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Flirt with Body Language Only: Is It Possible?

Body language flirt meaning is quite simple and uncomplicated – this is a set of non-verbal actions (facial expressions, gestures, and postures) that people perform to express interest in another person. Do you want to get acquainted with the opposite sex easily and make a good impression on people at first glance? Today, you are going to talk about the importance of body language in flirting and find out how to use body language to flirt. Let’s get started!

using body language to flirt

What Does the Body Speak About a Person?

To understand people better, objectively evaluate the truth of their words, and correctly interpret their intentions, it is worth paying close attention to gestures and facial expressions. We often miss this moment but in vain. As a rule, people’s words often fall under strict censorship of consciousness. Therefore, it is not always worth believing the words. But gestures and facial expressions are manifestations of true emotions and feelings, and it is quite difficult to control them. One should have incredible self-possession to suppress unconscious impulses that “erupt” in gestures and facial expressions.

A meeting with someone who causes interest instantly leads to physiological changes: muscle tone increases, the body tightens, the back straightens, people become younger and more attractive literally in a minute. A man seeks to appear taller, squares his shoulders, and looks more confident and stronger. A woman tilts her head to the side, touches the hair, and shows the volar wrist. And these are not all the non-verbal signs that a man or woman can give.

The ability to read gestures and facial expressions of an interlocutor is a very useful skill. So you should learn how to read body language flirting, as becoming just a little more attentive, you will discover an additional channel for perceiving valuable information. This will help you solve or prevent many communication problems. For example, have you ever wondered why girls don't like you?

At most, this is because you do not know how to flirt with body language.

Can You Work on Your Body Language to Control It?

Scientists claim that body language is much older than spoken language (that is why body language refers to the so-called "non-verbal communication" – communication without words). In fact, people can communicate only using facial expressions, postures, and gestures, although such communication will be less productive.

The ability to control one’s words and emotions is the result of training. From early childhood, each person learns to express emotions (preferably positive) or, conversely, restrain them. But gestures and facial expressions demonstrate what torments a person deep down, even if it is forbidden to talk about it. This begs the question, “Is it possible to learn how to control body language?”

Psychologists unanimously say, "Yes!" As proof, you can assure yourself of this through the example of numerous actors, politicians, or just practiced orators – they all know how to control body language. Of course, it is not easy to acquire such skills, but still, it is possible to do by hard work on your body. Moreover, there are many guides on how to control facial expressions and gestures to meet single ladies.

What Makes Perfect Flirting With Body Language?

flirt with body language

70% of flirting success depends on your body. The signals that people send consciously or unconsciously can both attract or scare away an interlocutor. And so, let's figure out what makes flirting using body language perfect.


An important condition for successful flirting with body language is your psychological state of mind. If you do not feel confident in yourself and your abilities and doubt your charms, an attempt to attract an object of your passion may fail. Therefore, all your actions should radiate self-confidence.


Correct posture plays a very important role in flirting with body language. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, the posture affects the first impression of you and can tell an interlocutor what you really feel at this point. Moreover, it applies not only to flirting but also to daily communication with people.

Sight and eye contact

Proper body language eye contact flirting is one of the best ways to get the attention of the opposite sex. The first rule of making contact with a stranger, for example, in a bar or a restaurant, is eye contact. No wonder they say that eyes are a window to the soul. Sometimes, a glance can do far better than empty words.

Light and natural movements

To make flirting successful, communication with a person you like should be easy and relaxed. Tension always makes itself felt and does not allow interlocutors to feel truly good with each other. Therefore, try to make all your movements light and natural. This will allow you and your interlocutor to relax and feel good during communication.

Smile and sincerity

Smile, positive, and sincerity are precisely those qualities that attract people, inspire confidence, and awaken the desire to start a conversation with you. Moreover, scientists have long proved that a sincere smile makes a person more physically attractive, and this helps a lot in the search of a loved one.

Flirt With Body Language: Main Techniques

The success in romantic relationships with the opposite sex depends on the ability of people to send signs of affection and recognize those that are sent to them. Do you want to learn how to know body language flirting? Then check out the best body language flirting techniques.

1. Eye contact

Try to immediately make direct eye contact with someone you like. But at the same time, your gaze should be gentle and kind. Forget about glaring or tension – it repels people. It is enough to cast an interested glance at a person you like, hold it for 2-3 seconds, and then look away with a smile. This is a kind of a shy flirting body language.

2. Darting glances

This is another technique for successful eye contact flirting. You should light a little spark of interest in your eyes to make them luminous, and then, start looking into the face of a person you like. First of all, put a focus on the eyes of the interlocutor, and after that, shift gaze on the lips. The main rule is to behave naturally!

3. Flirting posture

Your posture should be open when flirting with the opposite sex. Do not keep your arms crossed on the chest. It is better to gesticulate as if confirming your words. Moreover, try to maintain a tall back. This will add more confidence and nobility. This advice is good for both woman’s and man’s body language flirting.

4. Smile

A smile is contagious! Besides, it will make you more open to communication. Sincere smile illuminates the face and attracts people like a magnet. Give it a try! But note that your smile should be light and playful. This is one of the best ways to spark the interest of the opposite sex at first glance.

body language flirting

5. Mirroring

At the first communication with someone you like, it will not be superfluous to use an effective psychological technique, which is called "mirroring." Try to imitate the poses of the interlocutor, but do not overdo it, otherwise, the mirroring can easily turn into a ridiculous parody.

6. Playing with hair

This technique is meant for the fair sex. One of the most seductive techniques of flirting with body language is to attract the attention of men to female hair. The point is that hair is considered one of the sexiest symbols of women’s attraction. So, sitting opposite the object of your sympathy, start playing with a curl, winding it around the index finger. Shake your hair, run the hand over it, or as if by chance tidy your hair. On a subconscious level, such actions are perceived by a man as flirting and manifestation of female attractiveness.

7. “Heavy guns” of flirting

This is another flirting technique for women. Heavy guns are the frankest signals that a woman uses if the previous ones were unnoticed:

  • licking lips;
  • running fingers over the edge or stem of the glass;
  • biting the lips, keeping cocktail straw in the mouth.

It seems that it is not necessary to clarify that these three signals are quite frank and always understood by men unmistakably.

8. Light touches

According to scientists, fleeting touches are the most effective flirting technique. Surveys among single people conducted in pick-up joints have shown that it is important not just to touch a person you like, but to do it right. Touching the face is considered very intimate, and therefore, people are not always happy to get it. Slapping on the shoulder and shaking hands are perceived as friendly gestures, which means they are of little use in the challenging task of flirting. If you want to be remembered and liked by someone, touch lightly the person’s shoulder, forearm, arm, or waist.

9. Accessories for flirting

Never leave home without “essentials” for flirting – it will make it easier for you and those around you to start a conversation. The best accessories for flirting are pets, unusual jewelry, a fragrant perfume, an original T-shirt with an inscription, a catchy tie, or an interesting book or magazine.

10. Flirting with colors

Red color always carries vivid information, whether it is ripe strawberries, a road sign, or a bead necklace. Together with colleagues from the University of Rochester, a psychologist Adam Pazda conducted an experiment showing men the pics of young girls wearing red and white clothes. And for many men, ladies in red seemed more inclined to romantic acquaintances. For women, the results were similar: men in red shirts and sweaters seemed them more self-confident and attractive.

Final Thoughts

If you think that only the most attractive people can enjoy great popularity with the opposite sex, you are seriously mistaken. In fact, it is all about the body language of flirting. After all, using basic flirting techniques and recognizing body language signs of flirting, it is easier to attract the attention of the opposite sex and find someone for building a romantic relationship. Therefore, learn the above-mentioned tips on using body language to flirt and do not be lazy to work on yourself! We wish you a successful and enjoyable flirting!

Comments (2)



Nov 4,  2020,  6:42 PM

The eye contact part is the hardest for me, I just can’t look someone straight in the eye. That’s probably the worst thing about being a shy guy. There was one time I went on a speed dating event and one girl told me she thought I was high on something because my eyes darted around the place focusing on everything but her. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. I’ve tried a few different techniques but all of them seem to make it worse. I feel like a total idiot and can’t concentrate on anything but keeping my eyes where they should be. Chatting through a webcam is much easier. Can’t even imagine what I’d do if I actually had to flirt with body language



Nov 4,  2020,  6:43 PM

talking to a girl is all about controlling yourself. cant say im a pro dater but ive seen guys failing royally trying to geta number a dozen times, i even was one of them. if you feel uncomfortable speaking to women youll never pass yourself off as a macho man. once your hands start shaking and palms sweating like a gypsy with a mortgage you lose. girls smell lack of self confidence a mile away and its almost impossible to outsmart them. and its not a one time trick coz if you manage to grab a girls attention youll have to keep up withthat flirty image you’ve built. your basically the person you never were

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