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People have fallen in love, created families, built relationships throughout the entire time of the existence of mankind. The desire to create a family is inherent in us at the genetic level. However, in modern society, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find your soulmate, a person with whom you can go through life, holding hands. The world has distorted the value of human relationships so much that before you find a truly worthy person, you will have to get burned more than once.

In fact, the problem arises not even in building serious relationships, but in the very understanding of this phenomenon. It is very important to initially find out how your date understands exclusive relationships and whether they are ready to make them committed. If you want to meet a person on the site for dating girls, with whom you will be able to enter an exclusive relationship and live a long and happy life as well as be together through thick and thin, then you should find out how many dates before relationship. It might happen you and your partner have different opinions on when a relationship talk should take place. Therefore, your visions of this moment must coincide.

how many dates before relationship

Exclusive Relationships vs. Dating

As you might have already noticed, people perceive the same things differently. And while you may think that you have a relationship after a couple of dates, your partner may still perceive you as someone who can be easily replaced. In general, people like to label everything that they are dealing with. They assess almost every single thing, marking it with different characteristics “bad,” and “good,” “committed” or just “casual.” The thing that you have been communicating on the Internet for several months and had several dates cannot guarantee you anything.

The modern technological era simplifies the way of finding potential partners, so you cannot be sure that you are the only one who your date is communicating with. It’s just necessary to download several dating apps and start searching. Some toxic women manage to create the whole schedule of going on dates, so it can turn out that you are nothing more than a “Thursday partner.” It’s difficult to check whether your communication is moving in the “right” direction or not. Well, frankly speaking, some people are not sure whether they are dating or just hanging out, so needless to say that everything is even more complicated when it comes to the difference between relationships and dating.

You know a relationship is one of the most difficult and, at the same time, an important part of the person’s wellbeing. And as soon as we have a crush on a partner, everything changes for us. We start perceiving them differently as if we stop noticing other people around. However, the fact that you are dating doesn’t mean that there are these great changes in your perception. Do you know how many dates before exclusive you need? Different people need a different amount of time and reasons to understand that exactly this person means much more than others for them. Your dates don’t mean by themselves that both of you are ready to devote your time and energy only to each other and that you will delete your dating apps and stop flirting with attractive strangers who can also fit the role of a potential partner. Put off your rose-colored glasses, everything is not that simple in this life.

Have you ever thought what sings can help 100% determine that you are not just dating, but you are in an exclusive relationship? What are the main differences?

1. When you are just dating, you don’t feel special chemistry

When people meet over a cup of coffee once a week to have a casual talk, this doesn’t mean that they don’t do that with someone else. The fact that you call it a “date” doesn’t guarantee you exclusivity. You can be one of many other potential partners. You don’t feel that special connection between you that usually makes people reject dating others. You have a pleasant time together, but there is nothing special in it. If an attractive colleague asks you to go out on a date, you will immediately agree, and you are sure that the person will do the same because “why not.” Dating is rather a pleasant pastime with an interesting interlocutor.

how many dates before making it official

2. You don’t talk about future

When people are in exclusive relationships, they try to highlight that in every possible way. They are constantly talking about their plans that suppose the presence of their date in them. Like if you are discussing the plans for a vacation that will take place in a month, you are talking about spending it together. When people are just dating, they try to avoid the specification of such things because they are not sure who can become their company. Besides, as a rule, such people are not even sure about how long their meetings will last. Everything can end up at every minute just because you don’t treasure this relationship.

3. You don’t know how to introduce your date to friends

When you are in exclusive relationships, you don’t face any awkward situation with introducing each other to your friends. You just say, “This is my girlfriend...” and that’s all. You are not afraid of these words because you know who you are for each other. The situation is the opposite when you are just dating and haven’t yet decided whether you like each other that much to put labels. You feel embarrassed and don’t know what to say exactly since you are a bit more than usual friends but still not partners.

4. You don’t talk about relationships

When people feel that they are not just dating, but there is something bigger between them, they start discussing the “relationship” concept from different angles. Both of them want to find out what another person is thinking about that. They try to get to know each other better in all possible aspects and necessarily mention what type of relationships they prefer, for example, do they like open relationships and what their attitudes to it are? In other words, they test the waters and try to explain what they are waiting for from this relationship with the person. However, when people are just dating, they try not to start such topics and choose something safer instead.

5. You don’t talk about any exclusivity in relationships

When people are just dating, they try to avoid any talks about the presence or absence of other people in their love life. They just don’t bring this topic to the table. However, people who are ready for a committed relationship, don’t hesitate to inform their partner that they are dating only with them. They may add that they have already deleted the dating app where they met two months ago because they don’t see anyone else for the role of their partner. Such a confession means that the person is exclusive to you, and its high time to express your opinion about this situation.

6. They don’t hurry up to call you their partner

The most obvious sign that will help dot the i's and cross the t's is their readiness to call you their partner. If they ask you directly whether you want to enter a committed relationship with them and whether they can consider you to be their partner, then you can be sure that the person has already decided to be in an exclusive relationship with you. Such a decision takes some time and a careful analyze from both sides, and people who are just dating will never agree on that. So, it’s up to you to decide whether you are ready to move your relationship to the new level.

How Many Dates Before You Become a Couple?

Do you know how many dates before you become a couple? And have you ever noticed that people try to get the exact answer to the question when it comes to some important stuff? They want to know the exact place, time frame, and duration to get a chance to blame someone for the wrong information. However, the truth is that even oracle will hardly name all the nuances of your case because everything differs from case to case. How long do you date before being in a relationship? Talking about how many dates you should have before becoming a couple, it’s hard to give the exact number as well. While some people consider themselves in relationships after the first few dates and a goodbye kiss, others can hardly introduce their date as the partner to their friends. How long should you date before becoming exclusive?

In general, it’s believed that you need about two months to raise the question about the status of your relationship. However, it’s true if you are meeting once or twice a week, but if you are meeting three times a week and spend several hours on phone every day, communicating with each other, then you can move on to the next level much faster. You should realize that the number of your dates is not so important as their quality and your emotions and feelings after them. Only you can understand whether this person has hooked you up and whether you are ready to ignore all other possible options for the sake of this relationship. To be a couple doesn’t mean just to call each other “my boyfriend” or “my girlfriend.” 

what does it mean to be exclusive

This term involves a certain level of responsibility and readiness to work on your relationship, meet challenges and develop. A real relationship is not about honeymoon phase with dates and pleasant surprises, but it’s rather about showing care, support, and love.

So, how many dates before making it official? If both of you feel this chemistry between you after several weeks of online communication and just a couple of dates, and you are ready to talk about exclusivity, then you can boldly become a couple and develop your relationship in this direction.

Signs It's Time to Become Exclusive

What does it mean to be exclusive? Someone calls them “official” others assure that they are “exclusive,” but in fact, the line between these two concepts is very blurred. And while it goes without saying for some people that they are dating as a couple and they will be loyal to each other because their relationship is exclusive just after several dates and kisses, other people need to talk about such possibility and sort things out directly. They express their feelings and offer their partners to move the relationship to the next level and make them exclusive. In the latter case, people are ready to take such a serious step after certain sings that appear between partners.

1. You trust each other

When people realize that they trust each other and can share almost everything, it means that you are not just two strangers who decide to go on a date but people who have already become pretty close and are on the edge of calling each other “partner.” Trust is one of the bricks that create a foundation for a healthy relationship, and if you have already noticed such a thing between you two, then maybe it’s time to develop your relationship further and add a new status to it.

2. You are ready to introduce your partner to friends

Friends are our second family, and usually, their opinion is of great importance to us. So, if you are ready to introduce your date exactly as your beloved girlfriend to your friends, then it means that your intentions are serious. So, it’s high time to make your relationship official and exclusive. Besides, usually, men who uniquely treat their partners, try to show others that “this woman is occupied.” That’s why they don’t mind meeting his and her friends.

3. You are focused on this person

When does dating turn into a relationship? When you meet someone special who meets your requirements and makes you feel happier, you focus your attention on them and stop noticing anyone around. So, if this happens to you, and you have noticed that you stopped being interested that much in other pretty girls, then it may mean that you have a crush on your girlfriend, and it’s time to have a talk and make it official.

4. You feel more confident, being with this person

A person with whom you are ready to become exclusive and build a serious relationship, makes you feel attractive, appreciated, delightful, so you want to as if prolong this state. You don’t even try to question yourself, “Am I good enough for them? Do they have someone else? What do they think of me?” You are sure that you are not just an entertainment pastime for your partner. You are sure that they treat you as seriously as you treat them, there are no doubts.

5. When you meet, moments of emotional intimacy mean a lot for you

You can safely say that you are not just dating but have a serious relationship when every kiss is filled with love. Each hug is a manifestation of your feelings. Physical attraction is only a part of the equation, and the rest is emotional, spiritual, and mental components. When you have moved to this stage, this means that the partner stands out from the crowd for you.

Tips for a Relationship Talk

So, if you have weighed all the pros and cons and concluded that you want something more than just dating, then it’s time to think about how many dates before exclusive talk. Sometimes partners discuss such things during ordinary talks and agreed that they want to stay in monogamous exclusive relationships with each other. However, if you still have doubts about what’s going on between you two, then it’s better to clarify the situation and put everything in order. Anyway, you will be sure what to expect and in what direction you are moving on. Besides, the fact that something goes without saying for you, doesn’t mean that the girl shares your opinion. Moreover, some women need to hear this speech that expresses the desire of their partner to be in exclusive relationships to avoid numerous pitfalls. So, how many dates before exclusive talk? Everything is up to you.

how long should you date before becoming exclusive

Don’t hurry

If you have just a couple of dates, it’s too early to talk about such serious things as relationships. Both of you need time to make sure that you are interested in each other to the necessary extent and want to continue this communication. Relationships are one of the most wonderful and, at the same time, complicated things in life. It doesn’t tolerate hurry and impulsive decisions. One mistake can make you stuck in a toxic relationship for some period and waste your time in vain.

Analyze your feelings carefully

Even if it seems that there is chemistry between you, there is no need to take hustle decisions. You should carefully analyze your feelings for the girl. What do you feel when you are together? Do you miss her when you don’t meet for a couple of days? How does the girl behave in your presence? Have you already somehow talked about your relationship? Such things are of crucial importance when you are going to have a relationship talk. If you don’t want to face rejection and find yourself in an awkward situation, you should carefully think everything through.

Look after her behavior

It’s necessary to mention once again that you shouldn’t ignore red flags in the girl’s behavior. Usually, girls are much more emotional than guys, so if she likes you, she will subconsciously show you her sympathy. However, if you have been dating for several months, but she doesn’t show any enthusiasm or continue to play hard-to-get games, you should postpone your talk about making your relationship exclusive. Besides, if a girl doesn’t hide that she is in great demand among other guys, and she can even start texting with someone while you are on a date, then maybe you should talk seriously about her attitude toward possible development of your relationship or to look for someone else.

Decide what you want

If your mood changes every hour, and you are not sure whether you want to move to the next stages of the relationship, first, it’s better to deal with your doubts and decide what exactly you want. If you take this step, it will be difficult, or better to say, impossible to get back to the first stage and pretend that nothing special has happened. So, if you have been communicating for some time already, and you are sure that you want to be just with this person, then it’s worth bringing this question to the table.

Exclusive Relationships Are a Completely New Level

How long should you date before becoming official? If you have agreed on official relationships, it means that you have been already dating for several months at least and realized that you have many things in common. This can become a perfect foundation for developing things further.

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