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The modern development of Internet communications allows today’s society to almost completely abstract from communication in reality and make new acquaintances on social networks and various dating sites. Of course, it sounds like something not entirely logical, but such are the realities of the present world.

Smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and laptops perform a lot of important and significant functions in a person’s life, but, at the same time, contribute to the fact that real communication between people is reduced to a minimum. 

Men spend their free time on social media, and even more often they are looking for communication on a dating website to meet girls. Getting to know a girl on the Internet is much easier than meeting face to face. For this, a man has a lot of templates and tips on how to win a girl’s heart and attract her attention. It remains only to use them as a source of ideas, after which he will send the girl the first message. So, how to slide into a girls DMs? How to find the right approach to them? And what phrases for dating are considered the most appropriate? You will find the answers in the article.

how to slide into DMs

Why sliding into DMs may be a challenge?

What is the slide into DMs meaning? This is slang which means that someone is trying to send you an online message. But people don’t always want to reply to such messages. Why? Well, due to the abundance of Internet sites and applications, people lost their heads over online communication. They are sure that if a relationship doesn’t work out with one person, they can easily meet others. And sometimes they even date several people at the same time. Really, why limit yourself? The human personality is devalued, some relationships are easily replaced by others, and someone even calls one-night stands completely normal things. Still, many men haven’t learned how to chat with girls online and get to know each other, so, in fact, the dating sphere is one of the most backward in the entire Internet space.

Many are already tired of seeing in each other only beautiful pictures that can be scrolled to the right or left. Photos don’t show facial expressions, emotions, and even more so the inner world of a person. In addition, with the help of Photoshop, you can change yourself. Unfortunately, virtual dating is sometimes initially built on lies and the desire to seem better than you are. Therefore, girls stop believing that normal guys still want to meet them. They look for a trick in their messages. Moreover, they consider many messages banal because they receive them 10 times a day and it is so difficult to surprise them.

How to slide into a girl's DMs: do’s and don’ts

A girl will simply block you after your message. Therefore, be smart, include your inherent sense of humor, and allow a playful form of communication. Avoiding banalities in your messages, you will understand that it is not so difficult to start sliding into her DMs and continue communication.


slide into the DMs

1. Intrigue her

How to slide into DMs? To start a dialogue with a girl, you need to arouse her interest. Try to start communication with a mysterious phrase: “So this is where you are, I found you!” This will make her interested. She would want to know where you were looking for her. You can cheat a little and say something like “I saw you today and you are even more charming than in the photo.” Such a message will not get lost among the banal ones “Hello! How are you?”

2. Get interested in her

Show interest in her: what she reads, what kind of movie she likes, what she thinks about the situation in the world, what her hobby is, how her day went, what kind of music she has in her player, how she bakes pies with apples, etc. Remember the 70% to 30% rule (seventy percent of your communication is about her, thirty is about yourself).

3. Let her miss you

As soon as you feel that she is interested in you, you managed to slide into the DMs, and she begins to answer quickly and asks questions herself, pause in the answers. Let her miss you a little. Then tell her that you have to go, but you will definitely answer her later! But don’t disappear for a day or two: she may be offended.

4. Write messages without mistakes

The most important thing in sliding into DMs is that the girl doesn’t see who she is communicating with, and she can only judge by the style of messages. So, you should write correctly, not missing commas and other punctuation marks, not confusing letters in words.

5. Compliment her

Since the overwhelming majority of men just want to find a sexual partner, the texts in their messages, respectively, are banal. To slide into her DMs and avoid ignorance on the part of women, compliment them correctly.


1. Don’t answer if she doesn’t reply to you

If you visit your page and don’t find a response to your messages although you see that a person is online, then don’t rush to write to her. Of course, everyone wants to get an answer from the person they like, but your pursuit and surveillance will only aggravate the situation.

2. Don’t try to please her

Some men believe that there is only one way to arouse attraction and interest – by talking about their jobs, career, success, etc. People boast, describe all their best qualities, but a woman, most likely, will not appreciate this. The reality is that your merits and positive qualities are not needed by anyone and this is not the best way to slide into DMs.

3. Don’t bombard her with messages

Many guys make one total mistake – they bombard girls they like with messages. Of course, when we like someone, we want to know what is going on with this woman, if everything is alright with her, etc., but don’t forget that she has her personal life.

4. Don’t confess your feelings right away

What would you think if a woman with whom you had little contact and never met would confess her love to you? Most likely, you would mistake her for an irresponsible and frivolous person. What do people want to achieve by such a confession? Probably, you naively believe that a woman will reciprocate, but this can only spoil your communication.

5. Don’t be rude

You should think over things to say when sliding into DMs before you start chatting with a girl. The content and style of writing show how important and interesting a person is to us. If you make grammatical mistakes, use obscene expressions or allow yourself to be rude and vulgar, then a woman will automatically conclude that you are not interested in her and write just like that.

best way to slide into DMs

Text ideas for sliding into her DMs

We don’t have the how to slide into DMs 101examples, we have only 12 of them, but they definitely will work out:

  1. 1. I think I have seen you somewhere. Haven’t we met?
  2. 2. I stare at your photo for half an hour, you look amazing. Hello!
  3. 3. Hello! If you answer, you will make one person happier in this world! It’s a crime to look so gorgeous.
  4. 4. We don’t know each other yet, but I believe that this can be easily corrected.
  5. 5. I’m crazy about you. If I write nonsense, ignore it.
  6. 6. Hi, princess. I accidentally saw your profile and couldn’t wait for you to appear online.
  7. 7. You have a brilliant smile. I hope you are smiling now as you read this message.
  8. 8. Hey. My cat (dog, hamster, parrot) accidentally opened your profile. Do you like animals? – this is one of the funny ways to slide into DMs.
  9. 9. I was interested in your profile. What are your hobbies?
  10. 10. You are beautiful and I know that you know that. I just decided to remind you about it. If I were your boyfriend, I would always remind you of this.
  11. 11. It took me a long time to find the words but everything is trivial. You are just very beautiful.
  12. 12. Hey. I ask you on a date, and you agree. How does it sound?

Well, women prefer to chat with confident and persistent men. It is undesirable to think for a long time how to continue the communication originally if the dialogue has already begun. Silently putting likes and waiting for a response from the chosen one is a failed idea. The first step should be taken by a guy – according to this criterion, women determine the degree of male interest.

If she doesn’t reply to you, don’t insult the girl. It is advisable to prepare in advance for such a scenario and not to despair. It may not be about you at all, but about the woman herself – everyone has different tastes and ideas about the ideal partner. It is likely that she already has a boyfriend, or she is not yet ready for a relationship for some reason. Psychologists don’t advise men to take negative experiences to heart because there are still many free beauties around. You need to believe in yourself so that communication is easy and brings pleasure to both parties.

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