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Female wrestlers are one of the sexiest athletes the world has ever known. Not only are they extremely attractive and charismatic, these girls can kick anyone butt in a millisecond. As professionals who are into sports, wrestler girls don't like wasting their time and adore keeping their body fit. Although all of them are undeniably sexy, we want to present you with a list of the hottest wrestler women in history.

wwe divas

How did women come to wrestling?

Sure, wrestling used to be predominantly a "dude" thing. Throughout the history of wrestling, women also played an important role, participating in professional WWE promotion and appearing on TV. And while women were perceived as pretty faces who held the sign of the round, things started rapidly changing in the world. 

In the 1990s, WWE introduced the term Diva to a worldwide audience, referring to WWE female wrestlers. This term was dedicated to female wrestlers, managers, and valets, sometimes even commentators and interviewers. The term WWE Divas was eliminated in 2016 on  WrestleMania, where a newer word was introduced. Now, women of wrestling were referred to as Women Superstars or just Superstars. So who started the trend and walked so that new female WWE wrestlers could run?

In 1983, a female wrestler under the Fabulous Moolah nickname came to WWF Women's Champion and asked to give her the rights to fight for a Women Superstar title. She was previously the NWA World Women's Champion. Later on, National Wrestling Alliance disaffiliated with her name, but it was for the better as soon enough, she became the first WWF Women's Champion. 

Although female wrestling had its difficulties over the course of almost ten years, in 1993, the WWF reinstated the championship. The title hasn't been taken since 1990, so it was Madusa Miceli who took the bait and raised women's division from the dead. 

12 sexy female wrestlers

WWE women always managed to combine feminine curves and a man's will to fight. How do they do that? We have no idea, but these gladiators always look stunning. 

Before you want to meet ladies online, take a closer look at the sexiest girls from the wrestling world. Maybe, you will find someone similar? Are they intimidating to you? 

1. Paige

female wrestlers

Our first beauty's name is Saraya-Jade Bevis. If you look into the girl's family tree, no wonder she became a professional wrestler, as Paige's parents and siblings were fighters as well. That is why the girl decided to build a career in such a difficult sport realm. One of the hottest WWE divas also has the name Britani Knight on the ring. An infamous NXT show became a starting point for Paige's career. She was introduced into the WWE world during that event and had never entirely left it since then. Her stunning appearance and aggressive tactics on the ring match perfectly with the  Britani Knight stage name.

2. Sarah Bäckman

wwe women

Sara is a Swedish beauty. Moreover, she is fiery and a hazardous fighter. She began to wrestle at the age of fourteen and remained dedicated to the sport of her life ever since. Sara even won an Arm-wrestling World Championship eight times! Not only does she keep her muscles tight, but Sara also practices mindfulness and learns new things all the time! Her intricate body language and a deadly grip on a WWE ring make her one of the sexiest and most mysterious women of WWE.

3. Asuka

sexy female wrestlers

Kanako Urai, better known as Asuka, is a professional Japanese female wrestler. She is currently in the WWE team on the Raw brand. Asuka won the Raw Championship twice, and became an NXT Women's Champion. Overall she held the position of a winner for more than 510 days! Asuka is famous for her firm grip and an aggressive wrestling style. Yet, she still manages to be beautiful. Yes, Asian women rock! 

4.Velvet Sky

women of wrestling

Jamie Lynn Szantyr, more known as Velvet Sky, is an American professional wrestler with a name as beautiful as her appearance. Her fighting tactics and movements are so smooth and strategical; men cannot help but fall for this gorgeous combo. When Jamie enters the ring, it is hard to miss her perfect body and wild movements. Not only does she in the "Top ten most beautiful WWE girls" list. Velvet is a champion among TNA novices. She won the title with a knockout. 

5. Eve Torres

wwe female wrestlers


Eve Torres Gracie is a real lady. She manages to combine a modeling career, professional dancing, and wrestling. This woman has many talents, and she is not afraid to flaunt them in public. She studied Brazilian jujutsu for a while, so no wonder her opponents get bamboozled so much on a ring – those tactics and the strategy are wild!

6. Kaitlyn

female wrestling

Kaitlyn, also known as Celeste Beryl Bonin, is an American professional wrestler and a total beauty. She always ends up a match with a win. Also, she was the first woman ever to win a WWE TV show. Celeste is on the list of approved Diva WWE wrestlers, having won the crown of a championship. She has a pretty face and an extremely strong body. Kaitlyn also does bodybuilding. Also, she is known in the modeling world as a successful model. Can you believe she manages to fit it all?

7. Brooke Adams

diva wwe wrestlers


Brooke Adams is a TNA wrestler. World Wrestling Entertainment wanted to promote their new ECW brand, and Brooke became one of the faces of the company, participating in the campaign with other beautiful female wrestlers such as Layla El and Kelly Kelly. She has such a prominent dancing wrestling style; she immediately became one of the most gorgeous female wrestlers out there. 

8. Kelly Kelly

wwe girls


She is an American model and one of the most elegant female wrestlers in the world. Her real name is Barbara Jean Blank, but fans know and love her by the scared Kelly Kelly name. In every match, she attracts male viewers with her sexy body. It's not uncommon to see WWE divas naked, and Kelly Kelly is not afraid to show her assets. She instantly became known worldwide as a fierce wrestler and a magnetic lady. 

9. Madison Rayne

women of wwe


Madison Rayne, born Ashley Nichole Lomberge, is the most titled female wrestler on this list, having won five Impact Wrestling champtionships. And still, to this day, Madison didn't give away the title to anyone. Therefore, Madison Ryane is considered the undisputed champion of women knockouts. She has also won the TNA Championship. 

10. AJ

female wwe wrestlers

This girl stands out from the rest of the wrestling divas. She collects sneakers and comics, enjoys playing video games, and is an avid Chuck Norris fan. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of her nicknames is Geek Goddess. April Jeanette Mendez (her full name) did not get into wrestling by chance. AJ lived for the ring from a young age, but her path to fame was not easy.

11. Torrie Wilson

hottest wwe divas

Torrie Anne Wilson had a pitch-perfect path to the big ring – a benchmark for modern divas: dancing, athletics, modeling. After appearing on the covers of several magazines and winning the Miss Galaxy title in a fitness competition, Torrey began looking for work in sport. 

12. McCool

ladies wrestling

Michelle Leigh Calaway has no model career like some girls, but she is a lucky one. Having decided to try at one of the first WWE Diva Search, McCool quickly found herself among the finalists. Even though she lost the battle for first place, the management liked her performance so much they gave Michelle a contract along with the winner. 

These were the hottest girls wrestling ever known. Hopefully, you like all of them and already found their Insta accounts! 

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