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Without social networks, most of us can no longer imagine our life. But the power of Facebook, Twitter, and other media resources for family relationships can be more destructive than constructive. The published statistic figures evidence this. Social media cause every third divorce in the world. The absence of barriers and a wide choice of partners for communication in social networks lead to a surge in desires. 

The number of cheating cases, since the emergence of such a concept as a social network, has tripled. The number of intra-family conflicts has also grown because 80% of people tend to trust online friends more than husbands and wives. A typical woman checks her man for signs of communication with hot girls online, and a man, in his turn, seeks signs she is cheating on Facebook in his wife too. This state of things has transformed into the real mind game. Further into the article, we will try to explain what can be considered online cheating, what cannot, and how to reveal it in your partner.

how to find out if your spouse is cheating on facebook

How Facebook and other social media affect relationships?   

Social networks are proven have a negative effect on human relationships, even on relationships between children and parents. 31% of children are convinced that their parents do not even know what they are doing on the Internet. 69% of parents add their children as friends on social networks, but children reciprocate and friend their ancestors only in 32% of cases.

Worst of all, 90% of teens trust peer advice on websites and seek advice from their peers in the first place, not their parents. The same goes for the relationships between two adults. Because people do not want to be clingy in relationships, they allow their partners to have full freedom online. Thus, we tend to trust random people who follow us online more than our beloved and can even block the latter on our social media to have more personal space. After all, people will not know how to catch cheating on Facebook if they do not have access to their partner's page.

Among other things, excessive enthusiasm for electronic communication leads to decreased immunity, cardiovascular diseases, and mental disharmony. Low mobility and often empty thought processes (processing boring and unnecessary information) contribute to the development of diseases endocrine system.

What social media activities are innocuous for relationships?

Not all communication online happens because we are dissatisfied with the quality of interpersonal relationships in real life. Some people are more open. Others need less communication. Is the desire to talk to your friends and not disturb your partner awful? Not at all. There is a fine line between what is considered cheating on Facebook and what is not. We will try to draw it.

signs of cheating on facebook

Virtual flirting that has no purpose

One of the very strong laws of psychology is simple: if you model the desired situation in detail, with a strong emotional inclusion, then this technique can greatly increase the likelihood of its implementation. But if your partner communicates with other people online without a clear aim to meet them in real life or have virtual sex, consider this a hobby or a way to distract themselves from reality.

Harmless finale

The outcome of online communication and interaction can vary from disappointment and rejection to sudden real love. Both can be fatal to a relationship. If you are sure that your partner is not looking for your substitute with an objection to leave, just let them have fun online. 

A way to distract yourself

If one of the spouses is on social networks, this behavior does not always mean hiding something. Sometimes, the motivation behind excessive use of social networks is completely harmless: "Let me be alone with myself and dream up." And sometimes, this is the last step before the divorce. If the situation between you and your beloved one doesn't show signs of trouble, do not worry. They just want to have more friends, and this is not considered cheating.

An attempt to cause jealousy

Sometimes a person starts actively commenting on other people's pages and leaves likes on hot photos of their friends just to try you out. Maybe they lack passion for your connection. Watch their reaction to your anxiety about their active online life. One of the secrets concerning how to find out if your spouse is cheating on Facebook is their secret behavior. On the contrary, if the person does everything for you noticed how popular they are online, they just want you to give them more attention.

Communication related to professional activity

In case your partner has to spend hours online communicating with investors or arranging a social media page for a brand, it would be illogical to seek signs of cheating on Facebook. Of course, they have to be online constantly. If you try hard enough, you will notice all of the signs: emotional exhaustion, not being able to explain what they do, receiving various notifications, and correspondence with multiple people.

What is considered cheating on Facebook?

Micro-cheating online is being increasingly described as a "gray zone" between friendship and full-fledged cheating. In Urban Dictionary, there is a definition: "when someone cheats on their partner, but only a little." Practically anything can be considered emotional cheating on the Web, depending on what you agree. If the question "Is my girlfriend cheating on Facebook?" torments you, here are the final things that can be classified as infidelity.

Regular activity

Liking someone's Instagram posts or commenting on someone's Facebook page daily means people try to catch their attention and constantly think about them.

Maintaining a connection with an ex

Viewing your ex-partners' pages, the habit of sending someone who is not your partner, emoji in the form of hearts or flowers, the need to check someone's Instagram constantly, and other similar actions.

Any behavior if you hide it from your partner

How to catch your girlfriend cheating on Facebook? The key point is secrecy. If, for example, a person hides some chat when their partner enters the room, this is definitely worth paying attention to. 

Being overly honest with an online stranger

You should not write anything on the Internet that you could not say to the face of the whole world or pretend that it did not happen because the World Wide Web remembers everything. Who can guarantee that some ill-wishers will not take a screenshot and save it until better times?

Hiding relationship status

Do not leave your status blank, do not select "It's complicated" or "Actively searching" if you are in a committed relationship. Because it's not funny. If a married person has the status of "single," and there are no photographs of them with their spouse, this is cheating with Facebook.

how to catch cheating on facebook

Using dating apps

Only some limited cases and unique circumstances can explain why you can use Tinder while being in a relationship—for instance, looking for a friend in an unfamiliar country if you married a foreigner and have just moved. But all other situations do not tolerate your using the apps intended for dating if you are not single or a couple who seeks experiments together.

Spending more time online than in real life

If your partner talks more to an unfamiliar person online than to you and tells them personal details, this is cheating. How to catch a cheating spouse on Facebook? Just ask them what they have been talking about with their interlocutor. If you haven't heard this before, it means they do not trust you.

How to find out if someone is cheating on Facebook

In terms of the history of human communication and relationships, online cheating is something completely new. People use social media more often, and there has been an increase in couples fighting over it. On sites like Facebook or Instagram, you don't need much effort to dig into the person's online activity to see the red flags. Most cheating on Facebook signs are obvious and here they go.

Open cheating

If a husband or wife demonstratively flirts on social networks, does not indicate marital status, manipulates the feelings of the other partner, then in these relationships, there may be a tendency to sadomasochistic games in relationships, mutual infliction of emotional pain. For example, like this: "The more you depend on me, the more demonstratively I will comment on beauties on the Internet." And this, of course, hurts very much (but, as a rule, it hurts both sides - in different ways). If your partner is jealous of you and mistreats you in real life, you can be sure that they also cheat on you on Facebook.

Assess your marriage

When a couple acts as a team and is ready to work on a relationship, their expectations of each other are more likely to coincide, and they do not perceive conflicts as a way to assert themselves. If the situation between you is aggravated, this is one of the signs that everything is going to fall apart soon. An irritated partner who avoids discussions and spends more time online will surely find someone new on the web soon.

Blurred limits

Social media is so accessible that it is very difficult to realize how much time we spend there. The partner should agree on what they can put up with and what is intolerable. Of course, you will not know how to tell if someone is cheating on Facebook if you have no understanding of online infidelity. If your partner has never discussed this with you, they rely on your indifference and cheat the meantime.

Hiding passwords

A risky but symbolic step of exchanging the passwords means a lot. The fact that you know each other's passwords does not mean that you will really use them — it is rather a gesture that speaks of trust in each other. If the person hides this information and cannot even unlock their phone without them, they clearly hide something.

Avoiding talking about it

If you noticed a photo with another woman on your husband's page, for example, it is natural to make the worst possible conclusion immediately. But in a trusting relationship, the presumption of innocence operates — maybe this is a photo from a corporate party, where everyone is having fun, and no one thinks what it looks like? Try asking: "I noticed your post and photo with N, but I don't remember you talking about her. Who is she?" If they get nervous or change the subject, everything is obvious.

We all want to know how to find out if someone is cheating on Facebook. But virtual infidelity is just correspondence and a blue screen, behind which you cannot see real people with their experiences and feelings, and where each of the participants shows the other only the side of themselves that they want to show. Distinguish a partner's real desire to find a one-night stand and innocent communication with a stranger online.

Comments (2)



Nov 4,  2020,  8:03 PM

It is awful how a person can be fooling you for months or years and you do not even suspect it! My girlfriend has recently parted with her second half because she saw his profile on a dating site. He has been denying everything but the photos he posted there were fresh and taken by my girlfriend when they were already in a relationship… Then, she surfed through his phone and found many conversations with other girls on Facebook. It is disgusting how people do not even hide cheating but their partners are too blind and drunk from love to notice it. You should trust your partner but assess the situation soberly always.



Nov 4,  2020,  8:08 PM

Forewarned means forearmed! Thank you for these tips, I will definitely use them with my future girlfriends because I trust no women after my ex cheated on me. I have been always having some trust issues and it was not for nothing, as it turned out. Girls can fool you and think that you are too stupid to notice the truth that is right at your fingertips. Do not follow my scenario, check your partner’s browsing history and phone to know for sure that they do not cheat. Otherwise, you risk having your heart broken. If anyone tells you that this is a wrong approach, tell them to live their life the way they want it and do what you should.

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