feelings to dominate these people for a long time. You should be there for her during all the tantrums. When they end — your beloved will be back.

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