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A vacation on a cruise is a great opportunity to see the world in super-comfortable conditions, enjoy a good rest, and get an unforgettable experience. Rest on water has a positive effect on the human body and provides an opportunity to completely relax and recover strength. That is why cruises are becoming more and more popular among seniors. So, we are going to consider the best cruises for single seniors over 50.

cruises for single seniors over 50

Why a Cruise Is a Great Idea for Traveling in Your 50's

Have you ever wondered how a usual holiday at the seaside differs from a cruise trip and what is more advantageous? Many single seniors think that going on a cruise trip is very expensive, and only rich people can afford such a luxury. Actually, it is not the case. Although some frills and luxury are present on every cruise ship, in general, a sea trip will cost you less when compared with a similar holiday at the seaside. Let’s consider some other reasons why cruises for single seniors are a great idea.

A voyage with a comfort

Cruise is the most comfortable way of discovering the world. Traveling by bus is tiring, and it is expensive to travel by plane, and a cruise liner is just pleasant and convenient. Today, a ship is considered the most comfortable and safe means of transportation. You do not need to worry about the travel itinerary, buy thousands of tickets, carry heavy suitcases, wait 3 hours at the airport, etc. The situation is completely different and much simpler with cruise liners. You do not get weary of long road trips and flying. Even if you feel a bit tired of a busy day spent exploring an unfamiliar city, you always have the opportunity to relax in the SPA center on a cruise liner, refresh yourself in the swimming pool on the upper deck, or just sleep in your room. You live as if in a luxury hotel and every day meet the dawn in a new place. The hotel seems to follow you around the world. You enjoy a balmy sleep while the ship is already sailing to another city! This is a wonderful rest, isn’t it?

A high range of activities and entertainment

The vast majority of tourists believe that a cruise is a good opportunity to relax from the daily routine and forget about all the problems. In fact, modern cruise liners are giant five-star hotels. The size of some ships is simply amazing. Just imagine a 10 or 16-storied building with the length of three football fields! Thus, there is a high range of interesting activities and different entertainment for people of all ages. To say more, there is so much fun that you even do not need to learn any tips to fight loneliness.

There are both the usual entertainment like jacuzzi or swimming pools and extraordinary "attractions." Here's what you can find there: ice shows and ice rinks, theaters, cinemas, quest rooms, the so-called 5D cinemas, climbing walls, sports courts, racing tracks, attractions, sightseeing capsules that rise to a height of 90 meters, water parks, and zip lines through the entire ship. Moreover, you can see winners of various talent shows, famous singers, and magicians. Some ships feature Broadway shows, others hold their own talent shows.

A lot of different people who are looking for a company

Cruises are a great way to make friends and get new communication experiences. They are very popular not only among young people but also among the elderly. So, if you go on a voyage alone, you can find interlocutors or even traveling companions there.

single cruises under 50

Moreover, some acquaintances can be very interesting or even fateful (for example, a resort romance on single cruises under 50 can develop into something more). The best way to make new acquaintances and engage in single women dating is to participate in the so-called thematic cruises that are dedicated to particular occupations: wine cruises (for connoisseurs of wine), dance cruises (created to teach dances and hold dancing competitions), cruises for card players, etc.

The beauty of ocean landmarks

One of the biggest benefits of a vacation on a cruise is that you visit new cities without worrying about connecting flights or train schedules. The liner travels from port to port, and you simply enjoy your vacation and admire beautiful ocean views. Moreover, in each port, there are unique highlights that will remain in your memory for many years.

Best Single Cruises for Seniors

Modern cruises are a popular and luxurious type of vacation. Recently, the demand for such tourist trips is becoming higher. Cruises are popular among avid travelers, ordinary tourists, groups of friends, old people, honeymooners, and families with children. But what are the best single cruises and ships for seniors?


Perhaps, Europe can be called the most popular cruise destination among seniors over 50. So, you may think about what cruises for single people are best in Europe. Oceania Cruises company provides everything you need to make your vacation memorable. The liners of this cruise company are the very embodiment of luxury. These relatively small vessels exemplify impeccable taste and exceptional elegance. All decoration is made only of natural materials and resembles the interiors of chic private clubs.

Three luxury vessels - Regatta, Insignia, and Nautica - allow you to explore the world in incomparable style and comfort. They touch more than 80 ports in Europe, as well as such secret corners as Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco.

A special attraction of Oceania liners is their restaurants. Five-star menus are designed under the careful supervision of renowned chef Jacques Pepin, executive culinary director of Oceania Cruises. He is one of America's most famous chefs, who also was the personal cook of three French heads of state, including Charles de Gaulle.

The destinations are Europe, the Mediterranean region, Australia, Asia, New Zealand, South America, Panama Canal, French Polynesia.


Have you always dreamed of going on a voyage to Asia? Then Radisson Seven Seas Cruises is the best option for you. The company was formed in 1995 as a result of the merger of Radisson Diamond Cruises and Seven Seas Cruises. The voyages to the Far East and China attract tourists with stopping places in Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hanoi, Saigon, Kyoto, and Bombay.

A small number of passengers aboard, the highest level of service, and luxury apartments, combined with unusual places of destinations make cruises of Regent Seven Seas an exclusive product at the cruise market.

Ships of Regent Seven Seas have their fans and standing customers. So, the ship RADISSON DIAMOND (4*+) with its calm atmosphere, attracts seniors and lovers of elegant sea voyages. Those who are interested in the cultural sites give preference to the SONG OF FLOWER (4*+). PAUL GAUGUIN (4*+) invites honeymooners and diving enthusiasts who are looking for exciting ocean adventures on distant islands.

The destinations are Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, the USA, and Canada.


Australia is a bright continent with an amazing animal and plant world. Excursions to Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne, diving on the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney attractions, and Aboriginal villages – all these you can see choosing the Holland America Line cruise company. Life aboard the liners is calm and measured not only in the daytime but also in the evening. There is no active entertainment program – relaxation involves enjoying high-quality service, style, tranquility, and ocean. Thus, Holland America Line provides one of the best cruises for single seniors who do not like noisy celebrations.

cruises for single seniors

Main features are the following:

  • Holland America Line cruises are traditionally considered one of the most prestigious and high quality. A high level of service and excellent decoration of cabins and ships have always been considered the hallmark of the company.
  • The luxurious interiors of the liners are made of natural materials, with a large number of museum-level works of art.
  • There is the magnificent SPA Greenhouse – one of the best global brands in the field of SPA.
  • 15 liners that cruise in various parts of the world.

The sailing regions are truly vast: the Mediterranean Sea, Northern Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, South America and Antarctica, Central America and the Panama Canal, Australia and New Zealand, Alaska and Canada. The company also offers round-the-world cruises.

The Caribbean and North America

The best cruise company to discover the Caribbean and North America is the Cunard Line. It perfectly combines traditional elegance and luxury with modern cruise fashion trends. Aboard these famous liners, you can spend your day exactly the way you want it – with the desired degree of luxury and in the spirit of the best British traditions. Moreover, there is a high-experienced staff trained at the legendary White Star Academy. You will be pampered with culinary delights from the best chief cooks. Queen Mary 2 liner is distinguished by the only Canyon Ranch spa in the world fleet, the unique planetarium, and the largest ballroom! Feel the charm of traveling aboard Cunard Line liners – you will surely have something to remember!

Cunard Line liners have strict dress codes:

  • Formal is about a tuxedo or a dark suit and tie for men, an evening dress for ladies.
  • Semi-formal is about a jacket and tie for men, cocktail dress for ladies.
  • Elegant-casual is about trousers, jacket, shirt for men, a skirt/trousers, blouse, and cardigan for ladies.

Please note that you will not be able to attend evening events if the clothes do not match the dress code of the day. The destinations are North America, Caribbean, Canary Islands, Scandinavia/North Pole, Canada, South America.

Middle East

Middle East region is one of the oldest cruise destinations. Today, this is already a classic route, during which you have the opportunity to relax aboard a luxury liner, enjoying the sea scenery and beautiful sunsets. You can admire all these beauty with the help of Princess Cruises' services. This is one of the most famous names in the world of cruise companies. The fleet of the company number 17 ships on 150 various routes, which touch 260 ports around the globe.

Aboard almost all Princess Cruises liners, you can have dinner at any time in any of the restaurants – but if you prefer to dine at the same table, at the same time, and with the same waiter, the company will easily provide you with such a service. Princess Cruises company provides vacationers with a wide range of entertainment: they can attend cooking classes, ceramics workshops, visit beauty salons, theaters, or try their hand at golf. Also, there are libraries, open-air cinemas, casino, and various entertaining events for children.

The destinations are Europe, Panama Canal, Alaska, Eastern United States, Caribbean, South Pacific Islands, Mexico, North America, Hawaii, Tahiti, Asia, India, Africa, Antarctica, Canada, and world tours.

Tips to Meet a Woman on a Cruise

Nowadays, cruises provide travelers with an opportunity not only to relax, discover the world, and escape from the everyday routine but also to get acquainted with a huge number of new people. If you travel alone and dream of meeting an attractive lady, take into account these useful tips on how to meet a woman on a cruise.

single senior cruises

1. Be curious

Traveling is a small life. Just in a short period, you can learn so many new things and meet unusual interlocutors. Being initiative and taking the first step towards communication with women is the main key to success when traveling alone. Needless to say, friendliness and politeness attract people from all over the world, regardless of age and gender.

2. Communicate with locals

As you know, cruise liners make numerous stopping places during the voyage. You should take advantage of this time not only to discover some interesting places but to meet a woman. Feel free to ask local people different questions, whether it's just a favor to show the way to the sights, give recommendations for a good restaurant of local cuisine, or tell some secret places that are not listed in the tourist guide. In most countries, local residents are often happy not only to advise but even to show you these places since they are interested in talking with foreigners. So, there is always the opportunity to speak with a stranger, simply approach a woman you like and strike up a conversation.

3. Attend events

Another way to meet a woman on single cruises 2019 is to attend events and take part in numerous entertainment activities that are provided by a cruise company. After all, cruise liners are getting to a new level, offering travelers a great number of amazing entertainments. Therefore, attend workshops, tastings, pools, spa centers, theaters, cinemas, casinos, and other activities that are provided by a cruise company. Do not think that you are the only single person on a liner. There are a lot of wonderful lonely women who are open to new acquaintances with the representatives of the opposite sex.

Final Thoughts

Traveling on a cruise liner is a comfort, convenience, and reliability, that is, everything that can give numerous pleasant impressions and positive emotions. Experienced cruisers say that it is like a strong drug – once you try a sea voyage on a huge ship, you fall in love with this type of vacation and want to discover more and more countries in such a way. The best single cruises for seniors provide people with a high range of fascinating activities and entertainment, the beauty of ocean landmarks, and numerous acquaintances. Therefore, choose one of the top single cruises over 50 and go on a voyage!

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