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It is no secret that the Internet has long and firmly entered our lives. Many not only seek information or communicate but also play games, seek new acquaintances, in a word, they simply “live” on the Web. And if it’s possible to get acquainted on the Internet, why can’t you meet single girl online and invite her on a virtual date? After all, the possibilities of virtual reality are endless.

After work, you can watch a movie, but it is better to go on a virtual date. Moreover, you can go on five dates in one evening and not spend a lot of time and effort. With such a date, you can get rid of boredom. Moreover, a virtual romance can have a real continuation. After several messages, each party can make an appointment.

virtual date

How Did Virtual Dates Appear and Develop Through Decades?

With the advent of new technologies and virtual dating apps, the time for new dates has come – online dates. Perhaps having understood the virtual date meaning, you are asking yourself the question, “Why not just go for a real date?” Well, for many people, virtual dates are much easier. In fact, virtual dates will help you get to know each other better, how paradoxical it may sound. Social distance will help you see people from new sides. Of course, anyone who has ever been in a virtual relationship knows that it can be difficult not to meet with someone you are interested in, and this disappointment can lead to misunderstanding and even scandals and disagreements. This can make things even more difficult.

Of course, the virtual dating world has its own share of romance, but this is just a way to at least somehow express your feelings and emotions when people are at a distance. Sometimes it is not possible to organize a real meeting, but you like the person who is far from you. For example, you live in different cities, met on a social network, and fell in love with each other. And communication is already reaching such a point when you can’t control your feelings. Then a date online will be the only way out. Sometimes it is very difficult to contact a person you like on the other side of the monitor, but this practice is important for people who have feelings for each other. But there are also many other problems. Some of them include the lack of physical proximity, the presence of the person when you are scared or sick. Difficulties in communication are fueled by uncertainty about tomorrow.

Nevertheless, you can also make this time unique, and experts in love affairs believe that you can even strengthen your connection with a little imagination, using date ideas. You can be creative in new ways of interconnecting and showing people how dear they are to you.

What Do You Need to Have a Successful Virtual Date?

The main task of the date is to make a person want to meet again after talking with you and to think about you between these meetings. And for this, you need to follow several important rules.

  • No need to try to impress a person on a virtual date online. This leads to the fact that all your behavior looks extremely unnatural and intense, and tension and attractiveness are incompatible. Shift your focus on the conversation. Be interesting. Concentrate on the sensations, and you will see that the tension and excitement will slowly but surely begin to let you go, and instead of them, there will come relaxation, confidence, and calm.
  • Don’t answer tactless questions. What to talk about with them and how to answer the tactless questions that some people ask so often? Remember that you are not at the interview and have the right to evade the answer or simply not answer non-tactful questions. But you need to do this very politely and with a smile. “Thank you for asking, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet,” “It seems to me that we are not yet familiar enough to speak on such topics, but your curiosity is pleasantly surprising,” “This question is as interesting as it is difficult. I can’t fully find the answer to it,” etc.
  • You shouldn’t spend too much time on a date. An hour is more than enough for a virtual date. Create a shortage of yourself. It’s better to leave your interlocutors a little “hungry” than to overfeed them. It is not necessary to explain the reason why you need to go. You just have plans, and you were very, very happy to communicate with such an interesting person.

Virtual Dating Ideas

So, what can you do on a virtual date?

virtual date ideas

1. Cook together

Well, this is the first option from the virtual first date ideas list. Create a common list of favorite recipes and constantly supplement it on both sides. On a date, choose a recipe to try to cook the dish “together” in your kitchens, talking via video. You will give each other advice along the way. After all, food is also love, even if you can’t now enjoy it at the same table.

2. Get involved in some creative things

Creating something together is a great way to develop your communication and have a good time. For a relaxing date, select several projects or crafts that you will carry out with your partner. You will have fun and maybe make something really worthwhile. And when you look at the result of your joint work, memories of a well-spent date will certainly appear in your head.

3. Play some games

Cards, tables, online games, or anything else – many games can be played over the Internet or via video. And don’t forget that the main thing is not victory but communication in the process. By the way, you can play for something. For example, the one who loses must fulfill the wish of the other or something like that.

4. Create a book club for two

Find a book you both like and read it at the same time. Then select a date to end it, and schedule a virtual discussion at your “book club.” By the way, you can eat cheese and drink good wine while reading. It adds its charm to your date. This is similar to watching a movie together, but it requires more concentration and leads to comprehensive conversations.

5. Make plans for the future

This is especially interesting when you plan a virtual date with girls. If this is not your first date and you are almost a couple, you should always remember that this situation (virtual dates) is usually just temporary. After some time, the difficulties will end, and there will be an opportunity to meet. It is important to make plans for the future and establish important milestones that are worth working for, for example, moving to another city or a new apartment.

6. Ask each other 36 questions

A few years ago, the New York Times published an article entitled “To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This.” The real purpose of the 36-question test was not to help people fall in love but make them closer to each other. So, be sure to answer the questions and learn a lot about your new friend.

7. Create playlists for each other

Music is the best way to express and maintain romantic feelings. Services like Apple Music and Spotify allow you to create and share playlists. Experience different feelings with your partner’s favorite songs that make you miss each other. Add some new tracks that you think your partner will like. Then have a virtual listening session to see each other reaction.

8. Plan your vacation together

Another interesting idea for a virtual date is to plan the perfect vacation together. Find out what type of vacation your interlocutors prefer. Do they like to actively or passively relax? Tell them how you see your joint vacation, where you would like to go, create interesting routes together, read about the unique places of our planet, and so on. This is a perfect opportunity to know each other better.

virtual date night ideas

9. Go in for sports together

If you can’t be in the same gym, then no one will forbid you to do sports at home. Download an app to track each other’s workouts and share photos from your running routes. This stimulates and brings people together, preventing them from forgetting about their appearance and health in the absence of “live” dates.

10. Watch a movie or series together

If there is no opportunity to meet, then just turn on the same movie or an exciting series at the same time and watch it while talking via video. You will feel that your new friend is nearby. Discuss the actions of the characters, build guesses about the finale, in general, share your impressions. And don’t forget about popcorn!

11. Take compatibility tests

And also, you can pass funny tests to find out what your name was in your previous life, how long your marriage will last, or who will be your future spouse. In general, tests bring together and also help get to know each other better. Even if you think it’s not serious, just try it, and you will change your mind.

12. Admire the stars together

What are the most interesting virtual date night ideas? Well, we all live under the same sky and see the same stars, which is quite romantic. Go to the window, call your interlocutor, and try to name all the constellations together. When you both look at the same stars, you will feel much closer to each other.

13. Play an online game together

This is one of the best virtual date ideas. If you and your partner are computer game fans, then here’s another option for an interesting virtual date – play together. Launch the game online and go through it virtually hand in hand. The main thing is to choose what both of you will like.

14. Have a virtual sex

Well, after reading sensual verses that can be counted as a prelude, why not switch to virtual sex if both of you have the right mood? You can use sex toys with remote control and get pleasure from each other. If desired, it can be different every day. But of course, both of you shouldn’t mind it.

15. Read love letters to each other

In handwritten letters, there is something magical and romantic. Set aside all things to read aloud the love letters to each other. Hearing the voice of a person who is saying sweet words, you will plunge into sweet thoughts, and your heart will be filled with bright feelings and love. You will have enough of these emotions until the next virtual meeting or telephone conversation.

The Internet, in fact, is significantly different from other means of communication. It reveals many human features and removes many barriers. Despite all the failures that you may encounter, believe in yourself, and continue your virtual dates to meet the one and only one day. And virtual dating ideas will help you with this issue.

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Nov 4,  2020,  5:44 PM

Wow! Thanks so much for the interesting ideas on what to do during the virtual date. This information is of immediate interest given the current situation in the world. Due to the coronavirus, my boyfriend and I cannot see each other in real life, since we live in different countries. All our communication trims down to frequent phone calls and videoconferencing. Thanks to your ideas, our pastime will become much more interesting. It will even help me and my boyfriend to freshen up our relationships and strengthen our love. I especially liked the idea of 36 questions. We will definitely try this!



Nov 4,  2020,  5:44 PM

My girlfriend and I arrange video dates very often since we don't live under the same roof at this point of time but really want to see each other. One of our favorite things to do is taking virtual trips. Yes, we are a long way from real traveling, so virtual wanderings is the best option for us. If you want to have a good time, be sure to try this! Moreover, you do it with a person you love :) All you need to do is stay connected to each other, and at the same time, turn on one of the 360-degree video tours. You can enjoy the skyscrapers of New York, explore winter St. Petersburg, or take a walk in romantic Paris!

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