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How to Date Portuguese Women

What do we know about Portugal? Some might recall that this lovely country shares a border with Spain on the Iberian Peninsula. It’s known for the cheerful atmosphere of its picturesque cities that never sleep. But only those who have been there know that its biggest treasure is beautiful people. Portuguese ladies are gorgeous, and you’ll hardly find someone who would argue with that. But their good looks hide a lot of peculiarities of unique character. If you plan on asking a Portuguese lady out, here are a few things you should know.

How to Date Portuguese Women

What are Portuguese girls like?

Haven’t dealt with girls from Portugal before? Let’s try to make up for it and figure out what makes them so special.

They’re open to new acquaintances

That’s one of the best parts of Portuguese culture. People in this country are socially open. There’s no such thing as personal space here – Portuguese women are totally OK with hugging a stranger or even kissing them on the cheek. That’s great because you’ll have no problem breaking the ice on the first date.

They never hide their emotions

These ladies are very, very passionate. And this works both ways – they’re as loving and caring as they’re furious when men play games with them. Sure, some aspects of their temper are a thing of stereotypes surrounding hot Southern ladies, but most of them are true.

They’re family-oriented

A Portuguese family is a whole community that unites three or even four generations, so it’s not surprising that Portuguese women talk about their loved ones all the time. Isn’t this sweet?

Portugal dating culture

Before you go exploring Portugal dating websites, be sure you know what your potential companion might expect from you.

How to Date Portuguese Women

First things first, when you meet your Portuguese girlfriend in person for the first time, the best way to greet her is to shake hands. And don’t worry about what to wear – she won’t be disappointed if you show up in a casual outfit instead of a suit. However, Portuguese females are pretty strict when it comes to timing. So be sure to come on time. And don’t offer your companion to split the bill. Portuguese men are chivalrous, so ladies in this country are used to be treated accordingly. Keep that in mind.

One more thing: once you start chatting, you’ll notice how much gestures mean in conversation with Portuguese women. Even a casual chat about your favorite bands might look like a vivid argument.

Things you need to know before dating a Portuguese woman

These five facts might help you win the heart of a Portugal beauty.

She can do well on her own

Don’t let that cute face and cheerful smile fool you. Portugal women are self-sufficient and independent, so the only thing you can actually offer them is your love.

She’s a real gourmand

If you’re planning a gastronomic tour around Portugal, your companion might give you a couple of tips on where to try the tastiest dishes in the country. And she’s a good cook, by the way.

She’s a passionate lover

But don’t expect her to tell you this. Just have some patience, and your Portuguese lady will thank you for it.

She’ll be glad to cook something with you

What could be more romantic than making a delicious dinner together with someone you love? And why not try it when you have a personal chef by your side?

She wants you to be honest

That’s right! Stay calm and try to be who you really are. Don’t be afraid to tell her something she might not like. She’ll appreciate your honesty. No worries - Portuguese females know how to forgive.

Reasons to date a Portuguese woman

Still don’t know why you should find yourself a girlfriend from Portugal? Here are a few reasons.

They’re hot

Isn’t this enough for you? The whole world is crazy about Portuguese beauties. Their long hair and dark, bottomless eyes won’t leave you indifferent.

They’re calm

Don’t get us wrong – these girls are passionate as hell. We’re talking about the attitude to relationships and dating in Portugal. You’ll never hear anything bad in your address from her when the moment is wrong.

They’re easy-going

If you come from such country as Portugal, partying is in your blood. You can be sure that your girlfriend will spice up any party you bring her to.

Where to meet girls in Lisboa?

How to Date Portuguese Women

As we said, the Portuguese are socially open, so they’ll be glad to have a chat with you anywhere you meet them: in the street, in a club, on the bus, whatever. But there’s a spot where you can try to boost your chances to meet Portugal women.

On Friday or Saturday, go out at 10-11 pm and take a trip to the Baixa-Chiado metro station. From there, you need to get to the Bairro Alto, and then – to Rua da Atalaia (it’s a street). You’ll recognize it by crowds of happy people drinking and having fun. Come to any bar to your liking, get yourself a drink, and join the crowd. Pick a girl you like and have a chat with her. The best thing about the Portuguese, apart from friendly character, is that most of the girls in Portugal speak decent English, so you’ll have no problem finding a common language.

How to impress a Portuguese woman

Alright, let’s say you managed to strike up a conversation with a cute Portuguese girl. The next step would be to make a good first impression. Here’s how to do it.

Let her know you’re self-confident

Self-confidence is your secret weapon able to tip the scales in your favor. Try not to show that you’re shy (even if you’re shy as hell) and keep a casual conversation going.

Say something Portuguese

It always feels nice when a foreigner tries to acquire at least a little bit of your culture. Your new companion will appreciate your efforts even if you’re bad at Portuguese.

Be a gentleman

Always. It’s not just about the peculiarities of Portuguese culture or something – all ladies love it when men treat them with a certain dose of respect from the first seconds.

Dating a Portuguese woman: general rules

So, you’ve reached the next level. It’s time to start thinking about where to ask your lady out and how not to screw everything up. There are a few rules to follow when dealing with single girls in Portugal.

- Choose a cozy place. If it’s your first date, you’d better avoid fancy restaurants and other places that basically say, “I’m desperately trying to impress you.” Your date will go much smoother if you go to a simple, cozy café.

- Let her talk, too. It’s awesome if you can talk about random stuff non-stop, but you’re not the only one at the table. Make sure you pause from time to time to let your new companion say something as well.

- Offer to pick up the tab. Although Portuguese beauties have nothing against splitting the bill, be a gentleman and pay for dinner yourself. Do’s and don’ts

- Do make your conversation fun. It’s better to stick to casual topics and spice them up with jokes. On the first date, you should avoid discussing such boring things as your job, duties, things like that.

- Don’t talk about your ex. That’s always a dangerous topic. If you can, try to stay away from the conversation about past relationships even if your date asks you herself. This will make things awkward.

- Do be authentic. There’s no need to put tons of effort and energy into pretending to be someone you’re not.

- Don’t say anything bad about your family. As mentioned above, girls in Portugal cherish their families more than anything. It doesn’t matter if your mom never treated you like you wanted, and your uncle is a serial killer, keep this to yourself.

Signs a Portuguese woman has fallen in love with you

She sends you hundreds of messages per day

The first sign that you mean something to her is that she uses any excuse possible to text you, and you don’t have enough time to read all the messages.

She always wants to take you somewhere

That’s what the Portuguese are all about. Instead of giving you a gift, your girlfriend would take you to some picturesque spot to enjoy the sunset together. It’s like a Portugal dating tradition.

She’s worried every time she’s next to you

You began to notice that her behavior became a bit weird. She can’t concentrate and says things that have no sense sometimes.

Marrying a Portuguese girl

The majority of Portuguese are Catholics, so don’t expect your wedding to become an exotic party, unless you both want it so. If you want to make your Portugal girlfriend truly happy, you can propose her the old-fashioned way – ask her parents first. And keep in mind that it would be much cheaper to get married in

Portugal because your girlfriend’s family is probably huge, and you’ll spend half of your wedding budget on plane tickets only.

The culture of dating in Portugal isn’t much different from the one in other countries. Just stay positive, be a gentleman, and keep a few peculiarities in mind, and you’ll find your special someone.

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