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The Internet helps people not only receive information but also get acquainted. In this regard, many guys rack their brains on how to try single women dating and attract girls. To win the heart of a lady, you should carefully study the main nuances of virtual communication. They will help bring it to a real meeting.

Flirting by text with a girl is a pleasant and honest expression of interest. It allows you to express your feelings and understand the signals of other people. If you are shy or simply have little experience in successful communication with women, the useful skill of flirting will open the door for you to a new, amazing world in which you can choose an interesting lady who you would like to see next to you, and complete your acquaintance creating long-term relationships. It is not only possible but also very convenient, especially for those single men who complain that they are unlucky in love.

flirting by text with a girl

Flirting Over Text Is an Important Skill Nowadays

Male flirting smoothly reveals sexuality, gives self-confidence, increases self-esteem, and helps feel desired. By the way, a married man also needs to learn this. Flirt with your woman from time to time. It intrigues and invigorates. Of course, it is not worth it to flirt openly, as well as forget about the boundaries of what is permitted. You just need to practice your skills. The art of flirting helps free men unobtrusively draw attention to themselves, be remembered, and interest women. Besides, you always radiate positive energy, the emission of vibes of love. And women are drawn to such men like a magnet.

In general, the ability to flirt online is inherent in us by nature, however, many men suppress these instincts. And it is necessary to pull them out and learn new techniques.

Problems You May Face When Sending Flirty Texts for Her (and How to Fight Them)

Whether you like it or not, now most dating is happening in digital format. People meet, flirt, fall in love with each other, talk, and break up using gadgets. There is no indication that this trend will disappear. And while online dating can help people find each other, it is also the source of a whole host of new problems when it comes to flirting. You may just do it wrong.


Are you sure that a beautiful woman who you are chatting with is aware of your feelings because you text her? Alas, this is not so. For a woman moral or inexperienced in this sense, this can be a “threat,” and she will immediately repel such a flirting man, considering him a maniac because an open sexual relationship is something temporary and frivolous. Maybe she just wants to communicate, but you write her different incomprehensible hints. She simply will not understand you and will assume that you are like everyone else.

Ambiguity may play against you

Men, practicing the art of flirting over text, often sort out with ambiguities, so that they look rude and stupid. It doesn’t seem like flirting sometimes but offensive to a subtle female soul. Remember also the interesting communication phenomenon discovered by psychologists and called “subjective signal amplification" when it seems to us that our flirting is obvious. In fact, we exaggerate our signals and efforts, and the addressee may not even notice them. So, the rule of flirting is this: speak a little more openly when chatting with a girl.

subtle flirting over text

Being sexy but not vulgar

Actively declaring your sexual desires is a rather disastrous decision during flirting. Most likely, lascivious remarks will instantly and irrevocably make you a jerk in her eyes. Even though sexual attraction is one of the key motives to start flirting by text with a girl, you shouldn’t talk about it openly and unceremoniously. Although many seducers advise men to start talking about sex after just a few minutes of communication, this is actually a very bad idea.

Wrong timing

Although it’s hard to believe, there are times when flirting will not benefit either you or others. Knowing situations when you don’t need to flirt, you can make flirting more successful. This may seem like a contradiction but think about it: if you flirt when you don’t need to do it, it can be a disaster! And we all know that failures in flirting badly affect our self-esteem. If time seems inappropriate for you to flirt, just take a timeout and work on overcoming obstacles. There are lots of great flirting opportunities ahead, so don’t worry!

Waiting for her to read your flirting text

Many guys become too intrusive and literally terrorize girls with their messages. This, as you might guess, is a disastrous strategy that you should never use. Pickup culture has turned subtle flirting over text into manipulative behavior designed to trick someone rather than interest. It is worth remembering that the process of flirting is a process of seduction, which includes mutual interest. Therefore, if you are not answered with interest, you shouldn’t wait for her to read your text and answer in a 3 second. No means no.

Tips How to Flirt Through Text With a Girl

The main principle is that communication should cause a smile. Follow these tips and simple steps to success.

1. Don’t write non-personal messages

Many guys write impersonal messages when communicating. And this is one of the biggest mistakes. A lady loves when a guy calls her by name. It is important to note that you shouldn’t write long messages because of which their meaning begins to be lost in a heap of characters. Clarity and conciseness are the main features of flirt over text with a girl.

2. Give compliments

How to flirt through text with a girl? It is worth noting that girls are crazy about compliments – thus, they feel special. By giving a woman a few compliments, you will cheer her up. Say that she has very beautiful eyes or a smile, she looks like a supermodel, and so on. But you shouldn’t flatter – girls feel falsehood and pretense per kilometer.

3. Tease her

No less successful way to flirt with a girl is to tease her. Nothing but teasing will create a certain intimacy between you. Think about your recent meeting and joke about it – that’s how you remember the time spent together cheerfully. However, don’t go too far so as not to offend the girl. Otherwise, your communication will end soon.

4. Write her messages with erotic hints

If sex has already happened between you, you can warm up her interest in light erotic conversations during the day. The messages should have only a subtle hint on sex, no vulgarity, and specific offers. Otherwise, it will not be flirting, and you will look like a maniac. Just watch her reaction to your messages.

5. Text her in the evening

Messages written before bedtime will add spicy notes to your relationship. Write that you are expecting tomorrow to meet again. Be sure to add your photo to the flirty texts for her. If there was sex between you, then you can attach a photo with erotic overtones. If sex has not happened yet, just send a selfie on the bed, without a clear sexual hint.

6. Don’t overdo with emojis

How to flirt with a girl over text? There shouldn’t be extra words and emojis. Any extra symbol can change your communication in a different direction. If you clean up your message from emojis and punctuation marks, she will have more questions and more images in her head. So, delete all unnecessary to make your message simpler.

7. Be careful

Flirting over text is ambiguous because you don’t see the reaction of your interlocutor. There should be a fine line, which is not worth going over until you probably know the feelings of a woman. Of course, if you are already in a relationship, then you can allow yourself much more.

8. Write ambiguous phrases from time to time

Let the woman’s fantasy work. But don’t overdo it with strange words. Too many complicated statements that she needs to think about will tire a woman, and she will lose interest in correspondence. Make it simple. Don’t complicate anything. And then the girl will respond with the same. This is the best way to flirt with a girl over text.

how to flirt with a girl over text

Flirting By Text Examples to Impress a Woman

We have some flirting by text examples for you. Use them if you can’t come up with your ones.

  1. I am thinking about you all day long! I want you to be near right now, touching and kissing you gently.
  2. I miss you so much that it seems to me I feel your smell in the apartment.
  3. Darling, it’s morning and I already look forward to the evening. I hope you can make me relax as you did yesterday.
  4. I wanted to sleep but couldn’t. I closed my eyes and saw your slim body and vulgar desires arose in my head. – this is one of the best flirting examples over text.
  5. Don’t worry, I will fulfill all your desires.
  6. You’re damn good and very cool. You make me feel excited, especially when you flirt with me.
  7. Can I steal you tonight for a cup of tea?
  8. You are so sweet, and I want to kiss every inch of you.
  9. You’re the girl of my dreams.
  10. My body wants to dance with you.
  11. I stare at the mirror image and want to find your image in it.
  12. If we were together, what movie would we watch?
  13. I dreamed of you today.
  14. I imagine you in that sexy lace underwear, and I want you to meet me today only in it.
  15. Today I read an article about how you can make a girl feel good. Come to me, let’s try it.
  16. All my life I’ve wanted to find a girl who could fulfill my most obscene desires. And now she’s reading this text.

Flirting may be the most fabulous part of your first communication with your future wife. Don’t rush. A woman should have your image in her mind. Give her time to dream alone about you before asking her to go out. Believe us, it will be beneficial.

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Nov 4,  2020,  4:11 PM

I am already quite experienced in this matter and I realized that any girl will be attracted if you positively characterize her, making it possible to feel special. What phrases are suitable for this? “Other girls can't compare with you in this matter”, “Are you always so beautiful?”, “Your beauty just killed me”, “I haven’t met such women yet” and so on. Feeling exceptional in your eyes, the girl will certainly strive to communicate with you. Try not to be too serious - when flirting, it is important to occasionally show your sense of humor. But don’t look like a clown.



Nov 4,  2020,  4:12 PM

I love to flirt with girls on the Internet! The most important and indisputable plus is that the girls on the site want to communicate! By flirting on the Internet, you can do it with girls whom you would never have met in real life. You can form at least a minimal idea of ​​who a girl is looking for. You can choose who you want to communicate with before starting the actual communication. Another plus is that you do not need to think about how you look now. You are calm because you are in a familiar home environment, and not getting off your favorite sofa, you can chat with beautiful girls.

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