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This is a good question, and I have a lot of things to say on this topic. First off, let me just say that I will be focusing on the young women, those who, let's say, are under 30. This is the focus group that… well, I am mainly interested in and with whom I am trying to keep constant contact with. In fact, I am dating a Canadian woman right now.

date Canadian women

I have identified a few key points for myself that I want to talk about, namely: their clothes, their use of cosmetics and perfume, behavioral features and their appearance. I think that these are the most representative points by which I can make up a portrait of an average Canadian woman.

Canadian Women Traits

Comfort over style

So, as for clothes. Women here dress, as a rule, in very comfortable, loose clothes, they do not bother with fashion or anything like that. Their main parameter of shopping for clothes is whether they are comfortable or not, that’s all that truly matters. When it’s cold, they can walk around in slippers, flip-flops, sports pants and in some light jacket with a beanie on, no problem. Almost no one ever wears dresses, a dress is such a weird element of clothing that is perceived, as it seems to me, like it is saved for special events only, something so grandiose. Under the category of such events are weddings, very important meetings of some kind, very important dates, at which a girl wants to show off, these are university or school graduations, and, in general, things like that.

Overall, I can say that the overwhelming majority of women aren’t interested in fashion magazines or whatever happens on the catwalk. But if we are talking about people who belong to a higher class, they are trying to follow fashion trends. At the same time, there is an important observation that I was able to make: the older a woman is, the more she pays attention to herself and her fashion choices. If a woman is, say, 40 years old, then, as a rule, she pays much more attention to fashion trends then women aged 20 to 30. They like to wear all sorts of different leggings, and when I say leggings, I mean that they put them on, they put on some jacket or a fur coat and that’s it, they are ready to go.

Natural beauty and quirks

Next, let’s talk about cosmetics. There’s almost no use of cosmetics at all. That is not to say that you won’t find a hot Canadian woman, this is not true. But when they do the makeup, they usually paint their nails. And in this, they are masters, because they use a number of color combinations, patterns, and so on. They love to dye their hair in multicolored ways, I’m talking about young people up to 25. All sorts of different piercings, wherever it’s possible and impossible: in the nose, in the ears, eyebrows, on the body, etc., it sometimes looks scary. Again, all sorts of different tattoos are very fashionable, especially in the most unexpected of places. A year and a half ago, it was very fashionable to do a tattoo in the form of paws, on the inside of the neck. Plus, they like all sorts of different patterns, inscriptions on the arms, shoulders, and so on, especially in the summer. When the summer begins, you start to observe a large number of tattooed people going around, showing themselves off. And guys, by the way, don’t play second fiddle in this regard, they also love to get tattooed.

Next, let’s talk about perfumes. They practically do not use them at all, it is believed that this violates the personal space of the people around them, and one must be as neutral as possible in the sense of smells. This doesn’t mean that if you are to marry a Canadian or Ukrainian single woman(they are similar in this case), she will stink all the time, there is nothing like that. On a date, at a meeting, then yeah, sure, but just a little. But when it comes to offices, perfume is used only by those who have their own separate working areas. If you are in an open space office, that is, where there is a large hall, a lot of tables, and a lot of people sitting around, then in this case it is not accepted to use perfume, because, once again, it violates the rights and comfort of people who are near you and have to smell it.

hot Canadian woman


There is a clear separation between two types of beautiful Canadian women here. Those are being Anglo-Saxons and those who are French Canadians. French Canadians are very cute. A French Canadian girl, most likely, has a very pleasant appearance, the only problem (and to some it may not be a problem at all) is that, just like the English Canadians, a decent percent of them, as far as I am concerned, are curvy. While most of them are not fat, some of them can be very plump, and if they don’t look after themselves, they begin to swell and turn into balls. I don’t mean any offense, but sometimes, the lack of interest they have in themselves isn’t being productive at all.

If we are talking about the Anglo-Canadians, then, as a rule, they are quite easy to notice, a lot of redheads, with freckles and all that. I mean, in terms of plumpness they don’t differ that much from French Canadian women. But, again, it all depends on the wealth of a particular person, how she eats, what kind of lifestyle she is into, and so on, because one cannot indiscriminately say that everyone here is simply fat, it’s not true.

Don’t get the wrong idea about what you just read. There are many beautiful Canadian women out there, yet they are more inclined to being curvy, and to me, this isn’t a problem. 80 to 85% of them look healthy and completely normal, it’s just that there is a small percent of them that has issues.

Dating Canadian Women

What is it like, dating Canadian women?

In my opinion, women here are more contactable, they, as a rule, don’t have that immediate negative reaction when a guy approaches them. They are easy to get acquainted with, you can talk to them quite easily, they are always open for communication, there is no tension, which is great. They have a well-developed feeling of empathy, a desire to help, if you need something: for study, for life, some advice, a question, and so on. According to my observations, they will always answer your need. They will talk to you, help you to the point that they will take you by the hand and do the thing with you. In this regard, it is also a very good trait that distinguishes local women from others. They are open-minded and honest.

Yet there’s more. And this is quite a prominent aspect of dating Canadian women. They are very direct in terms of presenting their thoughts and desires, they don’t beat abound the bush, they don’t come up with any equivalents and metaphors, and so on. They say that they need something from you in some matter, be it a personal relationship or some work related moments, and so on.

I was asked a few times if they are sensitive and emotional. Yeah, they are, I wouldn’t say it’s something overwhelming, but it is something you can notice. While you get the sense of comfort and empathy from them, even self-confidence, they are prone to being overly-emotional.

What I’ve noticed is that French Canadian women are very ambitious, they have a clear understanding of what they want from life, they do not count on their families, on whether the husband will support them or not, whether he will provide for the family or not, they want to achieve everything themselves, they want to build a career themselves, they want to do it all in life and achieve success due to their own work, efforts. Which is, again, a very different mentality from most people are used to.

In short, would I recommend you to date Canadian women? Yeah, sure, they are quite fascinating. Dating a Canadian woman is a fun experience, and they are very pleasant in nature. Direct, honest, empathetic and friendly.

Another popular question that I get quite often is “How Canadian women differ from American women?” “Is there any difference?” Let’s answer this question right now.

Mindset Of a Canadian Women

Canadian women are often perceived as “the good sister of an American girl” because the latter are thought to be bratty, but we all know that these are jus the stereotypes. However, some things about Canadian women are true:

Are about equality

beautiful Canadian women

Canadians are used to splitting all of their expenses in the relationships equally, meaning that a man has to be hard-working if a woman makes a good coin. You won’t see many families when a woman works her butt off at a high-profile job, and her man is a construction worker. An unequal marriage happens way less than in the US. Women in Canada are fair because they demand financial, spiritual, and professional equality from their men and are ready to offer the same.

Are practical and independent

It would be fair to say that women in Canada strive to become independent at a young age. It makes them a valuable person. And since they are already people with self-worth, it only fits to have a stable and evolved person by their side. Women in Canada prefer independence and autonomy. If they are in a relationship, they tend to live separately from their partner; they invite men over or meet them on their territory. And this gives women an additional sense of independence and stability. Women from Canada value their freedom and autonomy and don’t rush into a relationship, even if there are some material benefits (living with someone will be cheaper, more comfortable, and so on). As opposed to American women, Canadians don’t date and live together just because the rent is lower and more fun. These women are super classy, and unless you are in a marriage, they will live separately. 

Love attention

In relationships between men and women in Canada, women, of course, demand attention. But unlike European and American women, Canadians value any attention, not just where the man has to buy gifts or ask them out on expensive dates. It is important to have a man who does something for a woman, for example, buys groceries or small cute presents. Canadian women think that it’s enough to understand that her man pays her enough attention; it is essential to realize that she is needed and beloved. Canadian women are too polite to ask for expensive gifts, demand high-end entertainment, or hint on luxurious dates. They are much more democratic and understanding.


It is a never-ending joke that Canadians are over-polite. In some sense, it is true because politeness is the milestone of good communication. Canadian women think twice before saying something disgusting, offending, or insulting. They keep a negative thought in their mind, filter it only to sugar coat things a little bit, so you don’t get mad. Canadian people always ask twice before coming to your door, offer you small presents, and don’t argue in queues. Canadian women usually hate drama; that is why they are perceived as the less arrogant version of an American. Canadian women hate to be in uncomfortable situations, so they try to avoid conflicts at all costs. However, it will be false to state that Canadians are saints. This stigma hurts them because Canadians don’t have a chance to go off; otherwise, they will be perceived as “weird and out of national character.” 

Canadian women will get mad if you act impolite, and might as well be very direct when poiting at your faults. When it comes to arguing, they don’t do it openly, but the treatment will be very fair. You do not want to fall from a Canadian’s graces not because they are scary when mad, but because you will seem like a fool. A Canadian woman doesn’t spend time arguing; she just crosses you out of her life once and for all. 

Canadian Women VS American Women

- American girls are more into the “American Dream”, making it big and lavish lifestyles. They love to party and to have fun.

- Canadian girls seem calmer. They don’t make a lot of noise and are too respectful by nature to throw around lavish parties.

- There are lots of vegan and vegetarian women in America. This almost seems like a counter-cultural trend, as millennials are trying to break the myth of “Fat Americans”. And I mean, you cannot blame them for that. 1 out of every 5 women in America is vegan.

- Canadian women, in general, don’t care too much about themselves. Not in a bad way, but in a more relaxed and independent way. They are all about comfort and doing what they like. And this also applies to food consumption. As only 1 out of every 10 women in Canada is vegan.

beautiful Canadian women

- American women were and are raised on Disney cartoons, in which a princess is waiting for her knight in the shining armor. They are waiting for that one guy; he has to be an ideal fit.

- Canadian women are much more relaxed about it. They are independent, they know what they want, and they are quite in touch with reality. They are easily approachable, which is the best part about them.

With that out of the way, here is a short list of the most fascinating and famous Canadian women:

Most Beautiful Canadian Women

  • Rachelle Lefevre (February 1st, 1979 Montreal, Quebec, Canada) – a Canadian actress. Her father is of French and Irish descent, and her mother's parents were Jewish.
  • Jillian Harris (December 30th, 1979, Canada) is a Canadian TV persona and an interior designer.
  • Tessa Virtue (May 17th, 1989 in London, Ontario) is a Canadian professional figure skater performing that performs together with Scott Moir.
  • Laura Vandervoort (September 22nd, 1984 Toronto, Ontario, Canada) – a Canadian actress. Her father is Dutch and her mother is Canadian.
  • Tricia Helfer (April 11th, 1974 Donald, Alberta, Canada) is a Canadian actress and a professional model, mostly known for playing the Six in the TV series “Starship Galactica”. In 1992, she won first place in the Supermodel of the World Contest. It is certainly not her first time being on the list of sexy Canadian women.
  • Erica Durance (June 21st, 1978, Calgary, Canada) – a Canadian actress. She gained fame thanks to the role of Lois Lane in the TV series Smallville.
  • Shania Twain (August 28th, 1965 Windsor, Ontario, Canada) – a Canadian singer and is one of the most successful contemporary performers of country and pop music.
  • Kristin Kreuk (December 30th, 1982 Vancouver, Canada) – a Canadian actress of Dutch-Chinese descent. Best known for the role of Lana Lang in the American television series Smallville.
  • Evangeline Lilly (August 3rd, 1979, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada) – a Canadian actress of Anglo-Irish descent.
Where is the best place to get to meet Canadian women?
Go to the club/bar. Most single Canadian ladies of different ages go to these institutions in search of new acquaintances. The best way to get acquainted with a Canadian woman is to offer her a drink at the bar. Also, the modern world is such that people are increasingly using gadgets and the Internet, and therefore, it is not surprising that dating through the World Wide Web is also popular in Canada.
Are they demanding of men?
Yes, they are very demanding. It seems that these women are brought up on Disney cartoons. Many of them, inspired by the example of Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel, are waiting for their prince and make great demands on future husbands. It is very important for them to find out how good their significant other is, and how compatible they are with each other for marriage. Their approach to marriage is practical and rational. Canadian girls believe that it is better to build a family in adulthood, with a stable source of income and the necessary financial capabilities.
Are they feminists?
Well, many of them are feminists. The canons of feminism and liberalism are instilled in the girls there. The desire to be independent and the notorious “gender equality” are very pronounced in Canada. Sometimes ridiculous incidents happen because of this. One of the top tips for those looking to date a Canadian is to be careful so that not to offend their “fragile souls”.

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Dec 4,  2020,  9:42 AM

I had a Canadian girlfriend and it was one of the best experiences of my life. She was super polite and nice, literally one of the most wholesome people from my inner circle. I was mad and broken inside when we parted ways, but I will admit that this nation is far more pleasant than others. Canadian women have some form of charm and unforgettable class you will want to cherish.



Dec 4,  2020,  9:51 AM

Canadian women don't tolerate ridiculous people, and that's a fact. Canadian households are the best things that can happen to you, including their warm invites, delicious meals, and fair treatment. I don't know why Americans make jokes about Canadian people, maybe is because we lack class. USA is very flamboyant in their sayings, and Canadians like to stay low key about their feelings, that is what I like about these girls.

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