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It often happens that it is difficult for a young man to start communicating with a girl he likes. In such situations, unwarranted modesty and shyness usually interfere. The guy is not confident in his abilities. Therefore, he is embarrassed to tell the girl about his feelings and generally keep in touch with her. Sometimes, on the contrary, a man is so proud that he behaves too assertively concerning the opposite sex. Let's figure out the proper ways of texting your crush. How to write to a girl in order not only to flirt over text but also to keep her attention?

what do u say to your crush

The pitfalls of texting your crush

Besides the fact that you have become an excellent conversationalist, you need to keep the girl’s attention and interest in you, make her want to communicate with you not only on the Internet but also in real life. Even if she doesn’t like correspondence very much, she must wait for your message and want to text you as well. How to text your crush? Here are some pitfalls and advice on how to avoid them: 

  • First of all, it is necessary to find common interests. It can be anything: from films to fishing, from skiing to collecting old books. Try to find a hobby that unites you. It will take your relationship to a new level. And then, together, try something new, take a chance to try out some unusual food or watch the horror movie you are so afraid of.
  • Flirt! When she sees that you want to continue to date, she certainly will not remain indifferent to your efforts. Always write her compliments, but remember the measure and know your worth. It is essential to follow the feedback not to be intrusive.
  • Let her know that you are always thinking about her. Even a message written late at night will make her think that you recall the moments spent together all day long. Of course, this will be a pleasure for every girl.
  • In any business, it is essential to know the measure, and especially when communicating with single women online. Do not overdo it with constant correspondence. It will lower your value in the eyes of any person. In addition, endless messaging cannot lead to a successful match. Leave the best parts of your personality for the live meeting so that you have what to talk about on a real date. This will clearly provide the future development of your relationship.

 How to text your crush without seeming creepy

Unless you are an experienced pick-up artist, cute text messages to send your crush to keep them interested do not spontaneously come to your head. You will have to practice because the best messages are the spontaneous ones. You do not want to look as if you try too hard as the girl will lose interest. Here are things to say to your crush and how to write to her not to appear weird.


Girls do not accept platitudes. It's annoying when a seemingly handsome young man writes some trivial things. For example, "Hello, how are you?" "What are you doing?" "How was your sleep today?" etc. When you are in a relationship for a long time, it may look cute and shows that you care for a person. But if your acquaintance took place recently, then such turns are not at all appropriate.

Catch her attention

It is important to “hook” a person so that she again wants to communicate with you, checks your social networks, and always is in touch. Be original. Come up with something unusual. Think about a personal approach to this girl and write something that would please her. Consider the style the girl chooses for communication. If she doesn’t typically raise deep topics and keeps it simple, remember this while choosing things to text your crush.

Questions and answers

Forget monosyllabic questions. Encourage the girl to communicate. Do not ask the questions that you can answer with "Yes" or "No." You need to lure the girl, call her for dialogue, that means someone must start, let it be just a young man.

Avoid criticizing yourself

"Most likely, my message will remain unread, but ..." — such phrases demonstrate the strongest uncertainty of the man and, as a result, drop his significance in the woman's eyes. She will think you are asking her to make a compliment and hide your insecurities under such a call for praise.

things to say to your crush

Do not use clichés

"Maybe I'm not at all your type" — this is another tactic that will lead to failure. Indeed, this will significantly alert the girl and even make her think she should be aware of the person behind the monitor screen. If you assume that the girl won't like you from the beginning, how can you communicate at ease further? Avoid putting yourself in borders of a particular group that "she won't like."

Controversial topics

It is a bad idea to discuss the recent news or global scandals with a girl you barely know. Especially when you are only starting your correspondence, this will surely catch her attention and make you stand out but not in the right way. Do not use phrases like "Oh my gosh, have you heard about ..." as ice-breakers. Better tell about yourself or talk about what interests the girl.

Do not complain

In any case, in correspondence with the girl you liked, it is essential to be yourself and stay positive. After all, who knows, maybe she is "the one," and you will recall your first messages after years of joint life. It is essential to translate good vibes and focus the girl on your strong sides. If you play text games or raise philosophical topics, tell her about positive memories, achievements, and funny stories. Your cute child photos are also one of the best things to send to your crush.

Text to send to your crush: best ideas for guys 

Of course, catchy questions to ask your crush while texting can attract a considerable number of women. However, it is much more important not just to throw compliments and think over how to formulate any message, but to tell the truth and stay sincere. Sending informative yet positive texts and keeping the conversation dynamic is real art. Especially if you do not want to linger at this stage of the relationship. If you get tormented by the question "what should I say to my crush?" the examples below are for you.

A question requiring an open answer

For example, “What emotions did this film arouse in you?” or “What do you think of the last event at the school/institute?”.

Checking her mood

For example, if a girl is offline or does not answer for a long time, it is better not to use the banal, "Where are you?" Try to write, "How are you feeling?" This lets her know that you think about her. Add a sense of humor with a hint “Today is ideal for new acquaintances. Don't you think it’s happening right now?” Or if you already met but did not communicate close in real life, offer the girl to get to know each other more profoundly.

Texting a girl from the class/group

"Hi! My name is Alexander. We are in the same Spanish group. I think we have a lot in common and I cannot stop looking at you instead of studying. How about meeting after the class?"

If you have met once

"Hello! Most likely, you don’t remember me, but I can’t stop thinking about you. Do you like your coffee with milk and sugar or plain?”

Texting a girl from the club

"Good evening! Today at the party you moved very well. Don’t you object to accompany me at tomorrow's event?” The scheme for conquering the girl who likes dancing is through the compliments.

Commenting on the girl’s post in the private conversation

“Your recent photos look stunning. I wonder where did you shot them?” If she has a blog, you can let her know that you read it and hint on something she described there. This will let her know that you pay attention to what she posts.

Being honest and straightforward

"I just wanted to say that I like you for real, and I will be the happiest if we go hang out one day. Let me know what you think." Such an approach will take the girl aback, and she will definitely answer. Not a single girl will stay indifferent to such a text.

A casual conversation

It is not obligatory to immediately mention your feelings in a text to send your crush. Put a few likes on her recent posts and some of the earlier photos. This will let her know that you scrolled through up to the end. And write a simple “Hello” trusting your intuition.

Anonymous mode

Another thing what to text your crush is to hint on who you are from the fake account or leave her a message from the private profile so that she doesn’t know who you are straightaway. This risky method can end up intriguing her.

Texting your crush: do's and don’ts

 Now that we have discussed what to text to your crush, you should learn the final tips and things to avoid. Taking the first step and telling about your feelings is not at all scary. When you reveal your attitude to a person, this experience feels liberating and empowers you for the next achievements. After you break the ice, you will appear unbreakable, and maybe this will be the beginning of a new love story.

how to text your crush

Do talk about hobbies

It is crucial to understand what kind of person you are dealing with. Suppose you have never seen a girl; therefore, you have no common topics for conversation. To start a dialogue, you need to find any similarities, her or your hobbies, which can attract attention. To do this, carefully study her page on the social network. What do u say to your crush if you know that she has a particular interest? You can ask her to tell you more about her hobby if you do not know about this social culture.

Do not appear banal

Many girls say that phrases like “Hello. How are you?" appearing in their conversation lists do not inspire confidence. They believe that such messages are from another fake account or a scammer and do not attract attention at all. Most likely, after this message, the girl will break all contacts with you.

Do check the literacy

For many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, the most critical factor is a young man's ability to express his thoughts in a grammatically and phonetically proper way. You will make a positive impression on a worthy and educated girl if your messages comply with spelling standards, punctuation marks are placed where necessary, and words are used in the right context.

Do not use colloquial language in the first messages

The use of various jargons and obscene expressions also will not lead to anything good. At least, this is unacceptable in the first days of communication, when people can judge each other only by their appearance or style of writing. Your meager vocabulary definitely will not create an excellent first impression of you, but will only aggravate the situation of continuing to meet a girl.

Do show your sense of humor

This is even more important than originality and literacy. What else can attract attention if not a good joke? Of course, you can find exciting and uplifting jokes on the Internet. But it will be much more effective if you show your unique style and laugh at something that only two of you know. There is no need to think in a stereotypical way, just look at the situation from the side, and act, but always with humor.

Do not joke about sex and controversial topics

Some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are especially embarrassed when young people allow themselves to make all kinds of vulgar jokes and hints of a sexual nature. Of course, this makes you think about the seriousness of the intentions of the guy.

Do not write too often, too much, and without much reason. 

Of course, it is essential to maintain constant contact, but any girl will become very annoyed if you text her every minute. Ultimately you will be left overboard. Therefore, it is necessary to leave both yourself and the crush time for personal thoughts, especially if you tell her about your feelings. She will need time to think everything over.

Comments (2)



Nov 4,  2020,  9:20 PM

From my own experience, I know how difficult it can be at times. It was very difficult for me to say this short phrase to my current partner. It is difficult to calculate how long it took me to decide on this. I don’t remember the exact date when I realized that I wanted to talk to him. But it was exactly over a year before I dared. One way that has helped me is to come to terms with the inevitable. So part of my strategy was to give myself an unlimited number of tries, spend as much time as necessary, and think that sooner or later everything will work out. Inevitability helps build up courage.



Nov 4,  2020,  9:23 PM

My coach's phrase “It’s not all about you” helps me a lot to increase my degree of courage. The point is, it's not just about you. If I say “I love you,” it’s not all of me, but only my gift to this person. I kind of extract it from the depths of my soul and think about who I will give it to. It's easier to gain confidence this way. Because it's not about whether they love me or not, appreciate my gesture or laugh. I just love a person, and it would be great to give him such a gift - to tell about it. Perhaps this person will receive such a gift for the first time in his life. And what you do may be much more than the act itself.

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