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The Olympic Games are the event that gathers the most talented and hard-working people. Isn’t it great when there are also beautiful and attractive athletes out there? Especially beautiful single girls of the Olympics. This year’s winter competition presented hundreds of female miracles that drew men’s attention. Today we will give you the top 9 hottest girls of the Olympics. Of course, attractiveness is more than just natural beauty or appearance in general. They always check the girls’ talents on Miss Universe, don’t they? This is not in vain.

As women are only sexy and stunning when they have a sense of humor (are clever enough), have a goal in life, and look stunning. Well, we will try to take into account everything, but we promise nothing. Let us judge the appearance, count the Olympic medals and find out who are the ideal winter Olympics’ goddesses. Get ready for the best pics of girls at the Olympics 2018.

9. Rachel Homan, 28 Curling

Rachel Homan

Our top starts with this gorgeous lady. She is a dark-haired athlete with big grey eyes. What is more, she knows how to rule. Just imagine Rachel Homan, a 28-year-old curling professional, has been a leader of various curling teams of Canada for 8 years already. What is more, the numbers say she won 75% of competitions. However, the Olympics weren’t supposed to add to the fame of this extremely unstoppable machine. Unfortunately, the Canadian team did not even make it to the medal contention. We think she would be a good match for a fashion show or a perfect face of some designer’s clothes. There is no need to become a nude model in photo shooting to create a calendar and draw attention to curling as Madeleine Dupont of Denmark did. Rachel is pretty good at attracting attention by playing curling for years and keeping a champion title. By the way, sorry, Mad…

8. Sarah Hendrickson, 23 Ski Jumping

Sarah Hendrickson

This stunning lady is a world champion and a first woman to ski jump in the Olympics. She was assigned the No.1 bib and just a super-attractive brunette. Another interesting thing that inspires is that Sarah is an ardent feminist. She is fighting for the equality in ski jumping competitions, especially at the Olympics. Currently, being a student at Utah State University, she plans on becoming a physical therapist after graduation. This girl fights for the human rights and equality of men and women, gets higher education and is going to spend her life helping people. And just for the record. She goes on winning medals for the US. That is why Sarah is one of the girls of the Winter Olympics in our list.

7. Sarah Potomac, 20 Hockey

Sarah Potomac

Such a young girl, you might think. Well, this little pretty girl cannot live without a good ice hockey match. And if you think ice hockey is the men's business, you are totally wrong. As even such sexy girls of the Olympics are in the game. Her photos were in Sports Illustrated's Faces in the Crowd segment. She tied a huge number of matches. Minnesota Golden Gophers is happy to have a contract with her. Starting from Leading scorer, 2014 IIHF World Women's U18 Championship, she is also a 2016 WCHA Rookie of the Year honors. Clearly, she and her team are professionals. Now, can you believe that Canada lost in the Winter Olympic Games to Germany? Me too. Things happen. Still, her Instagram is made especially to cheer you up. Go ahead and you will not regret. P.S. Her Instagram profile name is her real one. No need to thank us.

6. Madison Chock, 25 Ice dancing

Madison Chock

Madison Chock, an American ice dancer that represents the US at the Olympics. Her appearance speaks tons. She is of Chinese-Hawaiian descent on her father's side, and German, English, Irish, French, and Dutch descent on her mother’s. Her second name La'akea means "sacred light from heaven" and Te-Lan (特蘭) means "special or unique orchid." Not only she looks beautiful, but dances on the ice incredibly. "Her free dance to John Lennon's “Imagine" is truly magical." She and her partner Evan Bates rocked the icy stage, still were only the 9th.

5. Tessa Virtue, 28 Ice dancing

Tessa Virtue

We continue the topic of ice dancing. This Canadian ice dancer killed everyone with her charisma, sexy dark red look and technical skills. Judges were thrilled as well. No wonder, she and her skating partner Scott Moir became 2018 Olympic gold medalists. I think only the blind and the deaf haven’t seen their extremely scandalous, too “suggestive” dance with a risqué sexy lift. Her legs hooked around Moir’s shoulders. That is one of the Winter Olympics’ moments that are hard to forget. El Tango De Roxanne from Moulin Rouge makes her the goddess. Definitely one of hot girls of the Olympics that put the whole ice skating rink on fire.

4. Lindsey Vonn, 33 Ski Racing

Lindsey Vonn

Finally, a blondy. This woman is the most experienced. At the 2018 Winter Olympics, Vonn tied for 6th in Women's Super-G. She won the bronze medal in women's downhill. Speaking about other achievements, Lindsey Vonn came in 59th on Maxim's Hot 100 list in 2010 after shooting nude for Sport's Ilustrated. The years passed, but the beautiful facial features did not fade. She is still as fresh as spring flowers. What is more, Lindsey is a true workaholic. Having suffered from the injury in 2013, she went to the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games as a sports correspondent for NBS News. That is right. Of course, the ski racer cannot miss 2 seasons in a row, even as a spectator. Working so hard for a decade already and looking a million dollars ... Are you sure she's not a witch?

3. Anna Fernstädt , 21 Skeleton

Anna Fernstädt

It turns out that skeleton can be attractive sports. A German beauty melts hearts of fans and judges. It was the first Olympics for such a young sportswoman. A lot of males watched skeleton to enjoy the charming smile of a brown-eyed brunette. Anna Fernstädt, a German born in Prague has been included in top10 list of female world’s skeletons. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it at the 2018 Winter Olympics, but her dog was the one to help her recover. As well as her being in our hot girls of the Olympics list.

2. Silje Norendal, 24 Snowboard

Silje Norendal

This one is a Cinderella alive. Just take a look at this beautiful blonde-haired girl with huge gray eyes. This Norwegian would easily win America's Next Top Model contest. A 24-year-old woman who has not reached the Olympic heights YET, but is the most popular to cooperate with advertising agents. The highest place she took this year was the 4th. In view of her age, this is just the beginning. Still, we have no idea why Olympics' snowboard. Her photos are enchanting. Guys, be careful around Instruction and girls of the winter Olympics!

1. Dorothea Wierer, 27 Italy

Dorothea Wierer

This is definitely the icing on the cake. Just imagine 287 thousand followers on Instagram! Numbers as usually speak tons. She is a famous, accepted sex symbol of the world's biathlon. Still the status of the beauty does not stop Wierer from sweating on her back with a rifle. She had 8 podiums for the last 2 years. Dorothea brought home a bronze for a mixed relay this year from the Olympics. She did her best for her team. In general, this is a very beautiful woman that pleases a biathlon fan's eye. While Darya Domracheva and Kaisi Makkarainen are constantly on their way in the world's biathlon competitions, Dorothea Wierer tops our mini Miss Olympic Games 2018! Congratulations to amazing, beautiful women, mothers, sportswomen, talented and bestlooking girls of the Olympics.

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Aug 21,  2020,  9:47 AM

Sarah Hendrickson, Tessa Virtue and Silje Norendal are my favorites. I follow them on Instagram and they are really very beautiful and sexy.

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