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As a rule, a double date is organized by people who have long found a loved one. After all, when a romantic relationship is already strong enough, you just want to have some fun in the genial company of friends. If your friend has found a girlfriend or vice versa, your female friend decided to introduce you to her new boyfriend, and you do not know how to arrange a double date, then our tips will surely come in handy to you. And so, let's consider the best tips and ideas for a group date.

fun group dates

Tips How Not to Ruin Your Double Date

Many people do not go out on double dates because they do not know how to arrange such a date and think that they will not like it. Although in fact, there are a lot of fun double date ideas and things to do on a double date. But first of all, you should know how not to ruin your group date.

Each person should be involved in choosing a date

This is one of the most important tips you should know before arranging a grouper date. Since you go out on a date not only with your loved one, you should take into account the opinions of all people who are involved in the group date. Thus, all participants will receive as many positive emotions as possible and want to repeat such a date again.

Consider the price and talk over a budget in advance

When you go out on a date with your girlfriend, you pay for her and do not really think about money matters especially at the beginning of new relationships. But in the case of a double date, you should discuss monetary issues in advance. After all, it happens that one of the couples faces dire financial straits and cannot afford this or another group date. In order not to cause a feeling of awkwardness, it is better to discuss this issue in advance.

Abandon all the negative emotions

The very idea of a group date involves having fun with a loved one and friends and getting positive emotions. Therefore, forget about the urgent problems, get out all the bad thoughts of your head, and just enjoy the company of wonderful people and a great pastime! Then, fun group dates will be truly unforgettable.

Be a team with your couple and your friends

You may ask, “Why should we be a team?” Just think about it, how will your date pass if you behave with friends as with unfamiliar people? Such a meeting will be boring, tiresome, and long-winded. To make a date as good and fun as possible, you should be a team not only with your loved one but also with friends. In this case, you will get a lot of bright experiences.

15 Ideas of Fun Group Date Ideas

Now, let's consider the most important component of a successful group date – good double date ideas. Discuss with a loved one and friends what you want to do on a date and choose the idea that you all like the most. And so, let's look at the best group date ideas.

1. Night walk

Have you ever discovered romantic cities at night? Night streets are saturated with a kind of mystery, which one is tempted to absorb. Walking at night is dangerous for ladies and fraught with terrible consequences, but it is good when you have guys who are ready to support you in any crazy things. The night is the time when a city is relieved of people, and only stars can watch your follies.

In winter, you can go downhill sledding, build a snowman, or play snowball fight. Summer is a time for special nights. Thanks to the fair weather, there are many options where to go for a night walk. This is one of the best group date night ideas!

group date night ideas

2. A date on a hike

This is an option for admirers of outdoor activities and traveling. A hike as a group date is a great way to escape everyday routine together with your loved one and best friends that can bring a lot of positive emotions and even a lot of health benefits. It is very good if there is a river or a lake in your city. A day spent on the bank will be especially romantic. Moreover, you can rent a boat and swim in the lake. After such a boat ride, you can sing songs by the fire, cook fish soup, or barbecue.

3. Dinner

A romantic dinner in a restaurant is already a banality, but dinner at home cooked with your own hands is much more interesting. To make such a date fun, you can arrange a battle of the sexes. Divide into teams: ladies and guys. Prepare the same set of products for each couple and set the task to cook certain dishes (for example, appetizers, salads, soups, or desserts). At the end of the evening, take a vote on whose dishes are best and award the winners with symbolic prizes.

4. Bike ride

A bike ride is a great idea for couples in love who like to spend time actively. If you do not have your own bikes, you can rent them. Pack some snacks for a picnic and warm blankets in advance and make a stop somewhere in a picturesque, secluded place.

5. Walk around the city

If you have forgotten that pleasant sensation of light burning in the legs after a long walk, then this is the time to make up for the delay. There is no need to plan a route for such a date in advance. Get to the departure point and just follow your nose. Turn onto unfamiliar streets, discover the courtyards, drink latte on the way, take pictures, and enjoy the company of your loved one and friends. You can end such a group date in a café.

6. Enjoy the dawn

Who says you need to go out on dates in the evenings? Enjoying the dawn together is the perfect time for romantic confessions. Take care of the breakfast in advance (be sure to take a thermos with hot coffee or tea), dress warmly, and find a place where it will be best to observe the dawn.

7. Dinner on the beach

You can have a great time on the beach in a warm summer evening or even at night. Take a blanket, candles, refreshing drinks, and some food, and arrange a wonderful dinner on the beach. In addition, a campfire and night swimming will give you a lot of unforgettable moments and positive emotions. Guys do not even have to wrestle with a question, “How to ask a girl out on a group date?” Girls love romance and will definitely appreciate such an offer.

8. Games

Billiards, darts, paintball, bowling, or table tennis. You can have fun playing these games together with friends on a group date. As a rule, places, where you are provided with an opportunity to play these games, can be found in every city. Therefore, find out in advance where the four of you can go, choose the place you like the most, and spend a double date with zest!

9. Ice skating

This is an option for a winter double date. How wonderful it is to glide over the ice, holding the hand of a loved one and laughing with friends. If you have never gone skating before, you should not worry. It is much easier to learn to skate with the help of a loved one! Be sure to bring a camera with you. Such a performance should be captured! This is one of the best cute double date ideas!

10. Away from the city

Are you bored with the bustle of a big city? Get out in the bush! Admire the farewell colors of autumn before the winter cold, arrange a mini-hike, a walk, or just an excursion to the neighboring city with an overnight stay. Have a hotel room, plan a vacation program, and enjoy this impromptu vacation all together.

fun group dates

11. Try something new

When planning a double date, choose an activity that none of you have ever tried before. It can be a cooking class where you will learn how to make sushi, or let’s say an athletic training. The trick here is that your small team has a common area of interest that will be new to each and every one of you. Such activities bring people together and make their relationships stronger.

12. Board games

If you and your friends are couch potatoes, then a good idea for your group date is an evening of board games. Buy a lot of delicious food and snacks, stock up on board games, and invite friends to your house. The most popular board game is “Monopoly.” You can play it for hours. Believe it, the spirit of competition and a pleasant home atmosphere will bring you a lot of positive emotions.

13. Culinary tasting

Such entertainment can be easily organized at home. It will help you relax and learn more about each other's tastes. The highlight is that you will try some dishes or drinks that none of you have tried before. To make this date more fun, try to create the atmosphere of a real tasting. Each couple can bring, for example, two bottles of wine (or several dishes that you have not tried before). Canapés are great as appetizers, in addition, you can cook them together.

14. A date at the museum

If you and your friends love art, then this date option will be perfect for you. Find a museum or art gallery where you have not been before. And after visiting this place, you can go to the nearest cafe and discuss your impressions.

15. Road adventure

This is great if you have your own car. Although in any case, you can rent it. The main thing is that among you four, there is a person who knows how to drive a car. Choose a route that you like most and hit the road! You will definitely remember for a long time dinning in a cafe by the side of the road.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, a double date may seem difficult to arrange. But in reality, not everything is as complicated as you think. All you need to do is to find an idea that will appeal to all the participants of the date, discuss monetary issues in advance, be one team, and of course, have fun! Choose the best option from our list of group date ideas for adults and let your date be unforgettable!

Comments (2)



Nov 4,  2020,  2:06 PM

What an interesting article! In the modern world, when people have almost everything and it is already difficult to surprise them, bright, memorable emotions would be an excellent option! Any date is pleasant and valuable! When it is also thought out to the smallest detail, it remains in the memory for many, many years. However, in group dates, the main thing is to take into account not only your own preferences, but also the preferences of other people with whom you are going to spend time. When we go on dates with friends, it actually brings a lot of fun. This is a great option for those who want to try something new.



Nov 4,  2020,  2:07 PM

My girlfriend and I really get tired of banal dinners in a restaurant and watching movies in the cinema. We want something original and interesting. Yes, there are many ideas for an unusual romantic date that will be remembered for a long time and will give a lot of vivid positive emotions. But it seems to us that, it is best to go on a date with friends. I call a friend and we take our girlfriends out on a date. We enjoy pleasant communication, laugh, tell each other what interesting happened in our life, and so on. We already ran out of ideas on how to spend time together, so your article helped us a lot.

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