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Age ... what is age when it comes to love? "This is just an empty sound" - say romantics; "This is an insurmountable barrier" - skeptics will say. Guess which is the truth? Neither one nor the other. The truth is in the middle. Indeed, love feelings eclipse everything around them, and especially such trifles as numbers in personal documents. Nevertheless, behind these figures, there is often more to be found - experience, a system of values of life, moral attitudes. Sounds difficult and repulsive, doesn’t it? But do not rush to give up if you managed to fall in love with a Ukrainian girl who is older than you. We have a recipe for success, tips and even a list of the shortcomings of such relationships. We have everything to ensure that you fully possess information and succeed in your endeavor. Enjoy reading!

dating an older girl

Introduction: Younger Girls vs. Older Girls: the Basic Difference

History knows many examples of beautiful romance between men and women with a significant age difference. And the woman in them was much older than her chosen one. For example, the love stories of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine Bogarne, 7 years older than her crowned lover and husband, Diane de Poitiers and Henry II, the difference between which was 20 years. Many celebrity couples can be found among Hollywood stars - Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, handsome actor Antonio Banderas and his wife Melanie Griffith. So dating an older girl is not something new.

However, despite this trend, usually in a couple women are younger than their chosen one. Moreover, many women do not dare to start relationships with men who are younger themselves by age. There are many reasons for this - fear that a guy will turn out to be windy and frivolous, that eventually he will go to another girl, stereotypes imposed by society, friends` advice not to waste energy on "young green boy", etc. Anyhow, young girl likes older men - this is a fact and skeptics have to deal with it.

In all fairness, it's worth noting that many men are also afraid of dating an older girl. They do not know how to approach them, how to attract the attention of their adult passions. In this article, we will try to help those who are overwhelmed by feelings for older girls and answer the question - how to make a girl who is older like you? But in order to answer this question, you need to fully understand the topic of dating a younger girl. To begin with, we will determine the basic difference between the older and younger girls.

Girls and women behave quite differently. Remember this once and for all. The main role is played by experience, which comes with age. Girls are going through a rather difficult path before becoming a woman. Loud victories and sad defeats, love stories and broken men's hearts shape their character, help to grow and develop as a person. Day after day, from year to year.

That's what distinguishes an older girl that you need, buddy, from an infantile girl:

how to impress a girl older than you

1. The woman is self-confident. The girl always doubts. Young girls have their heads constantly occupied with thoughts about themselves: image, beauty, figure, popularity among peers - so many important things that it would be difficult for an adult woman to worry about all of them! While women gain confidence in their own attractiveness and are able to accept themselves as they are.

2. The girl always listens to the whisper behind her. The adult woman herself evaluates her actions. Girls like to gossip, they listen to the opinions of others about them, their admirers, and life in general. They can even betray their beliefs and feelings under the influence of other people. Adult women know themselves and what is right for them, have clear guidelines in life that they are not going to give up for others.

3. Girls try to find a partner who will correspond to their fantastic image. The older girls’ claims are fair. Women live on the principle of win-win. Life taught them this. They expect from their partner only what is possible and what is fair to demand. Girls do not care about this - they are only interested in their own needs.

4. Girls do not know how to talk about their problems. Women express themselves clearly and directly. Girls do not yet know how to build personal boundaries and correctly express what they feel. They may themselves not fully understand their feelings or why they experience them. Women clearly understand what bothers them and why.

5. A girl can easily offend another girl. Women try to help each other. Infantility often manifests itself in an envious attitude towards others. Immature girls often spread gossip about their friends and do not miss the opportunity to hurt someone. So they self-assert. Women try to help their "sisters in arms".

6. Girls try to surprise others with the help of clothes. Women express themselves this way. Girls like to look "100 %" and attract everyone's attention with their appearance. Women, however, attach greater importance to convenience, suitability of clothing to the environment and their own character. Girls usually dress in accordance with the latest fashion, and women prefer a more classic and elegant style.

7. All girls seem to know what they want. And only women really know this. Girls often change their minds, because, as a rule, they are striving for what their girlfriends, family want or what they most understand at this life stage. They do not know how to identify real, own desires and try to match the expectations of others. An experienced woman knows exactly what she wants and what she needs in life, and understands that her dreams are different from the dreams of friends or parents. Therefore, she is able to move steadily in the intended direction.

8. Girls easily spend money on unnecessary things. Women know the value of money and spend it wisely. If a girl has money, she spends it, without hesitation, on cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, travel, food and so on. Often, they run out of money a few days before the salary and have to borrow from friends. Women are more financially independent, have savings and think about how best to invest their money. Although this trend has appeared quite recently.

9. The girl depends on others. An experienced woman knows that her best friend is herself. It is about financial dependence in the first place. Girls need the money of their parents, so they can not consider themselves completely free personalities. The adult woman is completely independent.

10. Girls do not know anything about life and commit many mistakes. Adult women know how to make the right decisions. Girls still learn the science of life, love and relationships, act impulsively and emotionally, not thinking about short-term and long-term consequences, and then often regret what they did. A woman is more cautious and rational and acts on the basis of her life experience and knowledge, so she can avoid painful mistakes.

Dating a Girl Older Than You: Rules and Guidelines

The barrier of communication between people can easily be overcome with the help of a good joke and friendly conversation. Moreover, older girls are known to love with the ears. So keep a few fresh anecdotes (just not vulgar ones), and in general try to be an interesting conversationalist if you want to be the best on how to pick up older girls topic.

In principle, the older single girl is practically not very different from other female representatives. Of course, she can be more restrained compared to your peers, more serious and responsible, more experienced, including in sex, and, as often noted by men, more interesting in communication. The latter, by the way, often plays a decisive role in choosing a life companion. Such girls meaningfully approach to life and clearly know what they want from it. However, this is more of generalization, and you need to find out the psychological portrait of the object of your feelings.

So, how to flirt with a girl older than you? In general, women usually like mature men who are adult enough - in the best sense of the word. Try to be calmer in action, get rid of youthful impulsiveness (although some girls like this feature very much), convince the girl that your feelings for her are deep and she really occupies a special place in your heart. Remember, any woman, regardless of age, wants to be unique.

dating an older girl

Dating an older girl, Avoid conversations about ex-girlfriends: you have long forgotten about them, and it is not about a real gentleman behavior to rivet about their amorous affairs. Pay more attention to the talk about work, talk about your professional successes, plans, achievements - a girl must understand that before her is not some fledgling young guy, but a serious young man she can rely on. However, do not go too far with the laudatory odes in your address.

Pay attention to your appearance since you are dating an older girl - you must be neat and tidy. Use a good men's perfume - women are very avid for different pleasant smells. In a word, look so that you would like to touch. In conversation, do not forget to pay more attention to the companion, be interested in her life, hobbies, plans, etc. By the way, the common hobby is very good for the couple of loving hearts. If your girl loves dancing, you can also join a dance group, so you will have a great opportunity to see her and communicate more often.

How to Impress a Girl Older than You

Now let's talk about how to flirt with older girls. Do not be afraid - girls remain girls, despite their age. Everything is very simple:

  • Talk about your interests. There will always be problems associated with the age difference. Do not let these problems affect your relationship unless you tease her with her age. Mindfulness is the first thing that you can impress her with.
  • Make compliments about her makeup, clothes and hair. Make sure that your companion feels confident in herself as a woman. Pay attention to her amazing qualities and say that she attracts you very much.
  • Be a gentleman. Do not worry if her friends do not approve of your relationship. If you are going to introduce yourself to her friends, show the level of maturity that suits your relationship. Her friends, most likely, want to see empathy and compatibility.

Several Reasons Not to Date a Girl Older Than You

We want our guide to be full. To do this, we need to be objective, and therefore, we need to take the time and difficulties that you will encounter on your way:

  • Conflict of generations. This item is only fair if you have a significant age difference. If a woman is older than you for at least a decade, you should be ready for the fact that she will listen to a completely different music and dress in clothes that you do not accept in principle.
  • Having fun. Of course, you will spend your free time not only in bed, but it will be very difficult to agree on where to go this evening.
  • Medical issues. The more mature we become, the more health problems appear. Be ready for that, at the moment of the highest pleasure, she will have a pain in the back, and migraine attacks will come just when you want to have sex.
  • Expectations. Whatever one may say, you are at completely different stages in life. It is likely that you want to move on, and she will feel satisfied with what there is. In addition, you may have completely different views on how your relationship should develop.
  • Maternal instinct. She does not want to be your mother, and you do not want her to be either. But instincts can take their own, and it will be very difficult for them to struggle against showing maternal feelings towards you.

Sum Up

If everything goes well, and you finally have reciprocity, do not forget about the pleasant signs of attention - bouquets of snowdrops in early spring, gifts, gallant attitude. Relations with a more adult woman have their advantages: with her you will grow up more quickly and become more serious, and physiologically the woman has a peak of sexual activity in the area of 30 years, men at this age begin a gradual sexual decline. In addition, according to statistics, women live longer, so you have the opportunity to die together one day.

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Aug 21,  2020,  9:39 AM

I never thought that age an obstacle to relationships. On the contrary, if a girl is older, then this is even more interesting. The main thing is not behave like a little boy with her.

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