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Choosing a country for the next trip, everyone sets certain priorities and goals. Some people like Italian cuisine, others need a view of Mount Fuji, still, others cannot imagine a vacation without antique ruins, Gothic cathedrals and museums, but there are those who are terribly attracted by Brazilians or Ukrainians, even though they live on the other side of the planet. If you are an adult who does not exclude the possibility of a very close acquaintance with residents or even sets such a goal, no one can blame you for this. Travel dating gains momentum in the era of emancipation and numerous opportunities. According to statistics, about 5 million single women and men actively use travel dating websites and take a trip with a single goal – to get acquainted with someone interesting and definitely hot. Just don’t forget to come up with questions for online dating to get the best out of it.

travel hookup

For the Start: Basic Safety Rules of Travel Hookup

Firstly, it’s necessary to emphasize that it is completely normal to go on a trip to some other country, including for the sake of sex by mutual sympathy, or simply not excluding such an opportunity, and no one can condemn you for this. Sex in another country is the same sex without unnecessary obligations and embarrassing situations, for example, that one day you can meet this person in a company of friends and face gossips and the like. Not to mention the fact that it is still easier to maximally realize all your fantasies without shame and embarrassment with the person you see for the first and probably the last time, and there are not only short-term outbursts of feelings between you but also the seas, mountains, and border guards. Well, we are not talking about the classic concept of sex tourism, defined by the World Tourism Organization, which, in addition to loving relationships, also involves financial issues. As a rule, this type of travel occurs in countries with legalized or developed prostitution. In this article, we are talking about those who use women dating sites, go on a solo trip and do not exclude the possibility of short-term romantic relationships. However, no matter how the sea, mountain, or fresh air positively affect your body and soul, you shouldn’t forget about your safety.

1. Use protection

With total emancipation and popularity of quick sex, which appeared along with travel hookup apps, sexually transmitted diseases became widespread. According to WHO, after the start of the mass use of travel dating sites and apps in the world, there were three times more recorded (STDs). Therefore, we repeat the obvious: do not neglect contraceptives, you may buy souvenirs at the airport before departure, you do not need others. It is important to get condoms in advance. If you think that, for example, in Lisbon, Barcelona, ​​or even London, you can buy them at every corner at night, then you are mistaken because markets and pharmacies work, as a rule, until the evening.

2. Never leave your glass unattended

Even if you are going to take a shower, don’t leave your glass in a company of a stranger. You should better start a new one upon return. A mickey is used not only in movies but also in real life. And in general, it’s not worthwhile to overdo it with alcohol or take any substances when you are involved in traveling singles dating. Your eyes will shine bright thanks to emotions, so, don’t risk being left high and dry.

3. Inform someone about your intentions

Secret meetings with a stranger may cause a storm of emotions. It may be tempting not to share this with anyone: you will bring the story to the end and then may share it with friends. Don’t do that. You should have a reliable person who will know where and with whom you are going to meet and when you plan to return. If something goes wrong, they should call the police. This is truer for women, but guys should be on guard as well: you can never be sure that a pretty stranger is not a fraudster who works in a company of men. If you want extreme activities and night swimming or walking, do not go to places where there is even the slightest chance to get in trouble.

4. Watch your money and documents

If you are going to a meeting, take cash with you – exactly as much as you are going to spend. It’s better to leave your credit cards and documents in the hotel safe. Instead of a passport, take its photocopy with you. And if you are interested in travel hookup, then don’t put on expensive watches and jewelry. And of course, you should neither lend money nor save anyone from the material problems nor trust too much and share your personal information. You know this person only a few days, so you should not risk being left without money.

Travel Dating Sites and Apps to Try in a Journey

Travel dating applications can simplify your life and help you get acquainted with a charming stranger with whom you will be able to go for a walk around the city, have dinner, arranger a romantic date with sexual intercourse at the end. It is the most common way of dating that works equally well within your city and on the other side of the globe. One of the advantages of such applications is the possibility to indicate the city where you are going to go and evaluate the scale of the catastrophe or delight.

travel dating website

1. Happn

The Happn application is suitable for those who seem to prefer a live acquaintance but do not find the courage to approach an attractive girl on the street. It shows those who you meet on the way, whether it is a subway, a restaurant, or maybe a pharmacy. If both of you are interested in each other, you can start communicating and agree to meet over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. If you like a certain image of girls, then you can determine where your chances to meet them will be higher and go there, for example, it can be an art gallery or museum. So, you can get acquainted with them, for example, simply opening Happn in any major European museum.

2. YourTravelMates

The motto of this travel dating website sounds like, “Heat up your holidays,” and it corresponds to the reality. This site unites adventurers and residents as well as provides them with a wonderful opportunity to get a bunch of vivid emotions and bright experiences. It is very user-friendly, and most importantly, free. So, the very thing you need to do is to fill in your profile to the maximum and start communicating. You can exchange messages, call each other, share pics and even present some gifts. One of the biggest advantages of this site is the advanced security system, so there are small chances you will run into a scammer here. Thus, you can spice up your vacation, using this dating site for travelers.

3. Tourbar

If you are looking for something better than a dating application and local guide, then you should pay attention to this travel dating app since it can meet both requests at once, and you have equal chances to meet a romantic single girl or just a buddy. There you will be able to get acquainted with about 4 million users from different corners of the globe and try something new when traveling to a certain country. This app will provide you with a chance to get in touch with people who know the city and peculiarities of the local lifestyle. Well, it’s great that you will see only verified profiles of the users, so your chances to become a victim of some scammers are reduced to a minimum. You can use a free version of the app or get a subscription along with numerous additional possibilities.

4. TravelHostDate

If you are searching for a business travel hookup app, then congratulations, you have just found one. You will not have to waste much time on the registration process since the very thing you should do is to choose your gender, write down your email, come up with a password and start dating. There is an interactive map on which you can choose the desired destination so that other users who are living in this region will get a notification. You will get a great chance to enjoy the culture of the area to the fullest with your personal local guide. And since they offer their users to get through a verification process to start communicating with other members, you can be calm that your personal data will not be stolen, and you will not be scammed. They arrange meetups around the globe that you can attend being a subscribed member.


If you are interested in getting a company for your travel or looking for something like a hotel hookup app, then pay attention to this site. Well, you may find different (opposite) reviews on this site, thus, some media portals assert that it’s used primarily by escort girls, while some journalists who have tried this site share their positive experience. So, the conclusion is ambiguous. Nonetheless, if you are looking for someone to travel with, host or find a company in the foreign area, this site can come you in handy. Don’t forget about safety rules, so before you go on a trip with someone, make sure you haven’t run into a fraudster. So, a preliminary meeting will not be superfluous.

6. TravelMeetDate

It is considered to be one of the best business travel hookup apps that you can download for free. Your personal data will be protected, so nobody will find out anything about you till you don’t decide to do that yourself. However, you can be sure that all the members are real people since this app has an advanced security system. This dating site provides you with a unique opportunity to try some fascinating trips with interesting people. Users who are looking for a company can share some travel details for other members to make them interested in the offer provided. The main goal of the site is to unite interesting singles who are looking for love or just bright vivid emotions and don’t mind traveling date other people.

travel dating

Useful Tips for Dating and Hookup Girls While Traveling

The main advantage and charm of travel dating is ease and freshness, the absence of a burden of responsibility and expectations, sincere desires and mutual pleasure from communication. All this brings a lot of joy, and sometimes, it becomes the foundation for a healthy and strong relationship. And in a new relationship, you can observe yourself, your reactions and even discern previously unknown features. The absence of household chores and a relaxed mood, ideal scenery and a free schedule, as well as the delights of life, bring bright emotions. New impressions of the trip will give you strength, fill you with drive and energy, thanks to which you will get back on the track fully relaxed and rested. So, you can treat travel dating as a concentrate of emotions and feelings, useful for mental and physical health (while maintaining all safety rules, of course).

1. Show a lack of knowledge

Women don’t really like being bombarded with questions, as if they are under interrogation. Nonetheless, they love to correct others and point out their mistakes. So, if you want to hook up cuties, you can pretend to be naive and unaware, make an assumption about the country (city, attractions, institution), which may turn out to be incorrect or stereotyped. However, don’t overdo it, the girl shouldn’t have the impression that you are stupid. And, of course, it shouldn’t sound somehow offensive. The interlocutor will gladly correct you, and the conversation will begin.

2. Use temporary housing as a way to find like-minded people

Hostels as an option for accommodation are perfect for single travelers. There you can save money and meet other travelers, but it can be a noisy place, and you may get tired of communicating with other guests. Such housing is not suitable for those who work on a trip and want to bring “home” a charming stranger after the date. You will get more vivid impressions after talking with locals rather than with tourists. However, if you are interested in casual dating and hookup girls while traveling, then such an option can become very useful since many girls who choose such accommodation don’t mind spending a night with an attractive foreigner.

3. Take a tour

Look for tours recommended by the guidebooks you trust. Choose one so that the guide is a resident, and the group of tourists is small. Ask your guide about this region and other things that interest you. Show sincere curiosity towards others, and then there are surely people who will support your interest. You will have good chances to meet solo travelers seeking buddies or casual dating. Ask locals about good places to visit, have lunch and hang out at night. Beware of overly persistent people who are imposing offers and excessive friendliness. Even if they are benevolent, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. Attend any festival

When you decide to choose your next travel destination, check it for any interesting festivals that suppose the presence of a big number of girls. It can be something about music or art, for example. If you visit an event that will gather a huge number of like-minded people with alike interests, your chances to make friends and start a love affair will be really high. Usually, such festivals last for several days and up to a week, so you will have enough time to make your dreams come true.

5. Go to a pub or club

Of course, the fastest and most effective way to hook up a beautiful girl and immediately understand who you are dealing with is to go to a bar or club. There are no secrets here, and special tips are not needed - everything works the same way in all the countries. Just if you are looking for a one-night stand, it is better to go to places where tourists or local ex-pats hang out. You can easily find them thanks to, for example, TripAdvisor, which, by the way, can help you find some special fetish or nudist parties as well. 

Just Enjoy Every Moment of Your Vacation

Such tours involve acquaintance of travelers with residents who are ready to share the joy of travel and show the most interesting moments of life in their country. This method is very good for those who are aimed at a specific country. And there are no obligations. If you manage to get along and give pleasure to each other, then it’s great. And if there is a negative reaction or rejection, then the acquaintance will end right away, and that’s all. In any case, the experience of travel dating cannot be gained in any other way. Everything is simple here. You immediately prioritize and decide on further communication that can result in passionate casual sex or the beginning of long-term relationships.

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Nov 4,  2020,  8:31 PM

The advice that you should watch your belongings and documents is really useful. It immediately reminded me of a situation from the comedy film "Eurotrip", where a guy was robbed by a woman of easy virtue after their romantic episodes. In addition, one of my friends told me about an unpleasant situation that happened to her during a travel hookup. While she and her new acquaintance kissed on the seashore, bathed in the warm sea, and noticed nothing but each other, someone stole her purse with important documents and quite an expensive mobile phone. So keep your eyes open!



Nov 4,  2020,  8:32 PM

Traveling is a great way not only to feel refreshment of mind and body and meet many interesting people from different parts of the world but also to find a person for good sexual intercourse. I’m not at all opposed to such love affairs, since I do not have a girlfriend yet and I am open to everything new. You cannot even imaging how amazing it is to have sex with girls from different countries. Each of them has their own style in making love, I can't even explain it. Soon, I am going on a new trip to the countries of South America, I hope I will meet a great number of hot and passionate girls there!

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