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Every year, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity get involved in all kinds of sports. They did not pass football by either. Since the end of the twentieth century, women's football began to gain popularity. It now attracts not only with its sports fight and heat but also by its participants' charm. You can read about the top 20 most beautiful of them below.

female soccer players

20 Sexiest female soccer players in the world 

Anouk Hoogendijk

The Dutch national team player, who has already left the game. She was a former midfielder and the bronze medalist of the 2009 European Championship. Although Anouk stopped her football career, this fact does not prevent her from remaining at the peak of her popularity, regularly participating in television projects and football events. Besides, men should also visit sport events if they want to find single women.

Liana Bochkovskaya

Another member of our hot women soccer players list is a Ukrainian footballer who is currently the local clubs' defender. Liana began her football career at school, being a seventh-grade student. Two matches for the national team of Ukraine on her account. She managed to score a goal in one of them. We hope this pretty person has all the sporting achievements and awards yet to come.

Liza Andrioli

This hot and curvy Brazilian national team striker was one of the most talented and thoughtful female footballers. True, the girl did not always believe in her soccer career. During several years, she was switching between the soccer business and modeling. But after the 2015 World Championship, Liza made the final decision and left the world of sports, entirely devoting herself to runaways and photo shoots. After all, beautiful young women like Liza should not hide their charm. If you like photos of nude female soccer players, you can search for this lady's hot photoshoots.

Alex Morgan

As a child, this American football player tried almost all the sport pitchforks, but by the age of 14, she chose soccer. In 2011, she made it to the leading US women's team, becoming the youngest competitor in the World Championship. With this team, Alex won the silver medal of the ChampionshipChampionship, and in 2012 she became the winner of the Olympic Games held in London.

Amandine Chantal Henri

female soccer players

This French lady is a midfielder of the French football club Olympique and the French national team. In her youth, she played for amateur clubs like Loom, Iris (Lambersar), and Enan-Beaumont. Amandine studied at the Clairefontaine Center from 2005 to 2007. From 2007 to 2016, she played for Olympique de Lyon. In March 2016, she signed a contract with Portland Thorns. At the 2019 world championship held in June in France, Anri scored a goal in the 85th minute in the opening match against South Korea and set the final score 4: 0. In the 1/8 final match against the Brazilian national team, she scored a goal in extra time in the 107th minute and brought her team a 2: 1 victory.

Ksenia Kovalenko

female soccer players

Ksenia Kovalenko debunks all stereotypes about hot soccer girls. The girl stubbornly achieves sports results, although, according to some fans, it would be easier for the blonde beauty to pave the way to fame through Instagram. Ksenia manages to kill two birds with one stone: she has tens of thousands of subscribers, and she does not refuse offers from modeling agencies and glossy magazines to keep up with soccer. At the age of 8, Ksenia went to the local mini-football section, where she began to make her first successes. At the age of 16, the Russian youth team invited Kovalenko for cooperation. The girl has scored six goals since.

Heather Mitts

female soccer players

Like many hot female soccer players, Heather Mitts started playing football in elementary school. This choice was facilitated by the fact that everyone in their family was involved in some sport. Heather's father, Don, is a surgeon at a Cincinnati hospital. He once played for the varsity Kentucky team. The athlete's brother, Brian, plays for the University of Kentucky Football Club. And the mother is a personal trainer who helps the girl to overcome all psychological problems. In 2004, the rating of the athlete rose significantly. She was included in the Olympic team and performed well in the match against the Australian football team. She also scored her first two "international" goals this year.

Kaylene Kyle

Kaylene Mackenzie Kyle is a lovely 30-year-old woman and one of the most famous female soccer players who recently served as a midfielder for the Orlando Pride in the Women's National Football League and was a member of the Canadian women's national soccer team. She also owns a bronze medal from the 2012 Summer Olympics. Kyle was born and raised in Saskatoon, attended Bishop Mahoney High School, and was already quite good at soccer at the time. With her help, the school football team began to win city competitions and receive various titles. Kaylene grew up in a sports family, her father was a professional ice hockey player, and her mother was a volleyball player. Her older sister is also a female soccer player.

Hope Amelia Solo

female soccer players

In 2007, Solo played 15 matches for the national team, nine of which defended "to zero." She started her career as one of the best female soccer players in the 2007 World Cup. She was the main goalkeeper and played the first four games of the tournament. However, US coach Greg Ryan left Hope in reserve for the semifinal match against Brazilians and put 36-year-old Brian Scarry. The Americans lost the match 4-0, and after the game, Solo severely criticized the coach's decision not to put her on the match. As a result, she was excluded from the national team, did not participate in the match for third place, did not attend the ceremony of awarding the bronze medals of the ChampionshipChampionship, and missed the team's tour after the ChampionshipChampionship. Team captain Christine Lilly said the decision to remove Solo from the squad was made at a team meeting.

Eugenie Anne Claudine Le Sommer

female soccer players

Another representative of our female soccer players list is Eugenie, who started playing soccer at the age of 5, studying in the Trelissac team. After spending four years with the team, she joined Germer from Brittany. She later played for Lorient, winning numerous trophies with them, including the 2005 Fed Cup (for players under 16) and the 2006 Mozaïc Foot Challenge Cup, which led to her enrolling at Clairefontaine Academy. After graduating from the academy, she got into the "Stud Brioshan" team: she played all 22 matches in the ChampionshipChampionship and scored four goals in the first season. In the second season, she also had all 22 meetings and scored ten goals. Thanks to her goals and top scorer title, Eugenie won the long-awaited prize of the best football player in France.

Wendie Renard

female soccer players

At 28, Wendie Renard has already become a legend of French soccer, and many consider her a full-fledged member of a sexy soccer girls team to this day. The woman is a right defender of Olympique Lyonnais and the French team, who won 12 French championships and 5 Champions League. She finished 7th in the ranking of the first Women's Ballon d'Or.


Considered the best player of all time, the Brazilian striker and captain are compared to Pelé or Ronaldo. She has been voted six times to be the best player in FIFA. Marta did not win anything with her national team, finishing with a silver medal at the Olympic Games twice and becoming a finalist of the World Cup 2007.

Megan Rapinoe

female soccer players

At 33, the Seattle Reign FC player, 2013 and 2014 French champion with Olympique Lyonnais, will undoubtedly play her last World Cup. She will be keen to keep the title acquired in 2015 with her teammates from the national team. Olympic champion in 2012 with the United States, this creative left midfielder is the leader of the team and remains one of the best women soccer players.

Dzsenifer Marozsan 

Coming third in the first women's Ballon d'Or election, the Olympique Lyonnais player is considered one of the world's best midfielders. Best player in the French ChampionshipChampionship in 2017, she aims to complete her record with Germany, after winning the 2016 Olympic Games and Euro 2013. Being a part of Lyon, she won two Champions Leagues, two French championships, and one French Cup.

Samantha Kerr

female soccer players

The Chicago Red Stars forward is already the best player in the history of the American Championship. The girl is just 25 years old. Arriving 5th in the first women's Ballon d'Or ranking, this goal scoring machine hopes to lead its selection to the top title. Her name is mentioned on the side of PSG.

Christine Sinclair

Considered one of the best players of all time, the Portland Thorns FC forward will indeed play her last major international competition at 36. She could transform into a legend by becoming the top scorer in the national team. She had all chances of entering the history of women's soccer since she only had seven goals left at the end of December to equal the American Abby Wambach (184 goals with the United States). Christine is now retired.

Alex Morgan

This woman can be considered the world's first star in women's football. The former Lyonnaise, who now plays at Orlando Pride, became the first player to appear on the FIFA game (FIFA 16) in 2015. Taking part in the Olympic and becoming a champion in 2012, she took the United States to the world title in 2015, scoring a goal and assisting in the final.

Like Martens

Aged 26, Lieke Martens is one of the new stars in women's football. The FC Barcelona player took her selection to the title of European Champions in 2017, finishing the best player of the tournament and bronze shoe with three goals scored.

Saki Kumagai 

One of the hottest female soccer players globally; this Asian is also extremely successful and hard-working. She scored the penalty shootout in the final against the United States, which allowed her selection to win the 2011 World Cup. Now playing at Olympique Lyonnais, Saki Kumagai, who can play in defense or as a defensive midfielder, was ranked 12th in the list of the first women's Ballon d'Or winners.

Now that you know who are the hottest soccer players among the females let's try to understand why this sport is so unpopular. The main arguments are always the same: a low level of play and athletes' poor physical fitness. But all the same, these judgments are not entirely fair. After all, reaching the level of men's football is not yet possible with such a low popularity level. There are not so many sports schools and women's clubs in the world, and, accordingly, the competition is much lower here. So, we hope that female soccer's popularity will only experience positive changes in the nearest time.

Comments (2)



Nov 4,  2020,  7:30 PM

These women inspire me! There aren’t that many philanthropic people among male sportsmen today. Even though I am a man, I feel honored to live in the era of powerful women who know not only how to be beautiful, but stay disciplined and achieve high sport scores. I would like my little daughter to be much like Eugenie Anne Claudine Le Sommer. She has been playing football since 5 years old! It is amazing to see how a person devotes her life to a vocation that makes her happy and it grows into a rewarding profession. I will follow her success from now on and hope that she fulfills the goals she believes in. Good for her!



Nov 4,  2020,  7:34 PM

I am a professional football player too and I know most of the women presented in the article. They are truly empowering and I like seeing how they have been growing from beginner sportspeople into real masters of their professional careers. Although I had to end my career after receiving a leg trauma, I never stopped being involved in the world of sport. Then I got pregnant and parenthood had me fully into taking care of my children and my husband. I like watching football and following different sportsmen on social media. Some of the names are new to me, thank you, I will definitely follow these social figures now!

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